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The 12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas - For Family, Friends and Colleagues

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12 days of Christmas Gift Ideas

All of us from Table Matters wanted to provide a special tableware guide from the classic Christmas carol “The 12 days of Christmas”. The Christmas season is a magical period where the spirit of giving is contagious. So in order to help you buy gifts for your loved ones, we have created this 12 days Christmas Gift Guide, especially from Table Matters.

11 Exclusive Gift Ideas for 12 Days of Christmas

1. Peranakan Pot Coasters - For Friends Who Love Heritage

Peranakan Pot Coasters

Starts from only $18.90

A unique and thoughtful gift for your heritage loving friends. These Peranakan pot coasters are fashioned after the Peranakan-styled tiles which will let your friend dive into the society of culture and heritage. Made with high-quality ceramic which is more than capable of protecting your tabletop from high heat.

2. Vintage 3 in 1 Multi -Tiered Ceramic Cook Pot - For Your Mom or Wife

Vintage 3 in 1 Multi Tiered Ceramic Cook Pot

Starts from only $79.90

Did you know that ceramic cookware is generally a safer alternative compared to steel cookware? Yes, it is! That's why we've added it as the best gift for your mom or wife. We have recently added a variety of ceramic cookware to our stylish Table Collections and this sleek and modern Ceramic Cook Pot allows you and your loved ones to cook in style this Christmas.


3. Holly Green Bowl - For Friends or Colleagues Who Love Green-rimmed Accent on Tableware


Holly Green Bowl

Starts from only $7.50

Get this hand-painted Holly Green bowl for your colleagues and friends this Christmas. The hand-painted delicate hollies which forms a wreath around the edges is guaranteed to bring the Christmas joy to the dining table.

4. Peranakan Cup Coasters - For Your Coffee-Loving Friends

Peranakan Cup Coasters

Starts from only $6.90

Gift your coffee loving-friends this uniquely rich heritage Peranakan Cup Coasters this Christmas. Similar to the Peranakan Pot Coasters, this coaster is capable of protecting your table top from high heat.


5. Rosemary Blue Pasta Plate - For Your Pasta Loving Friends

Rosemary Blue Pasta Plate

Starts from only $18.90

Rosemary is a fragrant herb that symbolizes remembrance, love and loyalty. This collection is hand-painted with soothing whiff of herbal goodness, brining new layer of happiness to meal time.

Meals like pasta and noodles become more enticing with these rosemary blue pasta plates; a perfect gift for your pasta-loving friends.

6. Pufferfish Pink Plate - For Children To Make Their Meal Time Fun and Enjoyable

Pufferfish Pink Plate

Starts from only $14.50

This set is a worthy addition to any tableware collection, it adds more fun and joy to any sumptuous meal especially during this Christmas season. Perfect gift idea for the little ones to make their meal time more enjoyable and fun.


7. Floral Blue Saucer - For Beloved One Who Loves Beauty of Nature

Floral Blue Saucer

Starts from only $2.50

This saucer comes in royal blue, adding a bright hue to your table to make meals more interesting. This dining piece from Table Matters adds instant beauty to your food presentation. With its premium quality glazing, you’ll find this Floral Blue Saucer a fitting addition to your tableware. We have a collection of saucers available in a variety of colors and designs to match your aesthetic tableware.

8. Grover Bear Rice Bowl - Suitable For All Ages

Grover Bear Rice Bowl

Starts from only $6.50

One of our Christmas collections; take a stroll in the autumn woods with our Grover Bear Collection. With autumn leaves detailing featuring our fuzzy Grover bear, bring home a fun and cheerful addition to the dining table suitable for all ages.

9. Poppy Blossom Square Plate with Handles - For Excellent Dining Addition

Poppy Blossom Square Plate with Handles

Starts from only $4.90

One of our Table Matters special collection range – this Poppy Blossom collection will appeal to the senses of flower lovers. These dining pieces are oozing with beauty and charm that can’t be found anywhere else. It features hand-painted poppies in yellow and red with leafy accents that are lovely and satisfying to just stare at.

10. Holiday Berry Cereal Cup - For Cereal Loving Friends or Colleagues

Holiday Berry Cereal Cup

Starts from only $18.00

This set is what berry lovers would want to use when it’s time to put a hearty meal on the table! Get this thoughtful gift for your cereal loving friends.


11. Apple Harvest Sauce Pot with Handle - For Fun Loving People

Apple Harvest Sauce Pot with Handle

Starts from only $11.90

See the sweet, vibrant quality of apples translated to ceramics with this Apple Harvest collection from Table Matters. This hand-painted tableware delivers a fun take on this popular juicy fruit that is beloved by people of all ages across the globe.


We hope our 12 days Christmas gift guide helps you to count down to the most wonderful day of the year. Make this year a year of giving and joy.

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