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Cozy up with the Perfect Tableware for Singaporean Meals and Snacks During the Rainy Season

May 4, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

When Singapore's rainy season rolls in, there's nothing quite like snuggling indoors with a warm and satisfying meal. The diverse food culture of Singapore boasts an array of tasty meals and snacks to relish during the wet months. Moreover, the right tableware can genuinely elevate your dining experience. 

Savoury Noodles in Singapore: Perfect for Chilly Weather

Noodles are the ultimate comfort food during the rainy season. Singapore presents a variety of noodle dishes that are just right for those cool, wet days. These are the top choices:


Laksa is a spicy and flavoursome noodle soup that will warm you up on a rainy day. Made with aromatic coconut milk-based broth and rice noodles, this dish is typically served with prawns, fish cake, bean sprouts, and eggs. The dish is then garnished with laksa leaves and sambal chilli paste for an extra punch of heat.

Mee Siam

Mee Siam is a tangy and spicy rice vermicelli dish popular breakfast choice during the rainy season. The dish has a sweet and sour sauce made with tamarind, dried shrimp, and chilli. It is then served with hard-boiled egg, bean sprouts, and lime for a zesty flavour.

Prawn Noodles

Prawn Noodles is a rich and savoury soup made with prawn broth and yellow noodles. The dish is usually served with prawns, pork ribs, fish cake, and bean sprouts. The soup is packed with umami flavour and is perfect for warming you up on a rainy day.

Singapore Rainy Foods and Tableware to Complement Them

In Singapore, the captivating Northeast Monsoon graces the region from December to early March, while the enthralling Southwest Monsoon sweeps in from June to September. When it comes to tableware design for the rainy season, there are two main styles to consider:

Warm and Inviting Designs for Rainy Season

Warm and inviting tableware designs can create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere for your winter meal. Some design elements to consider are:

  • Earthy colours: subdued shades of brown, beige, or grey can evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • Textured surfaces: tableware with tactile surfaces, such as a hammered finish or a ribbed texture, can add depth and richness to your table.
  • Rustic details: tableware with rustic details, such as uneven edges or distressed finishes, can bring a touch of authenticity and charm.

Elegant and Timeless Designs for Rainy

If you want to create a more formal and sophisticated atmosphere for your winter table, consider choosing elegant and timeless designs. Some design elements to consider are:

  • Dark colours: Rich navy, burgundy, or emerald hues can create a luxurious and ageless look.
  • Metallic accents: tableware with gold or silver accents can add glamour and shine to your table.
  • Traditional patterns: classic patterns like floral or damask can create a refined and elegant look.

Tableware Design for a Rainy Season

Enhance your dining experience during the rainy season with the perfect tableware to complement your food. At Table Matters, we offer a wide range of tableware, dinnerware, cutlery, and glassware that are perfect for any occasion. Our ceramic plates and bowls in brown, grey, and blue-green hues are inspired by the natural colours of the rainy season, while our wooden cutlery and glassware complete the cozy and rustic look.

So, as the rain pours down and the temperatures drop, indulge in the delightful flavours of Singapore's rainy season dishes. Pair them with the perfect tableware to elevate your dining experience, making every meal memorable and comforting. With a combination of delicious food and well-designed tableware, you can truly enjoy the best of Singapore's culinary offerings and make the most of the rainy season at home. Avail now!

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