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Corporate Gifts: Building Strong Connections and Spreading Joy

Jun 30, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

The Rise of Corporate Gifting

Giving corporate gifts has become a significant trend in the business world. Whether for employees or customers, these tokens of appreciation hold great importance. Corporate gifts create a sense of connection and follow proper protocols to ensure a strong bond between the giver and the receiver. After all, who doesn't love receiving gifts on birthdays, festive occasions, or even as a gesture of apology?

Forging Lasting Connections

Corporate gifting taps into the innate joy of receiving thoughtful presents. It profoundly impacts both internally and socially, fostering a deep bond between the recipients and the organisations. By going above and beyond to express gratitude to customers, prospects, and staff, corporate gifts demonstrate a genuine commitment to nurturing meaningful relationships.

The Growing Industry

According to Coresight data analysis from two years ago, the US corporate gifting industry is projected to experience an eight per cent compound annual growth rate, reaching over three hundred billion dollars by 2024. Several factors influence this growth. The increasing emphasis on employee welfare and recognising culture as a valuable commodity has led businesses to prioritise employee happiness. Corporate gifting is an excellent strategy to strengthen the connection with employees, acknowledging their significance in the organisation. Moreover, it holds great value for attracting and retaining potential and existing customers.

Unveiling the Types of Corporate Gifts

Let's explore the various categories of corporate gifts:

  • Celebration Presents
    Celebration presents are given to commemorate special occasions or events. They can range from all-company gifts for a significant milestone or corporate anniversary to tokens of appreciation for an exceptionally successful quarter.
  • Group Gifts
    Group gifts are exchanged among colleagues or presented by employees to their employers. These gifts can be a collective offering from the entire organisation or individual presents distributed to multiple recipients.
  • Customised Gifts
    Customised gifts hold a special place as they allow personalisation. They can fall under the category of celebration or group gifts. These gifts exhibit extra care and effort, leaving a lasting impression. Personalising a pen with an employee's name or creating bespoke gift hampers for customers are examples of customised corporate gifts.
  • Promotional Gifts
    Promotional gifts are tangible items that promote your company and often feature your corporate logo or website. In today's web-based culture, these gifts provide a tangible point of contact with your brand, making them essential for marketing efforts. Later in this article, we will delve deeper into the significance of promotional gifts and their role in expanding your business.

Corporate Gifting in India: Top Companies

Corporate gifting has become a lucrative business in India, and several companies have excelled. Let's take a look at the top ten corporate gift companies in India:

  1. Pine & Lime: Pine & Lime focuses on building connections and preserving memories through its unique offerings. Their most popular product, Memory Maps, allows individuals to share significant moments in time and place that cannot be captured through images alone. Klub, a venture capital firm, supported Pine & Lime in its initial financing round.

  2. CS Corporate Gifts: Founded in Mumbai in 2006, CS Corporate Gifts offers an extensive range of gift options from leather, wood, ceramic, and even precious metals. Their collection includes premium bags, drinkware, computer accessories, corporate workwear, and office stationery.

  3. ChocoWishes: ChocoWishes is a boutique chocolaterie specialising in premium handmade chocolates and wholesome baked goods. They prioritise recyclable and eco-friendly packaging. Their range includes chocolates, cookies, and other delectable treats. Handcrafted in small batches, these goodies balance affordability and quality, making them ideal for busy working millennials.

  4. Mattergifts: Mattergifts offers visually appealing gift sets with enticing packaging that tells a beautiful story. Each gift is accompanied by a narrative card, adding a personal touch. These customisable gift sets are reasonably priced and contain items made in-house or sourced from reputable suppliers, ensuring exceptional quality.

  5. Consortium Gifts: With over twenty years of experience, Consortia Gifts provides an exceptional selection of personalised gift items. They carefully curate brands to represent the sentiments of their clients. From clothing to Diwali and Holi gifts, they cater to IT, Engineering, and Hospital industries.

  6. Blissket – Your Go-To for Pleasing Presents: A known name in the corporate gifting arena, Blissket is a lot like the Christmas Santa – they guarantee smiles with every gift they curate. Boasting an expansive portfolio of high-class corporate and promotional presents, Blissket's offerings range from nifty gift sets and stylish coffee mugs to fashionable clothing. When it comes to gift-giving, Blissket has all bases covered.

  7. – The Advising Wizards: Still, trying to decide what to gift? Don't sweat it. has covered you with their online consultation service, a cherry on top of their varied offerings. They're like your friendly gift guidance guru who is only a click away, offering free consultations and quotes. They cater to corporate clients' diverse gifting needs with many products, including personalised printed pens, diaries, office calendars, notebooks, planners, business stationery, and snazzy printed t-shirts.

  8. Swageazy – The Crafty Creatives: Making bespoke gifting ridiculously simple, Swageazy steps up the corporate gifting game. Serving customers across the globe, they're like your personal elf workshop, bringing your vision to life with a selection of unique presents, all handled by a brilliant creative team. Talk about putting the 'easy' in Swageazy!

  9. The Giving Tree – A Conscious Choice: From the heart of Bangalore to your doorstep, The Giving Tree has etched its name in the corporate gifting sphere in India. With a seemingly endless range of presents, they have an online store stocked to the brim, allowing businesses everywhere to pick out the perfect present. Offering a variety of eco-friendly gifts that are kind to your pocket and the planet, The Giving Tree is the gift that keeps giving.

  10. FNP Gifts – The Pioneers of Petal Power: The tradition of gifting flowers blossomed in India thanks to the pioneers, Ferns and Petals (FNP). With a clientele of nearly 500 businesses worldwide, FNP has made its mark on the corporate gifting scene. Need a personalised gift? FNP is ready to cater to your whims and fancies.

Wrapping Up

Worried about what to gift? Don't be. With these companies providing a limitless array of options, gift selection has never been more straightforward. Make your employees and customers beam with your presents and strengthen your bond with them.

FAQs: All About Corporate Gifts

  • What tops the list for best corporate gifts?
    Think about gifts that show your employees and clients they're on your mind. This could include candles, team retreats, personalised artifacts, candy boxes, and gym memberships.
  • How to select corporate gift items in India?
    This article has the lowdown on India's leading corporate gifting companies. It will guide you in shortlisting the perfect gift, enabling you to liaise with the company and strike your deal.
  • What makes the perfect personalised gift?
    This varies from one company to another. But remember, a gift that a company customises will create lasting memories.
  • What are the excellent corporate gifts for employees?
    Think practical and personal – calendars, pen stands, coffee mugs, cabin bags, gym memberships, holiday trips – these are all fantastic options for corporate gifts.
  • Why is corporate gifting essential for businesses?
    Corporate gifting fosters connections between the receiver and the brand or company. It's a remarkable way to cultivate a positive brand image, show employees their value, and build a strong rapport with them. Remember, everyone loves surprises and gifts. So, gifting your staff can yield a positive word of mouth, enhancing your reputation. Strengthen your bond with your colleagues through the powerful gifting tool, attracting potential candidates who value appreciation and rewards.

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