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Boost Your Coffee Moments with Exceptional Tableware

May 17, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

In coffee connoisseurship, the right tableware transforms a simple cup of coffee into an extraordinary experience. The tableware you select to serve your coffee can influence its aroma, taste, and enjoyment. This comprehensive guide highlights various coffee brewing methods, the appropriate tableware for each popular coffee type in Singapore, and the stunning range of tableware by Table Matters created to elevate your coffee indulgence.

Methods to Brew Coffee

  1. Pour Over: The pour-over method requires a gradual and measured pour of hot water over coffee grounds. Critical items needed include a pour-over dripper, a gooseneck kettle for precision pouring, and a coffee scale for accurate measurements.
  2. French Press: The French press method immerses coffee grounds in hot water, using a plunger to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds. It necessitates a French press pot, a coffee grinder for coarse grounds, and a timer to ensure optimal steeping duration.
  3. Espresso: Espresso brewing yields a potent shot of coffee. To make an espresso, you'll need an espresso machine, an espresso tamper, a coffee grinder for acceptable grounds, and espresso cups designed to retain the crema and display the rich hue.
  4. AeroPress: The AeroPress method utilises air pressure to extract flavours from coffee grounds. It calls for an AeroPress device, a coffee grinder, and a timer. Tableware for AeroPress includes a robust mug or carafe for brewing and serving.
  5. Cold Brew: Cold brew coffee is created by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for a lengthy period. For a cold brew, you'll need a cold brew maker, a pitcher or carafe for steeping, and a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth to filter the brewed coffee.

The Ideal Tableware for a Singaporean Coffee Shop

In Singapore, tableware can augment the coffee experience. Coffee shops in Singapore's bustling coffee shops require a variety of tableware to accommodate different brewing methods and customer preferences. Table Matters offers extensive tableware tailored for coffee shops, from chic, durable pour-over drippers to sleek espresso cups and saucers. Enhance your coffee shop's atmosphere and create a lasting impression with our superb range of coffee tableware.

Popular Coffee Varieties in Singapore

Singapore boasts a varied coffee culture with a plethora of unique coffee types. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Kopi: A traditional Singaporean coffee made with a blend of coffee beans roasted with sugar and margarine. It is typically brewed in a coffee sock and served with condensed milk.
  • Kopi O: Similar to Kopi, but without the condensed milk. It's a robust black coffee that can be enjoyed plain or with sugar.
  • Kopi C: A blend of coffee (Kopi) and evaporated milk (C), offering a creamy and balanced flavour.
  • Latte: A classic espresso-based drink with steamed milk and a thin foam layer. It's celebrated for its smooth and velvety texture.
  • Cappuccino: Another espresso-based drink comprising equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. It has a rich and frothy texture.

Embrace Your Coffee Moments with Table Matters' Tableware

Singaporeans sincerely appreciate coffee; the local coffee culture offers various flavours and styles. From the traditional Kopi with its unique roasted aroma to the smooth and creamy Latte, there's a coffee variant for every taste. Table Matters acknowledges the diversity of coffee in Singapore and provides tableware that enhances the experience of each coffee type. Our tableware, designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensures that the flavours and nuances of every coffee are magnificently presented and enjoyed to the maximum.

Whether you are a coffee shop owner looking to elevate your customers' coffee experience, or a coffee enthusiast wanting to boost your coffee moments, our tableware collection is the perfect choice. 

So why wait? Embrace the coffee culture of Singapore and enhance your coffee experience with Table Matters' range of tableware. Visit our website and shop today. Then, enjoy a 50% discount on every purchase!

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