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Navigating the Corporate Gift-Giving Scene of 2019: A Masterclass in Cultivating Business Rapport through Generous Gifts

Jun 9, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

Fostering corporate relations nowadays is incomplete without the strategic giving of corporate gifts. In the rapid-fire realm of business, a well-curated gift becomes the non-verbal ambassador of your brand, etching a memorable mark on clients, employees, and partners alike. In this piece, we delve into the art of corporate gift-giving, spotlighting contemporary trends, crowd-favourite gift suggestions, ingenious gift-wrapping strategies, gift-giving etiquette, and the significance of assessing your gift-giving triumphs. Embark on this enlightening journey and discover how corporate gifting can be a game-changer in solidifying your business alliances.

Corporate gifts, more than mere tokens, bear the weight of a company's gratitude, goodwill, or celebratory sentiment towards clients, employees, and partners. They aren't your run-of-the-mill promotional paraphernalia but thoughtfully selected treasures aimed at fostering enduring relationships and loyalty.

The Role of Corporate Gifts in Shaping Business Relations

Corporate gifts can be instrumental in cementing business bonds. By gifting thoughtful and custom-made items, companies can boost their image, cultivate unforgettable experiences, and sow seeds of loyalty amongst their recipients.

The Corporate Gift-Giving Landscape

The corporate gifting sector has seen an exponential rise in recent years. With the spotlight on relationship-building and distinguishing one's brand, businesses recognise the impact of a sound corporate gift-giving strategy. Corporate gifting spans many options, from the lavish to the mundane, catering to various tastes and occasions.

2019's Corporate Gifting Trends: Personalisation and Eco-Consciousness

The digital era has spurred the rise of customised corporate gifts. By adding a personal touch, such as the recipient's name, company emblem, or a tailored message, gifts morph into exclusive treasures that elicit a sense of appreciation and strengthen business ties.

Why Go Personal?

Personalised gifts are more than a novelty; they create an emotional connection, reinforce bonds, and boost brand allegiance. These gifts create a lasting memory and, if engaging enough, can stir up conversations, extending your brand's reach through cheerful chatter.

Some Sought-After Personalised Gift Ideas Include:

  • Executive pens engraved with the recipient's name
  • Custom-made leather-bound notebooks or journals
  • Personalised desk accessories like nameplates or paperweights
  • Monogrammed tote bags or travel accessories

In an increasingly aware of environmental sustainability, eco-friendly corporate gifts have taken centre stage. Such gifts align with your company's values and resonate well with the recipients, reinforcing your commitment to sustainability and enhancing your brand image.

The Surge in Eco-conscious Corporate Gifts

As environmental awareness intensifies, eco-friendly corporate gifts are witnessing a surge in demand. Whether recycled material-based gifts or ethically sourced products, eco-conscious gifts portray a company's dedication to environmental responsibility, appealing particularly to eco-sensitive recipients.

Here are some Earth-friendly Gift Ideas:

  • Reusable stainless steel cutlery sets or ceramic mugs
  • Stationery made from recycled materials
  • Solar-powered gadgets and chargers
  • Sustainable lifestyle products like reusable shopping bags or eco-friendly home decor items

Tech Gadgets: The Novelty of the Digital Age

Tech gifts have risen to popularity as corporate gifts. They cater to the tech-savvy and are also perceived as modern and forward-thinking, providing functionality, entertainment, and novelty.

Tech gifts, whether sleek smartphone accessories or smart home devices, are increasingly becoming popular in corporate gifting. They demonstrate a company's innovative approach and engage the recipients in the latest tech trends.

Tech Gift Ideas to Consider:

  • Wireless headphones or Bluetooth speakers
  • Smartwatches or fitness trackers
  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets
  • Portable power banks or wireless charging pads

2019's Top Corporate Gift Ideas

  • High-end Gifts for the Executives

For discerning clients or valued business partners, luxury gifts can leave an indelible impression. Such gifts reflect the company's appreciation for their contributions and signify status and prestige.

Luxury corporate gifts exude an aura of exclusivity and are tailored to the recipient's sophisticated taste. They may range from premium accessories to personalised designer products or limited-edition items, mirroring the recipient's prestige.

Some Luxury Gift Suggestions Include:

  • Premium leather goods like wallets, briefcases, or luxury handbags
  • Bespoke jewellery or watches
  • Designer home decor pieces
  • Gourmet gift baskets or curated wine collections

Practical and Useful Gifts

Practical corporate gifts, which seamlessly blend functionality with corporate branding, are well received by employees and clients. They are cherished for their usefulness, making them valued and memorable.

