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This Nine Hand-Painted Tableware Can Be a Great Addition to Your Dining Room

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The best hand-painted tableware is an excellent addition to your dining room; they can make every meal more cheerful and elegant. The hand-painted usually attracts people with its vibrant colors and designs. If you are looking to buy the hand-painted, here we have selected the best nine hand-painted tableware, which can be placed in the kitchen or dining room. Let’s have a look at them!

The Nine Best Hand-Painted Tableware in 2022

 So, let us look at the top 9 hand-painted tableware of 2022. However, the ranking is not as per the quality, and you can buy any one of these as per your requirements. 

1)  Holiday Berry - Hand Painted 9 inch Baking Dish with Handles

Holiday Berry - Hand Painted 9 inch Baking Dish with Handles


Many people are fond of the berries taste. However, the berries are not only delicious, but they look pretty if painted on the tableware. The Holiday Berry collection consists of various tableware items such as bowls, cups, plates, etc., which are made using high-quality ceramics. This baking dish set is one of the top-selling items of the Holiday Berry family. This ceramic baking dish comes with handles, and the paintings will not fade or lose color even at high-temperature cooking. Hence you can enjoy your meal made using premium quality and toxin-free ceramics. 

2) Sunshine Meadows- Hand-Painted Wildflowers 6.88-Inch Scallop Bowl

Do you feel like not eating these days? Yellow wildflowers radiate pure joy and warm vibes naturally on mundane days. This hand-crafted bowl beautifully blends art and function, making every meal more special. Its bright yellow petals and rich green stems are like sunshine on your table, naturally lifting your spirits and boosting your appetite. It's not just a bowl but an invitation to savour your food—a hearty soup, a fresh salad, or a quick snack. Crafted from durable ceramic, it's designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, all while adding a touch of artistic flair. You don’t have to worry about its materials because it is lead and cadmium-free. This dining art piece is also microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe. Whether it's brunch or dinner, this Scallop Bowl brings a touch of nature's splendour, making any occasion feel like an outdoor feast.

3)  Holiday Berry - Hand Painted 550ml Cereal Cup

Holiday Berry - Hand Painted 550ml Cereal Cup

 This is another high-quality product from the Holiday Berry collections. The cup has a capacity of 550 ML, and it is hand-painted with beautiful designs. The berries design on the white background looks stunning, and it is perfect for drinking coffee or tea. The cup is made using the traditional method yet contains durable and high-temperature tolerable qualities. Sipping your favorite beverage in this cup makes you fall in love with nature and this cup. 

4.) Bundle Deal for 4 - Marble Dining 22 PCS Set

The Marble design brings timeless elegance and sophistication to the dining experience. This bundle dining set is the best hand-painted tableware in 2023. The 22-piece dining set consists of four dinner plates, four rice bowls, four soup bowls, four coupe plates, and two oval-shaped plates with four patches placemats in grey and a free tote bag.  This set meets all SGS safety and durability standards so that you can dine peacefully.  Also, the swirls of grey and white mimic the luxurious feel of actual marble, elevating even the simplest of meals into a fine dining affair. This dinnerware enhances your dining experience, making you more present and mindful as you eat. It’s perfect for food preparation, providing a visual feast that subtly boosts your appetite. It is not just a plate but a canvas that turns every meal into a culinary masterpiece. 

5)  Bundle Deal For 2 - Dawnlight Garden 9PCS Dining Set

This dining set brings the freshness and vibrance of nature to your dining hall. These hand-painted ceramic dining items are painted with beautiful flowers and pretty butterflies. The dining set comes with nine pieces, including two coupe plates, two soup bowls, two pasta plates, one oval-shaped plate, and two scallop bowls. The Dawnlight Garden earthenware is made using advanced technology to increase durability and design. You can see the sky blue color on this dining set that resembles spring. The dining set keeps the meal hot, and hence you can enjoy your meal even after a few hours of cooking. 

6)  Poppy Blossom - Hand Painted 9 inch Square Plate with Handles

Poppy Blossom - Hand Painted 9 inch Square Plate with Handles

Poppy Blossom is one of the best hand-painted tableware of Table Matters. Flower admirers love this unique square plate. Every plate of Poppy Blossom is hand-painted, and they ooze with the charm and beauty that is not available anywhere else. If you keep these plates on your dining table, it will give a boost to your mood instantly. The high-quality ceramic plate comes with handles, so you need not worry while serving hot food on this plate. You will get this fantastic eye-catching plate at just twenty dollars. 

7)  Polka Floral - Hand Painted 7 inch Coupe Plate

Polka Floral - Hand Painted 7 inch Coupe Plate

Simple yet beautiful; this is the impression you will get if you see this small and beautiful coupe plate. This coupe plate on your dining table adds extra elegance to the table. The plate is intricately hand-painted with tiny dots and red flowers. The pretty floral combination on the white table matches most dining tables. The blend of traditional hand touch with the latest technology manufacturing is the key to extended shelf life and an elegant look. The exceptional finish on these plates gives extra durability, which is the dream of both the manufacturer and the buyers. 

8)  Apple Harvest - Hand Painted 7 inch Scallop Lace Bowl

Apple Harvest - Hand Painted 7 inch Scallop Lace Bowl

What is the fun if there are no fruits on your dining table? Apple Harvest brings the beautiful lace bowl with hand-painted apples all over the bowl. So, if you are tired of seeing flowers in every dining set, you can try something different like this product. The supreme quality ceramics bowl features the red apples solid blue lines on the white background. The bowl is like all the products listed on this page are lead & cadmium free, and it is entirely safe to eat for all age groups of humans. 

9) Waves of Sophistication: Blue Illusion - Spoon and Serving Spoon

Are you tired of using an ordinary spoon during family dinner? Do you want to make your table setting more visually appealing? Worry no more! Blue Illusion offers you one of the best hand-painted tableware. The Spoon and Serving Spoon are designed with deep blue and delicate patterns that create harmony and give your spoon an ordinary yet attractive appearance. Since they are made of quality porcelain, the spoons are safe to use, resilient, and long-lasting. Experience the fusion of functionality and artistic expression, where every meal becomes a poetic journey!

If you’re considering buying some hand-painted tableware, let me tell you these are top quality and made by professional artists. Also, check out our website for more hand-painted items. They are amazing and all at a good price. If interested, please visit us to purchase it in bulk order!

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