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How to Drill a Hole in a Ceramic Pot?

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Are you figuring out how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot without breaking it? Ceramic pots are fragile and known for their inferior durability. But they make the most aesthetic cookware, garden pots, and displays.

Drilling a hole in ceramic pots is primarily standard in gardening. It is to provide a drainage hole for the plants. But if you also want to do it to other ceramic pots for other purposes, here are tips on how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot without breaking it.

How to drill a hole in a ceramic pot

There are many reasons you want to drill a hole in a ceramic pot. Aside from providing a drainage hole on the bottom of it, maybe you are also thinking of hanging it from a hook. Let’s get you started working on this project.

Gather all the essential tools and materials

This project's essential tools and materials are the ceramic pot (or pots) you want to drill, a power drill, and a ceramic drill bit tool.

In addition, you also need to use safety devices such as protective goggles or glasses to keep your eyes from flying shrapnel. You will also need a towel to place the pot as you drill a hole in them.

When it comes to drilling, you need to know what tool you will need. Don’t worry, and the next pointer will give you a quick reference on how you can grab the appropriate drill for you to use.

Choose the right drill bit

There are many kinds of drills to use. It is essential to understand that you should not just use any drill for your ceramic pot. Remember that ceramic pots are fragile. When you use a too powerful or a more extensive drill, it may result in your ceramic pot cracking and breaking apart. You also need to consider if the one you are drilling is a glazed ceramic or not.

To help you out, here are the following drill bit for ceramic pots you can use: 

Regular drill bit

Regular drill bit


A regular drill bit is the same as you use to drill tile, stone, or glass. Since ceramic has similar properties or features to these materials, you can drill hole in ceramic pot with regular drill bit. Just ensure the size of the drill bit is not too big for the ceramic pot. A regular drill bit works best for unglazed ceramic pots. But if yours is a glazed one, consider using other drill bits.

Masonry drill bit

The masonry drill bit is the most heavy-duty drill bit on this list. It can even withstand more durable materials such as concrete and metal. Even though it is powerful, the masonry drill bit for ceramic pot is also an ideal tool to use but for unglazed ceramic pots only. Because of its power, it can ruin the glossy surface of the glazed pots.

Diamond drill bit

Both the regular drill bit and the masonry drill bit work for unglazed pots, so is there any drill bit for glazed ceramic pot you can use? The answer for that is the diamond drill bit.

The diamond drill bit for ceramic pot is also labeled a masonry drill bit, but it works best for glazed ceramics.

It may sound expensive, but you can get a five-piece set of diamond drill bits at most hardware stores. It also has a standard size that fits a regular power drill.

Dremel drill

If you prefer to drill hole in ceramic pot with Dremel, you can also do it. Dremel is a brand of a power drill. Its features allow you to make a hole in a ceramic pot without breaking it. If you already have one, feel free to use it. But if you do not have a power drill yet, you can consider buying this brand.

Choose the spot where you will drill a hole

Choose the spot where you will drill a hole


After sorting out the materials you need and the specific drill bit you will use to make a hole in your ceramic pot, you should choose where you want to drill the hole.

Get a marker and draw a dot on the bottom of the ceramic pot. Usually, the hole is in the center. Mark it correctly to avoid having mistakes when you have already started drilling. The same rule applies to others who need to drill a hole on the sides.

Start drilling

Now, we are down to the actual work: drilling. Attach the bit to the power drill, put on your safety goggles, and place the towel on your workstation. Get the ceramic pot and place it on the towel. It will serve as a cushion for the pot to prevent it from pushing too hard on your table. Then, hold the drill, aim to the right spot, and start drilling.

Take it slowly and make sure you apply even pressure. A little impatience and carelessness can create unnecessary chips. If you see you are drilling a bit off course, stop drilling for a while and reposition the drill before you proceed again. And then, you’re done! 

How to make a hole in ceramic pot without using a drill

Now that you already know how to drill a hole in a ceramic pot, you may also want to consider making a hole without using a drill. Some of you may not have access to a power drill. Yes, we have to admit it is pretty expensive, especially those from popular brands. But the lack of a power drill should not limit you from proceeding with working on ceramic pots.

To do it, look for any sharp objects in your house, ideally a knife, nails, and screws. Then, get a screwdriver or a hammer as well. Once you have all these tools, get safety goggles, safety gloves, and a towel for protection.

Follow the similar steps when using a drill. Determine the right spot where you want to make a hole in your ceramic pot. Make sure you wear your protective gear, and a towel is on your working table. Then, get one of the sharp objects you have to make a spot. Using a screwdriver’s handle or a hammer, start tapping on the sharp object until it chips off small pieces of the ceramic pot. Again, remember to take it slow and apply even pressure until you manage to make a hole.



1.  Can you drill a hole in a ceramic pot without breaking it?

Yes, you can drill a hole in a ceramic pot without breaking it as long as you use the correct drill and maintain a firm pressure while drilling. You also need to note if your ceramic pot is glazed or not.

Making a hole in a ceramic pot requires a lot of patience and attention, so you can prevent it from breaking.

2.  What type of drill bit do you use for ceramic pots?

If you want to drill a hole in your ceramic pot, a particular drill bit with a carbide tip is what you need. You can use a regular drill bit made for tile, stone, or glass. If you use a drill bit for wood or metal, it may not work correctly.

You can use a masonry drill bit and a diamond drill bit for better results. You may also consider opting for a Dremel drill brand since they produce quality drills that can work for ceramic pots.

3.  How do you drill through glazed ceramic?

The best tool to use for glazed ceramic pots is diamond drill bits. To master drilling glazed ceramic pots, you can follow the same procedure as drilling ceramic tiles or porcelains to get the proper technique. You might need a lot of patience and attention to detail when drilling a glazed ceramic pot, unlike on unglazed ones.

4.  How do you make a hole in a pot without a drill?

To make a hole in a pot without a drill, you can use any sharp objects like a knife, nails, or screws. With screwdrivers or a small hammer, you can tap the sharp object lightly until you manage to chip off pieces of the ceramic pots and create a hole. It may require a lot of time, effort, and patience, but it will surely do the work. 

5.  What does a masonry bit look like?

A masonry bit features large twist drills with a corkscrew shape and broad arrow-shaped heads. They are usually used in hammer drills, but you can also use them to drill a hole in ceramic pots.

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