Practical Gift Ideas:

Food and Gourmet Gifts

Food and gourmet gifts always stay in style. They express appreciation and offer the recipients the joy of indulging in delightful treats, appealing to various palates.

Gourmet Gift Ideas:

  • Customised gift hampers filled with gourmet delights
  • Fine wine or champagne gift sets with drinkware like wine glasses
  • Artisanal cheese and charcuterie platters like cheese boards
  • Exotic tea or coffee gift boxes with coffee mugs and tea sets 

Creative Gift Presentation Strategies

The gift presentation significantly enhances the recipient's experience and the overall impact of the gift. Paying attention to detail in packaging and gift wrapping makes the gifting experience more memorable and thoughtful.

Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas:

  • Personalised gift wrapping
  • Themed gift presentation, tailored to the recipient's interests or hobbies
  • Elegant gift boxes or stylish gift bags with branded embellishments
  • A surprise gift of appreciation alongside the main gift

Face-to-face Gift Exchanges and Corporate Gifting Events

Hosting corporate gifting events or arranging in-person gift exchanges helps foster personal connections and strengthen relationships.

Organising Corporate Gifting Events:

  • Product showcases
  • Networking sessions
  • Curated experiences related to the gifts being presented

Understanding Cultural Nuances in Corporate Gifting

When gifting across cultures, awareness of cultural sensitivities and nuances is paramount to ensure the gift is received well and no unintended offence is caused.

Compliance with Corporate Policies and Regulations

Adhering to legal and ethical guidelines is crucial to ensure the integrity of your corporate gifting practices.

Measuring the Impact of Corporate Gifts

Measuring the impact of corporate gifts involves understanding recipient satisfaction and evaluating the effectiveness of your gift-giving strategy.

Expanding Your Corporate Gift Portfolio

As you broaden your corporate gift portfolio, consider diverse offerings catering to various tastes and interests. Consider offering options for personalisation and allowing recipients to choose their gifts to ensure their needs and preferences are met.

Tailored Corporate Gifting Programs

Consider implementing a tailored corporate gifting program for organisations with extensive client bases. It could involve creating a catalogue of carefully curated gift options from which clients or employees can choose, or it could be an automated program that delivers gifts on special occasions or milestones.

Gifts That Reflect Your Brand Values

Choosing gifts that reflect your brand values can reinforce your company image and differentiate your brand from competitors. Whether your brand prioritises sustainability, innovation, luxury, or another attribute, select gifts that embody these values.

The Future of Corporate Gifting

With technological advances, we foresee a future where corporate gifting becomes an even more immersive, personalised experience. The possibilities are endless, from virtual reality experiences to AI-powered personalised gift selections.

Digital platforms' role will likely increase in the future of corporate gifting. Technology makes selecting, customising, and delivering corporate gifts easier, from online gift catalogues to digital gift cards.

As we move forward, corporate gift-giving will continue to evolve, adapting to changes in consumer preferences, technological advances, and societal values. But the fundamental principle will remain the same: a thoughtful, well-chosen gift can be a powerful tool for building and strengthening business relationships.

Discover the 2019's Corporate Gifts with Table Matters!

As you navigate the world of corporate gift-giving, remember the importance of understanding your recipients and their preferences, choosing thoughtful and personalised gifts, memorably presenting your gifts, and measuring the impact of your gifting efforts. Done correctly, corporate gifting can become a strategic tool for enhancing your business relationships, boosting brand loyalty, and distinguishing your brand in a competitive market.

Corporate gift-giving is an art that requires thoughtfulness, creativity, and strategic planning. With this guide, you're well on your way to mastering this art and using it to enhance your business relationships and cultivate brand loyalty among your stakeholders.

The power of a well-chosen gift is immeasurable – it can evoke feelings of appreciation, instil loyalty, and leave a lasting impression beyond the physical object. As you delve into corporate gifting, we hope this guide has illuminated its potential and sparked ideas for your gifting strategy.

In conclusion, corporate gifts are vital in nurturing strong business relationships. Companies can leave a lasting impression on their stakeholders by capitalising on the latest gifting trends, curating thoughtful gifts, presenting them creatively, respecting gifting etiquette, and evaluating the impact. Embracing thoughtful corporate gifting strategies strengthens alliances, boosts brand loyalty, and sets your brand apart in the competitive corporate world.
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