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05 Reasons to Use Ceramic Mugs—Beautiful and Personal

Sep 22, 2022 Hiperlogy Singapore

Ceramic mugs come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. You can choose one to display your personality, how chic you are and one that says ‘this is my mug’ which you can have at home and the office as your personal property. Decorative and personalised mugs make great gifts too with many choosing to collect mugs as a hobby. Let’s look at five reasons why using ceramic mugs is a good thing.


  1. Enjoy Your Morning Drink Better in a Ceramic Mug

 We all love cradling a nice warm mug of coffee, tea, and cocoa first thing in the morning. The comforting sensation gives us time to enjoy the crispness of a fresh new day as we contemplate our day's schedule, it's your personal time before the rush begins and you get to enjoy it with your mug of special brew. This is one solid reason to choose a ceramic mug that spells out your personality. The sight of your own special mug alone is enough to invigorate you in the morning. You can easily explore the range and buy mugs online; the variety is quite impressive and it won’t be hard to find one that personifies your character. For real style and individuality check out the range of hand painted ceramic mugs in Singapore available at top online stores.


  1. Ceramic Mugs Retain Heat for Longer

You know how appealing the sight of smoke curling over the top of a mug containing a hot drink is on a chilly morning, or when you have just come in from the rain? Well, ceramic mugs are quite adept at retaining heat to prolong your enjoyment of a warm drink. Ceramic is more porous than other materials and acts as an insulator retaining heat for longer. The convection process, which is how fast heat is lost is slower in ceramic. A ceramic mug will, therefore, stay warmer for longer, unlike glass or other material which loses heat faster and then draws out the heat from the liquid it contains. So you get to cradle that warm mug for longer and enjoy the warmth of your drink for longer too when you choose a ceramic mug. Check out the online stores and you are sure to come across some great bargains on ceramicware.


    3. Ceramic Mugs are More Stylish

The amazing range of mugs in different shapes and sizes makes choosing one that personifies your style easy. There are plenty of options to choose from at online stores such as Table Matters. Whether you like a large mug to sip your beverage leisurely or a smaller handier design there are loads to choose from; check out the range from vintage to retro and the most modern; no matter what your lifestyle is you will certainly find a mug that is a fine representative of who you are.


    4. Ceramic Mugs Can Be Personalised

 Ceramic mugs make excellent gifts and even company souvenirs. A mug that sits on the desk of your customer is a good marketing tool that will bring mileage to your company. Or you can choose ceramic mugs to celebrate a season. The beautiful range of mugs that are displayed during the holiday season adds extra cheer and festivity to your celebrations when you choose a personalised holiday mug for every member of your family. Keep your eye out for special sales and you can add to your collection of mugs that make serving guests after dinner coffee a more personal and cosier act.


    5. Ceramic is Environment Friendly


As opposed to using Styrofoam or plastic cups for your beverages ceramic mugs are more environmentally friendly. You can now find a range of ceramic mugs with handy lids and carry cases that make it easy to take your personal mug to your favourite barista for a refill on your way to the office, school, gym, etc. Keep in mind that carrying your hot liquids in a ceramic mug will keep them warmer for longer, plus it adds to the pleasure of drinking because the personal mug feeds all your senses to offer you satisfaction beyond merely drinking your beverage from a plastic or Styrofoam cup. Ceramic mugs are microwave safe—taking your coffee to the office in a ceramic mug means you get to pop it in the microwave and warm it up—something you cannot do in a plastic cup.





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