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Dinner Set Buying Guide—Entertain With Style

Sep 21, 2022 Hiperlogy Singapore

Your dinner set reflects the type of mood you wish to create for your gathering and must compliment the type of meal you are serving. Classy dinner sets make a huge impression and accentuate the elaborate meal you are serving, while fun designs on your servers will help to keep your casual meal light and fun. Either way, it’s necessary to be prepared with the appropriate dinner set, and because you often entertain on both notes—casual and formal, let’s look at a dinner set buying guide that covers both.


Choose the Style to Match or Mix and Match


Generally, you would need a dinner set that serves both casual and formal dining, but if you are not in the market to purchase two different sets, you can go for a compromise. A tone that doubles up for both formal dinners and those fun family get togethers. White is a chic and neutral colour that can be easily dressed up when you need to make it less ‘stiff’. White dinner plates, dishes and bowls look extremely elegant on the table and certainly help accentuate the colours in the food, making the food all the more appealing. A white dinner set makes choosing a theme for décor easy too. If you are in the market for a classy dinner set, consider mix and match options that will compliment a white dinner set. The dinnerware sets Singapore online stores have on offer are impressive, aesthetic designs that will easily merge with your existing crockery or a neutral toned set.


Decide on the Size of the Dinner Set

The number of pieces that make up a dinner set is how the size is decided. You don’t have to stick to buying a large dinner set of just one design, with so many gorgeous designs out there, you can be as creative as you like and make up your own dinner set by mixing and matching pieces according to your needs. Check out the many themes under which crockery is designed at sites such as Table Matters; choose from floral, geometric, and Japanese to hand painted, animal and vintage designs. Traditionally dinner sets are available as 18 pieces, 16 pieces or 12 pieces. The 18 piece set is ideal for larger dinner parties and is usually made up of six dinner plates, six side plates and six bowls. If you are looking to purchase a dinner set for everyday use in a small family a 12 piece set will do just fine as it comprises four pieces each of plates, side plates and bowls. These sets can be easily accessorised and expanded to serve your needs, make sure to check the stunning options out there and don’t be afraid to break tradition and create your own set.


Style, Shape and Rims


Designs change constantly leaving you with lots of choices to choose a dinner set that reflects your style. If you are looking to buy dinnerplates online  you will find plenty of designs and choices available to you at online stores in Singapore. As far as shape goes there are square, oval and oblong or the very traditional round plate; it all depends on what kind of personality you possess. Style too should be a reflection of your character, you may like crisp classy designs in neutral shades or the more fun floral ones bursting with colour. There are vintage themes and traditional Japanese designs too that offer a touch of rustic allure.

Rim or rimless (coupe) dinnerware are both acceptable; plates, bowls and dishes with rims are more appropriate for formal sit-down meals where the menu consists of foods that are more ‘splash worthy’ meaning they are moister and may contain gravies or juices. Coupe plates are ideal for informal dinners, little finger foods or even formal meals where you don’t serve too many moisture rich dishes.


What to Accessorize With

Once you have selected your plates, bowls and dishes next comes the exciting part of accessorising. You can choose jugs and pitchers, platters and serving bowls and gravy boats and sauce boats to make your dinnerware stand out. You may want to invest in pasta and coupe plates designed to serve modern family get togethers. Check out the collection of contemporary designs if you are looking for a total makeover and want to add a touch of contemporary chic to your next dinner party.


Other pieces to accessorise with include coasters, cake stands and tea and coffee accessories which will complete your table setting and carry the theme forward when it's time for desserts and coffee.


Material to Choose Your Dinnerware In


The most popular material is porcelain. Dishwasher safe, versatile, and reasonably priced, porcelain dinnerware, designed from quartz, granite stone and clay, comes in a variety of designs and shapes. There is also bone China made from bone ash, China clay and China stone as a second option, which you may want to reserve for your more formal dinners where everyone sits down for the meal. Bone China too is dishwasher safe. Both types of material are safe to use in the microwave and oven.


Cleaning Your Dinnerware


Dishwashers should not be overloaded, make sure to pack your dinnerware separate from the cutlery or any other metal utensils like pots and pans. When handwashing, wash one item at a time in mild soapy water. You can fill a plastic tub with dishwash and wash your plates so that they do not come into contact with the stainless steel base of your sink.


Storing Your Dinner set


Store your dinnerware in a separate place where they won't get disturbed unless you need to get them out. When stacking plates or dishes you can place thick cardboard or soft cloth in between each item to prevent them from getting scraped or damaged. Make sure to limit the stacks to avoid putting too much pressure on the bottom pieces.




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