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Can Your Coffee Cup and the Taste of Your Coffee Affect Each Other

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Do you ever wonder why the coffee cup and the taste of your coffee seem to have a relation to one another? For sure, you have a favorite cup to use whenever you have a coffee as part of your morning routine. If you are used to having a specific cup, you may notice a slight change to the taste of your coffee once you change to a newer cup, mug, or tumbler to use.

You can say that you made a few mistakes in how you usually brew your coffee. Or maybe you choose another brand of coffee or variant which explains the changes in the taste. But if you think that is not the case, the cup is the culprit behind this sudden change.

If you want to know why, here are factors on how the type of cup you use can change the quality of the coffee you drink.

Factors that Affect Your Coffee Cup and the Taste of Your Coffee


If you use a new coffee cup and the taste of your coffee also changes, the most common factor behind it is the material. The material of the coffee cup, mug, or other drinkware or glassware you use has a direct impact on the taste of the coffee.

According to baristas, if you do not want to lose the taste quality of the coffee you drink every day, you should buy cups and mugs that are not made of plastic, glass, and low-quality stainless steel containers.

Plastic-made drinkware does not go well with coffee since it absorbs the flavors over time. Glasswares have low heat retention. You need to know how temperature is a great factor to improve the quality of your coffee. Thus, you need to opt for those who can handle heat longer to prevent your coffee from cooling fast.


Stainless steel cups are quite good to use and perfect for coffee tumblers. But you need to choose good quality ones. There are lots of stainless steel cups and mugs in the market that claim to be of high quality, but leave you with disappointments once you use them.

The best material you should aim for for coffee cups is ceramic. It is considered a neutral material, which means it does not affect the quality of the coffee at all costs. You can try to look for a double-walled ceramic cup or mug. It helps the coffee stay hot longer and does not alter the taste of your brew. Aside from coffee cups, there are also ceramic cooking pots used as this material works well with heat.

Shape and size

When it comes to coffee, you also look forward to that lovely aroma and flavors of your coffee drink. It is the one responsible to make you feel better with every sip you take on your coffee cup.

The shape and size of the coffee cup and the taste of your coffee go hand in hand. Depending on how big or small the headspace of the cup and its surface area can bring changes to the overall quality of the coffee you drink.

The headspace refers to the volume of the liquid and the topmost or opening area of the cup. That free space creates a room for the aroma of the coffee to air for you to smell. If the cup is small or narrow, the intensity of the coffee aroma is high. But if the cup is bigger and wider, it loses intensity.

For the flavors, the liquid surface area of the cup is the one responsible. Exposure to the air plays an important role in the oxidation rate of coffee. It can soften the tannins or the natural component of the coffee. It also increases the rate of heat loss and cools the coffee right away, losing the quality of its blend.

Shape and size

To summarize, the wider the liquid surface area is, the faster the oxidation of the coffee. It will result in a sweeter taste. But if the liquid surface area is smaller, it slows down the oxidation and makes the coffee more acidic.

Depending on how you like your coffee to taste should also be a factor when choosing the perfect cup. The celestial coffee cups are the ideal accessory for a coffee night or morning; made to match any home decor.


Lastly, the color of the coffee cup and the taste of your coffee also has a connection to one another. But you might be thinking, it is just a mere color, a decoration, it’s all for just a show on your Instagram post, so how will it affect the taste quality of your drink?

The principle that applies in plates, where colors affect human’s perception of the portion of the food they eat, is similar to how the color of the coffee cup and the taste of your coffee relates.

A study in Australia last 2014 demonstrated how the colors can change the taste of coffee. In the experiment, people tasted coffee in a variety of intensity and sweetness using a white mug. The white color increases the intensity because of its contrast to the color of the coffee. Though we see a variety of colors for coffee cups, you will notice that the insides are white. It allows you to perceive that the coffee has an intense taste as soon as you look at it. If you use a glass cup, you will not see the contrast of the colors. Thus, you will not taste the same intensity as what you have in a white cup.


The coffee cup and the taste of your coffee have a deep connection to each other. If you love drinking your coffee, you should realize that it is worth investing in a coffee cup that will help you unleash the awesome flavors of your favorite drink. Every little detail affects the quality of the coffee, and the cup plays an important role in it.

Now that you know how these factors: material, shape, size, and color of the coffee cup affect the taste of your coffee, be sure to choose the best one that will work best for your taste. All of the mentioned features are perfect for your barista-worthy drinks.

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