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How to Clean Grease off Glass Baking Dish?

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How to Clean Grease off Glass Baking Dish
Baked dinners are everyone’s favorite because could there be a better pleasure than devouring your favorite Potato and Pepper Sausage Bake after a hard day’s work? But we don’t make baked dinner as often as we would love to because of the nightmare that follows. The greasy dish left in the sink is as bad as the monsters under the bed that keep you up all night. But what if you really knew how to clean grease off glass baking dish?

Below are some magical techniques that help you remove grease from glass dishes just as easily as craving your favorite baked dinner. Applying just one of these ensures you have baked dinners as often as you wish to.

How to remove stains from glass baking dish?

Here are those sorcerous tricks to clean grease off glass baking dish we were talking about:

1.  The Classic Dish Soap and Hot Water Cleaner

The simplest of all methods and yet very effective to get buildup off of a glass or porcelain baking dish is using hot water and dish soap. You might be thinking that dish soap is the magical ingredient here, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The real work is done by hot water or by soaking the baking dish in hot water, to be more precise. The hot water loosens the greasy buildup and makes it much easier to clean grease off glass baking dish. So if you soak the dish for 15-20 minutes in hot water, you’ll not have to scrub it so much.

As for the dish soap, just add a few squirts, mainly depending on how greasy the dish is. You should add it while the dish is soaking, not just when you start scrubbing.

The trick here is to use hot water because heat makes the grease expand and loosen. Using cold water will not have the same impact.

2.  The Dish Soap, Hot Water & Baking Soda Cleaner

Although the hot water and soap method is simple, some persistent stains just won’t go away so simply. For such stains, a coating of baking soda can be really helpful. Follow the below steps to clean glass casserole dish with difficult stains:

The Dish Soap, Hot Water & Baking Soda Cleaner


  • Sprinkle the dish with baking soda: Sprinkle 1sp of baking soda on the dish bottom. Use more if you think the stains are very difficult. Sprinkle more on greasier parts
  • Pour tiny droplets of dish soap everywhere on the dish
  • Fill the dish with hot water: If your dish is 2.5cm deep, fill water up to at least 1 cm. If the dish is smaller, you might not need to fill so much water.
  • Let the dish soak for 15 minutes.
  • Scrub the dish: After the dish is adequately soaked, pour out the dirty water and scrub with an abrasive sponge. Most of the grease will come off on its own when you throw the water, but some difficult spots will need a little scrubbing.

You will see the dish will have a shine after it’s cleaned. This is primarily because of using baking soda. So, baking soda does two things in one go - loosens the persistent stains and shines the baking dish.

3.   Befriending the Bar Keepers Friend

While baking soda works wonders, it might not be very effective on burnt dishes and more persistent stains. This is when you need something more abrasive, and Bar Keepers Friend is your best friend too.

It is much more effective to clean burnt casserole dish. If you use it once, we are pretty sure you will never have to try another cleaner to clean grease off glass baking dish.

The magical ingredient that makes Bar Keepers Friend much more abrasive than baking soda is oxalic acid.

The cleaning technique is quite similar to the baking soda method, but the cleaning time is much less. Follow the below steps to clean the baking dish using Bar Keepers Friend:

  • Sprinkle Bar Keepers Friend over the glass baking dish
  • Start scrubbing the baking dish with a damp sponge
  • As you scrub, the oxalic acid with cause the water and power to form a paste over the dish. Let the paste settle for around 20 minutes.
  • Gently scrub off all the grease from the dish and rinse. Your dish will be as good as new.

4.   Clean with what comes naturally to you

Clean with what comes naturally to you


While dish soap, baking soda, and Bar Keepers Friend are all very effective, their ingredients are not natural. So, if you prefer more natural ingredients to clean grease off glass baking dish, we suggest using corn starch and vinegar.

Coming straight away to the cleaning steps:

  • Rinse your dish with some hot water to get it a little wet
  • Take a separate bowl and mix one teaspoon of corn starch with the same amount of hot water and vinegar.
  • Corn starch will thicken the mix into a paste, so add a little more liquid to give the paste an easy-to-apply consistency. Remember, always add water and vinegar in equal parts.
  • Scoop this paste with a scrubber and scrub the dish and witness the magic happening in front of your own two eyes.

It’s always best to use white spirit vinegar for this method. First, it has the strongest acidity. Second, it's colorless, so it won't leave a stain on your glassware. Third, it is odorless, so your dish won't have a repulsive smell when you use it the next time. And fourth, it is easy on the pocket, even with all its magical powers!

While you can clean grease off glass baking dish using many other ingredients such as toothpaste, magic eraser, or dryer sheet, they are either as effective or require more scrubbing. So, it’s best to stick to the basic methods.

Wrapping Up How to Clean Grease off Glass Baking Dish

Depending upon how stained your glass baking dishes are, you can choose any of the above methods to make them look new again. These methods work well on any glass. So, the next time you have to clean burnt pyrex dish, try applying what you have learned here. Now that you can bake more frequently, check out these easy-to-clean, attractive cooking and baking dishes from TableMatters to add to your bakeware collection.



How Do You Get Burnt Grease Off a Glass Dish?

Depending upon how persistent the stains are, you can use baking soda, dish soap, Bar Keepers Friend, or vinegar and corn starch to get burnt grease off a glass dish. As explained in the methods above, hot water is necessary with all cleaning agents.

How Do You Clean a Burnt Glass Casserole Dish?

Burnt casserole dishes can have more persistent stains; therefore, using Bar Keepers Friend is the easiest way to clean such a dish, although other ingredients can work too.

Will Baking Soda Scratch Glass Baking Dish?

No, baking soda doesn’t scratch a glass baking dish. It loosens the stains and also adds a shine to the dish.

Can You Use Steel Wool on Glass Baking Dish?

Never use a wire scrubber or steel wool on a glass baking dish. Although glass doesn't scratch easily, it still gets scratched, and also, using steel wool or wire scrubber reduces the dish's shine. Even an abrasive scrubber is not recommended most times but can be used gently. Always add more baking soda or Bar Keepers Friend to loosen the stains instead of scrubbing hard with steel wool.

How Do You Make Glass Baking Dish Shiny Again?

Baking soda is recommended to clean the grease off glass baking dish because it adds a faint shiny glow to it along with cleaning it.

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