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Utensils vs Cutlery: Basic difference and their uses

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Most of us do not have clarity about utensils vs cutlery. Have you ever imagined a kitchen with no utensils or cutleries? It is not possible to eat and serve without this essential stuff. We use utensils to serve and eat our food as well as need cutleries to pick them up in our mouths. Both eastern and western cultures follow their traditions and use different cutleries to have their food. But there are some regions, where metal utensils or cutleries are not actually used. They use banana leaves and clay pots to serve and cook their food, whereas some of them use their hands to have their food. 

People can have one or many sets of cutlery or cutleries, depending upon their lifestyle. Some of them even love to have collections of imported and designed cutleries. Utensils are important to avoid unhygienic and dirt-free cooking. Utensils alone can represent a person in front of their guests, depending upon their material, design, and type. Nowadays, people have started using edible utensils and cutlery.

What is Cutlery?

Cutlery means to cut and have, or we can consider it as a modern word for flatware and silverware. Cutlery is a kitchen equipment to serve and eat food without getting our hands dirty and messy. This is how we define cutlery and its purpose in everyday life. Earlier, people use cutleries made up of clay, sharp stones, and leaves. Most people do not know that it is not a modern culture to use cutleries. Our ancestors had also used them to cut flesh, feed kids, and serve others.

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Cutleries are set in unique styles indicating various purposes. Cutleries placed outside of a plate, indicate that having food is yet to be started. Placing cutleries in a plus sign on the plate, indicates that a person has finished his food, and is ready to have the next plate. Cutleries placed parallel on the plate, directed towards the left, indicate that the person has finished his food, and it was excellent. Placing cutleries parallel in an upward direction on the plate simply means, a person has completed his food. When cutleries are placed crossed on the plate, it indicates a negative gesture of disliking the food.

What is Cutlery?

What are Utensils?

Utensils had the most key role in a kitchen from ancient times. Utensils vs cutlery is a topic, we usually get confused about. Utensils are mostly those kitchen tools in which food is cooked and stored, and some of them are used for preparing, serving, and having it as well. A utensil is a word derived from another word “utensilia” in the Latin language. It simply means ‘things to use’', and hence, for kitchen purposes it became Utensil. Utensils are not only made for kitchens, but you can also find cleaning as well as writing utensils. People usually use utensils at a formal dinner with classy cutleries.

Picking up the correct utensils for your kitchen is important for a healthy lifestyle. Cooking food in metal utensils without proper instructions can be harmful. We usually consider copper utensils the best, as it enhances the taste of food, by adding nutrients to it. But cooking food in copper utensils, that contains lots of salt, may result in the release of harmful copper derivatives. Copper reacts with iodine and breaks into its components when heated. This mixes up with the food making it poisonous. Similarly, aluminum, and brass utensils are not suitable to cook highly acidic food. Iron utensils and clay pots are considered the best option for cooking food with additional nutrients and taste.

Here is a list of eating utensils, that we use in our everyday life:

  • Fork
  • Spoon
  • Knife
  • Chopsticks
  • Spork
  • Straw
  • Hands
  • Toothpick 

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Utensils vs Cutlery: Basic Difference

The foremost and most basic difference between utensils and cutlery is that a utensil can be any tool used for kitchen purposes, whereas cutlery can be a type of eating as well as serving utensils. Utensils vs cutlery can be better explained with the following points: 





It is the equipment used for domestic purposes, usually in kitchens.

It is a group of some eating as well as serving utensils

Example – vessels, spatula, peeler, whisks, plates, ladle, opener, chopping boards, etc.

Example – forks, spoons, chopsticks, knives, tongs, toothpicks, slicers, etc.

Its main purpose is to help in preparing, cooking, and storing food.

Its main purpose is to help in cutting, serving, slicing, and eating.

Mostly available in stainless steel, wood, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, and glass.

Mostly available in stainless steel, polycarbonate, wood, and silver.

They are like be used in eastern as well as western cultures. It only depends upon needs, class, and occasions.

Chopsticks are used in eastern culture, whereas knives and forks are used in western culture.


Uses of Utensils and Cutlery

Uses of Utensils and Cutlery


Utensils vs cutlery is also considered while organizing unique occasions and events. Choosing a utensil or cutlery depends on its uses and the requirements of an event. Here are some basic cutleries and their uses listed below:

  • Knives: They are used to cut different food items while serving and eating. Knives have a wide variety and can be differentiated on the bases of their use. It can be a chef’s knife for chopping, fruit knife for paring, boning knife for fish, bread knife for cakes and sponge, carving knife for meats, cleaver knife for flattening, or a palette knife for decorating cakes. They are combined with forks for eating purposes, mostly in American culture. In terms of material, ceramic knives and metal knives are the most popular ones.
  • Spoons: Spoon is used for tasting, serving, and eating, depending upon their size and structure. A spoon can be classified as a tasting spoon for tasting, a baby spoon for feeding kids, a cocktail spoon for stirring drinks, a salad spoon for mixing, a soup spoon for having thick soups, a sundae spoon for ice creams, and a coffee spoon for stirring milk in tea and coffee.
  • Forks: Forks are used for holding, scooping, cutting, and eating food. It varies from crab fork, dessert fork, fish fork, and dinner fork, to forks with long prongs, for noodles. 

 Now, these are some basic utensils and their uses:

  • Ladles: They are used for stirring and checking food while cooking. It can be a soup ladle, normal ladle, or pasta ladle. 
  • Scooper: It is used for scooping ice creams, butter, and other deserts. 
  • Spatula: It is used for sliding, turning, flipping, and stirring food while cooking. 
  • Tongs: They are used for holding and slicing hot food items, and for slicing cakes.
  • Whisker: It is used for whisking all types of batters including whipping cream.


1.  Is a Spoon a Utensil or Cutlery? 

 A spoon is considered a utensil.

2.  What are Considered Utensils?

 It is defined as any equipment used for household purposes including kitchen help.

3.  Are Chopsticks Considered Cutlery?

 Chopsticks are considered cutlery in eastern countries.

4.  What is Cutlery Used for?

Cutlery is used for two purposes, which is serving and eating.

5.  What is Utensil Used for?

Different utensils can be used for different kitchen purposes like cooking, stirring, cutting, serving, eating, and slicing.

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