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Corporate Gifting: Why Umbrellas Are the Bee's Knees

May 30, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Who doesn't love a good gift? Now imagine it coming from your business. Sounds good. Here's where corporate gifting strides in, waving its hat like a knight in shiny branding armour.

It's all about reinforcing business bonds and throwing out positive vibes to clients, partners, and employees. Think of it as a long-lasting high-five that shouts, "We appreciate you!". 

So, what's the secret ingredient for this mighty gift? Drumroll, please... Umbrellas! Not just any umbrellas, mind you, but branded corporate umbrella gifts.

Picture This: Corporate Umbrella Gifts

These are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill brollies. Instead, we're talking about a lavish spectrum of styles, sizes, and designs, from the suave James Bond-style stick umbrellas to the modern, fit-in-your-pocket compact ones.

Why choose umbrellas as corporate gifts, you ask? Well, they're practical and valuable, and who doesn't need one when it starts bucketing down? Plus, they make for a walking, talking billboard with your logo, giving your brand the red-carpet rollout every time it rains.

Choosing Your Perfect Corporate Umbrella: A Three-Step Guide

  • Step 1: Know Your Crowd and Event
    Tailor your umbrella gift to your audience. Think demographics, lifestyle, the occasion – the whole nine yards.
  • Step 2: Don't Skimp on Quality
    A high-quality umbrella will weather all storms. Choose durable materials and user-friendly features – because no one wants a brawl with their brolly!
  • Step 3: Make It Personal
    A logo here, a touch of your brand colour there, and voila! You've transformed a simple umbrella into a bespoke gift that'll leave your recipients grinning ear to ear.

Now for the Exciting Part: Choosing Your Style

For the classy and sophisticated, go for solid-coloured umbrellas with your logo front and centre or traditional stick umbrellas that scream elegance.

For the modern and trendy, folding compact or automatic open-close umbrellas are a big hit. They're stylish, convenient and say, "Hey, we know you've got places to be and can't be fiddling with your umbrella!"

And let's remember the specialised umbrellas. For golf enthusiasts and weather warriors, golf umbrellas and windproof, storm-resistant umbrellas are the way to go. They're practical, reliable, and have "We've got you covered" written all over them.

Don't Forget the Cherry on Top: Customisation

Be creative with your logo placement. Why not the canopy? Add a splash of colour to your brand identity, and you have a brand ambassador that keeps the rain away. Brilliant, isn't it?

So there you have it, a comprehensive guide on corporate umbrella gifts. Next time it rains, make sure it's your brand that's shielding everyone. And remember, in the corporate gifting world, umbrellas are indeed the bee's knees!

Let's take this umbrella journey to sunny (occasionally rainy) Singapore. Businesses here know something about mixing style, practicality, and branding. Singaporean companies use corporate gifting not just as a token of appreciation but as an intelligent move in playing the long game in business relationships. So next time you're in this tropical city, don't be surprised if you find an elegant brolly as a corporate gift. It's more than just protection from the rain.

It's also a fabulous piece of portable branding!

Choosing the Ideal Corporate Umbrella Gift in Singapore

Corporate umbrella gifts in the land of merlions and marvellous skylines must be just as impressive. An umbrella gift becomes a day-saver in Singapore's sometimes sunny, sometimes torrential climate.

Now, the critical task is selecting that perfect umbrella. Whether for a high-profile client, a long-time partner, or a hardworking employee, the umbrella should match their preferences and lifestyle. A compact umbrella for the business traveller or a sturdy golf umbrella for the leisurely weekend golfer?

  • Quality is King
    As a corporate gift, an umbrella is more than a weather shield; it represents your brand. A sturdy, durable umbrella shouts, "Our company is reliable, just like this umbrella!" Opt for premium materials and ergonomic designs. Nothing screams premium like an umbrella that can stand firm against Singapore's tropical thunderstorms.
  • Add a Personal Touch
    A little bit of personalisation goes a long way in corporate gifting. This is where your creativity can shine. For example, a classy monochrome umbrella with a pop of colour from your brand logo could turn heads on Orchard Road. Or how about a fun, colourful design that stands out in a sea of black umbrellas during a downpour?

The Different Styles of Corporate Umbrella Gifts

The corporate gifting game in Singapore is strong, and umbrellas are no exception.

For traditionalists, a classic stick umbrella with a wooden handle and your company logo make an unforgettable gift. For the modern and chic, a compact foldable umbrella or an automatic open-close umbrella with a funky design can make a lasting impression.

And let's remember the special ones tailored for specific needs. A large golf umbrella for the corporate partner who enjoys a good round of golf. Or a windproof and storm-resistant umbrella for the client who appreciates practicality and robustness.

  • Colour and Branding: Showcasing Your Identity
    When branding, colour is a potent tool. Choose a colour scheme that aligns with your brand's identity. It could be a classic black-and-white combo or vibrant hues. Combine this with strategic logo placement, and your corporate umbrella gift becomes a moving advertisement.
  • Extra Customisation, Packaging, and All That Jazz
    Apart from flaunting your logo on the canopy, why not customise the handle material or the tip design of your corporate umbrella gift? Chuck in a fancy branded pouch, and you're onto a winner. Those little extra features scream, "We've thought of everything!"
  • Make an Entrance with Packaging
    Presentation is everything regarding the grand unveiling of your corporate gift. You could go for custom-designed boxes or sleeves, making the recipients feel like they're at the Oscars. Or how about a trendy tote bag or pouch? Plus, they'll get double use from your gift - bonus points!
  • Handwritten Notes - A Touch of Class
    Nothing is sweeter than a handwritten note like, "We appreciate you." Pen a warm, thoughtful message to accompany your gift. The umbrella might come in handy during Singapore's sudden downpours, but your sincere words will leave a lasting impression.

Getting Down to Business: Budget and Sourcing

Let's talk numbers. Define a budget before you start your umbrella hunting. Be realistic - consider the number of gifts and the customisation, and remember the packaging. Then, find a supplier who can deliver the goods without breaking the bank. Look for quality, read reviews, and ask around for recommendations.

It's All About Timing

Once you've chosen your perfect umbrella gift, you must place your order and plan the lead times. No one wants to give a late Christmas gift in January. If you're ordering in bulk, ask your supplier about any discounts or incentives - it's always worth a try. Finally, stay on top of the delivery process and ensure your gifts arrive in time to be the show's star.

Umbrella corporate gifts are a winning choice - practical, versatile, and a fantastic branding opportunity. Choose a design that aligns with your brand and connects with your recipients. Make it personal, add a touch of style, and voila - you've got yourself a corporate gift that will stand out in Singapore's next downpour. Who said business couldn't be fun?

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