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Custom Printed Corporate Gifts: The Lowdown for Singapore's Business World

Jun 2, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Looking to leave a dazzling impression while bolstering your brand in the Lion City? Say hello to custom-printed corporate gifts! Here's your quick and quirky guide to corporate gifting, where we'll share hot gift ideas, the perks they bring, and best practices for choosing and printing them.

Top Custom Printed Corporate Gift Ideas

  • Printed Apparel: From hip t-shirts to snug hoodies, custom printed apparel makes a gift as practical as a Swiss army knife and stylish as a Singapore Sling cocktail. Pop your logo or design on them with snazzy embroidery or screen printing techniques!
  • Printed Drinkware: Mugs, tumblers, and water bottles always stay in style. Jazz them with direct printing or sublimation techniques, turning each sip into a brand promotion moment.
  • Printed Tech Gadgets: In this digital era, tech gadgets are the new black. USB drives, power banks, and phone accessories adorned with your logo or artwork will keep your brand lit in Singapore's corporate scene!
  • Printed Stationery: Practicality meets panache with notebooks, pens, and desk organisers. Custom printed with your brand, these items make a statement louder than a lion's roar.
  • Printed Bags and Totes: Turn bags and totes into mobile billboards for your brand. Handy and high-visibility, these items are a win-win gift choice.

The Perks of Custom Printed Corporate Gifts

  • Brand Visibility: Custom-printed gifts are like miniature billboards, shining your brand brighter than the Singapore skyline!
  • Professional Image: They scream attention to detail, demonstrating your brand's dedication to creating a cohesive and impressive image.
  • Building Relationships: Gifts are a universal love language. They can help foster stronger bonds with clients and employees, promoting appreciation and loyalty.
  • Organic Promotion: When recipients use your gifts, they become brand ambassadors, drumming up organic marketing and word-of-mouth referrals.

Choosing the Perfect Custom-Printed Corporate Gifts

  • Audience Interests: Consider what your recipients would appreciate. Gifts should strike a chord with their needs and preferences.
  • Quality: Opt for top-notch gifts and sharp, durable printing. Make sure they're in line with your brand's high standards.
  • Budget: Keep your wallet in mind, considering the number of recipients and ensuring you don't sacrifice quality for cost.
  • Lead Time: Some gifts need more production time than others—plan and account for any potential production hiccups.

Best Practices for Custom Printing Corporate Gifts

  • Design: A visually appealing design, aligned with your brand's image, is vital. Strategic logo placement and resonating colours make your gifts pop!
  • Printing Method: Pick a printing method that suits the material and design. The durability and desired aesthetic of the print should guide your choice.
  • Quality Check: Always, always approve samples before mass production. Check the fine details to ensure the final product meets your standards.

Reliable Suppliers for Custom Printed Corporate Gifts

Finding a trustworthy supplier is crucial. Look at reviews, request samples, compare pricing, and assess their customer service. It's like dating - do your homework before you commit!

Intellectual Property Rights: Avoid the legal drama. Stay clear of copyrighted logos or designs without proper permission. Always play it safe!

Custom Printed Corporate Gifts: The Essential Guide

That power of custom-printed corporate gifts. They're not just gifts but crafty ninjas making your company unforgettable. Here's a whistle-stop tour of why these sneaky little marvels are essential and how to use them.

Gift Ideas That Are the Bee's Knees:

  1. Apparel: Who doesn't love a snazzy t-shirt or a snug hoodie with an excellent logo? It's like wearing your fandom on your sleeve. Literally.
  2. Drinkware: Printed mugs, tumblers, and water bottles say, "Take a sip, mate. Remember our brand with every refreshing gulp."
  3. Tech Gadgets: A branded USB drive or a power bank is like a shiny gold nugget in this digital age. Super helpful and a constant reminder of your business.
  4. Stationery: Branded notebooks and pens are never just stationary. They're your brand ambassadors on every office desk.
  5. Bags and Totes: You're not just giving a bag. You're giving a walking billboard. Every trip to the shops turns into a mini-adventure in brand awareness.

