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A wider selection of Tableware, Drinkware, Flatware, Serveware, Cookware and Bakeware items for you on

Jul 30, 2021 Jasmine Han

Recently, we have revamped our website and now we have a wider selection of tableware, drinkware, serveware, cookware and bakeware items for you on Table Matters.

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Table Matters Tableware Collections

With our new revamped website, you can now easily shop for Plates, Bowls and Saucers and the various themes if you are looking to purchase a whole matching set. Visit our blog for must-have dinner party tableware sets from Table Matters.

For Plates, our wide range of plates include Dinner Plates, Rice Plates, Dessert Plates, Pasta Plates and Serving Plates.

Some of our most popular plate designs are
1) Crisscross Blue - 6 Inch Dessert Plate
2) Camellia - 7.5 Inch Square Rice Plate
3) Blue Wave - 6 Inch Square Plate With Handle
4) Blue Illusion - 8 Inch Coupe Plate
5) Black Cast - 11.5 Inch Rectangular Plate

For bowls, our wide range of bowls include the rice bowls, soup bowls and serving bowls.

Some of our most popular bowl designs are
1) Pebbles - 4.7 Inch Rice Bowl
2) Rosemary Blue - Hand Painted 6 Inch Soup Bowl
3) Enamel Blue - 9 Inch Salad Bowl
4) Polka Floral - Hand Painted 8 Inch Big Serving Bowl
5) Rose Sweet - Hand Painted 8 Inch Big Serving Bowl

As Singaporeans, we love our sauces and as such we complete our tableware collection with the saucers.

Table Matters Cutlery Collections

Our Table Matters Flatware collection are now complete with the newly arrived Chopstick sets. You can get Spoons, Knives, Forks and full cutlery sets within our flatware collections.

Be sure to check out the Gold Stainless Steel Waltz Chopstick set of 4. Impress your guest with this chopstick set from only $16.50.

Table Matters Serveware Collections 

Our serveware collection are now complete with cup coasters, placemats, serving trays and our newly arrived cheeseboards.

Protect your dining table and serve your dishes or cheese in style with our Serveware collection.

For an elegant table setup, be sure to get our SCANDI Marble Wood Coasters, PVC leather Marble Design Placemats, SCANDI Marble Cheese Board with Leather Strap and SCANDI Marble Dessert Tray.

Table Matters Drinkware Collections 

Get the perfect drinkware for your daily beverage today. With a fun and unique design, you are sure to add fun to your table. We have a wide range of tableware suitable for water, coffee, wine, beer, whiskey and champagne drinking.

We also have a wide range of water jugs, carafe and pitchers for you to store your beverages in the fridge or for serving purposes. Get to know with Table Matters all new drinkware collections.

Table Matters Cookware and Bakeware Collections 

Elevate your cooking and baking experience with our unique Table Matters Cookware and Bakeware collections.

Get our ever-popular pastel green Vintage 3 in 1 Multi Tiered Ceramic Cook / Steam pot for your multipurpose cooking and steaming use. Save time with this multi function pot.

For those who love to bake, check out our wide range of bakeware such as the small (6 inch) and large (9 inch) baking dishes with handles for your easy handling.

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