Why These Gifts Are Worth Their Weight in Gold:

  • Brand Visibility: Custom-printed gifts are like your company's ID cards. It's like a shout-out for your business whenever someone uses or sees them.
  • Image Boost: These gifts show you've put in the extra elbow grease to present your brand in the best light. That's brownie points for your company's image.
  • Relationship Builder: Corporate gifts are the business equivalent of a bear hug. They say, "We appreciate you," helping to foster goodwill and loyalty.
  • Marketing Maestros: These gifts are like secret agents, silently marketing your brand wherever they go.

Choose Your Gifts Like a Pro:

  • Know Your Audience: Consider what your recipients will like and use. For example, nobody wants a Frisbee if they expect a USB stick.
  • Quality Matters: Ensure your gifts don't look like they've come from a cheap market stall. Good quality gifts equal an excellent image.
  • Budgeting: You're not making a Hollywood blockbuster here. Determine a sensible budget that balances quality and quantity.
  • Timing: Wait to order your gifts two days before you need them. Good things take time, and so does custom printing.

Getting Your Gifts On Point:

  • Design: Make sure your design isn't an eyesore. Your logo and colours should look like they belong together, not like a mismatched pair of socks.
  • Printing Method: Choose the proper printing method for your product. You wouldn't use a hammer to cut a cake, would you?
  • Quality Check: Get a sample before you order in bulk. You don't want 500 mugs that look like a child has drawn your logo.
  • Finding Reliable Suppliers: Like a good detective, do your homework and find trustworthy suppliers that provide high-quality products. Check their credentials, get a sample, and read reviews to ensure safety.
  • Mind the Intellectual Property Rights: Stay out of a legal pickle. If you're using someone else's design, logo, or trademark, ensure you've got the thumbs up from them first. Custom-printed corporate gifts are the secret sauce of corporate branding in Singapore. So choose wisely, print smartly, and let your gifts do the talking. They're your company's friendly foot soldiers marching out into the world, spreading the good word about your brand.

Shop with Table Matters Now!

Brace yourselves, Singaporean gift seekers! Table Matters is revolutionising the corporate gift game. So forget about the gifts as thrilling as a snail race - we're talking hand-crafted, jaw-dropping wonders that will make your clients jump for joy!

  1. Cutlery Sets: Out with the tarnished spoons, in with our jazz-slick cutlery sets. They'll inspire your clients to become the life of the dinner party scene in Singapore.
  2. Serveware: We're about elevating your clients' meals to red-carpet status! Each dish becomes a superstar on our serveware.
  3. Coasters and Placemats: Think beyond simple table protection. Ours are conversation starters, design elements, and furniture allies. Their coffee tables will thank you!
  4. Coffee Sets: Our coffee sets bring French sophistication to their mornings. Perfect for those with a love for the coffee bean!
  5. Dining Sets: Our dining sets are a revolution against everyday meals. Every dinner is transformed into a regal feast!
  6. Kitchen Utensils: Ditch the drab kitchen tools. Our utensils are tickets to a daily culinary carnival!
  7. Wine Glasses: It's well-known that wine tastes better from classy glasses. So, let's toast elegance with our high-end wine glasses!
  8. Jugs & Pitchers: These are the supermodels of drinkware. Who knew hydrating could be so chic?
  9. Cookware & Bakeware: Your clients' kitchens will be elevated to Michelin stars! Every dish becomes a culinary voyage.
  10. Teapots & Sets: For those who cherish tea time, our sets transform it into a luxurious retreat. Just what the doctor ordered!
  11. Cheese Boards & Knives: Cheese connoisseur? We've got the perfect stage for a gourmet masterpiece.

Table Matters is stirring the corporate gifting pot in Singapore, serving up an array of quirky, quality, and downright dazzling gifts. So it's time to bid farewell to dull presents and jazz up your gifting with Table Matters. We deliver gifts and enchanting experiences tied up with a ribbon!

Get in touch, and let's revolutionise your corporate gifting. Table Matters - where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Because when it comes to corporate gifts, we've got style and flair!
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