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Distinguishing the Impact and Values of the Tableware in the Dining Experience of Customers in a Cafe

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

Cafes Are Popular In Singapore

The cafe is one of the businesses that are under the Food and Beverage industry. Cafes are well-known places to get coffee, cakes, cookies, and other related coffee beverages. Nowadays, cafes are in demand for business in any city or country - especially in Singapore

A cafe can also be referred to as a coffee shop. It is a business that sells various types of coffee drinks and other beverages, snacks, or simple meals. A cafe typically serves meals that are to be consumed on the premises. 

Technically speaking, a café is a type of restaurant. Cafes prioritize food, whereas coffee shops prioritize coffee. However, in addition to coffee, most cafes also offer pastries, cakes, and other munchies. Additionally, you can relax in a cafe while drinking your preferred coffee. As a result, cafes can be regarded as a setting for social interaction, similar to bars and restaurants.

Traditionally, cafes serve light snacks and simple dishes. It may also offer a large selection of cakes and pastries. A typical ordering procedure in a restaurant involves a customer queuing at the counter for his desired menu. These meals or snacks are frequently prepared long before the customer arrives. 

It is hard running a cafe

Cafes or coffee shops are known to be unprofitable and short-lived in recent years. If you have begun spreading the word that you want to open a cafe or coffee shop, you’ve probably received some eyebrows raised by skeptical friends and family. There is no denying that there are risks to take in starting any business, so, understandably, they would be concerned. However, there are numerous reasons why a cafe or coffee shop is an excellent business, including social, financial, and personal benefits. Hence, if you need more motivation or arguments to give your doubters, keep reading this article. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits that you can get from starting a cafe or coffee shop: 

Coffee never goes out of style 

It is safe to say that coffee’s enormous popularity is here to stay. While certain cafe gimmicks or trends, such as outrageously flavored frappuccinos or nitro cold brew, may come and go, plain old coffee has cemented its place in almost every culture worldwide. As a result, opening a coffee shop is not the same as opening a frozen yogurt shop or bubble tea bar. These new trendy foods may do well at first but will fade away in a year or two as people move on to the next big thing. There will always be a market for your product in the coffee world, something not every business can say. The demand is rising, although coffee shops are opening up more swiftly than ever.

It may be a reliable source of additional income.

The biggest deterrent to opening your own business is the belief that you won't make any money or, worse yet, that you'll go bankrupt. We've all heard tales of cafes that opened and promptly collapsed miserably, but you might be surprised to learn that these businesses are not typical.

Cafes or coffee shops fail only about a small percentage of the time. It may take time before your coffee shop business begins to make money rather than lose money. However, once you’ve stabilized and developed a solid business plan, there’s a good chance you’ll have a good shop. If the cafe is a side business, it can provide extra income to supplement your income, but it can also be your main source of income. Just ensure that you understand what you want to achieve from your new venture before you start it so you can prepare properly.

You can stand out on your own

You may still be concerned about competition in light of coffee’s popularity, which is understandable. However, this allows you to use your ideas and creativity to create a unique shop. Consider what you can bring to the trade that hasn’t been seen before - there are many ways to put your spin on the traditional cafe shop model. Putting your stamp on the shop will capture your customer’s interest and motivate you. When you love your business, the rest will fall into place. Others have added unexpected stylistic elements, such as amazing food on the menu that other cafes don’t have, fantastic tableware that can contribute to the food or coffee presentation, a unique theme that distinguishes them, and so on. 

You have control 

As a coffee shop owner, you have a unique advantage: you have more control than a larger company or business. Assume that you are not making the desired profit. As a business owner or manager, you can use hundreds of strategies to address this issue. You can change the menu, hire a larger or smaller staff, upgrade your tableware, and update your social media profiles, whatever you think will work. If you want to change, there isn't a long order chain to follow. You will be the boss. 

You get to have participated in the coffee industry. 

Cafes or Coffee shops have become known as creative people’s hangouts. There is no shortage of creative energy in a cafe, whether it is writers who spend their days sipping lattes and working on their next novel or artists who sit at booths hunched over their watercolors and iced coffee. You can provide residents with a neutral space to work on projects outside the house or office by opening a cafe in a neighborhood. You will inevitably form relationships with your regular customers and local business owners, and you can further connect by socializing with others in the coffee circles. 

All these benefits mentioned above were considered by the business owners who have already opened a cafe or a coffee shop. Of course, before you build your business, you must first research the benefits you can get. No one wants to have a business without benefits in return.

Aside from the consideration of the benefits you can get. You can also know the things you must consider when opening a cafe or coffee shop. 

Things to consider in starting a Cafe or Coffee Shop

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and open your cafe. It can be a rewarding experience to open a successful coffee shop. Hundred of friends will have interesting conversations as a result of your effort. There will be more sunlight in the mornings and less tension in the afternoons. You will have more power and influence in society than you realize. All you have to do is find a perfect cafe or coffee shop, which is easier said than done. 

The following things that need to be considered can be your guide in opening your cafe and will assist you in getting started. 

Research the coffee business. Before diving into this kind of business, opening a cafe requires a significant investment of time and money. It would be best if you spent time learning what it takes to run a successful cafe. This entails contacting coffee shop owners and learning from their experiences, distinguishing what works and what doesn’t. 

Here’s the fun part. It also entails going to many cafes to get a sense of how you want your business to look. Consider what you will learn from other companies and how you will stand out. You need to discover your customer base. Knowing your customers well will help you plan menu creation, pricing, and everything else. 

You need to know your vision. You undeniably have big plans and a bigger picture in mind for your cafe to get up and running. Make a list of your goals for your cafe and the atmosphere you want to create. 

Begin collecting photos, menus, and design ideas to inspire how your cafe will look, what kind of food you’ll serve, and how you’ll make your customers feel when they walk in the door. Having a clear vision will help you be consistent when picking a name, deciding on the decor, planning the food, selecting the coffee, selecting the tableware, and defining how you’ll interact with customers. 

The best thing to do would be to write a business plan. Starting a business strategy has more value in the process than in the final output. Writing a business plan allows you to understand your local market thoroughly and examine the numbers required to make the business a success. A business plan will guide you through each stage of developing and managing your cafe, serving as a road map for structuring, running, and growing your new venture. 

Your business plan should include a summary of what this cafe stands for and how it plans to differentiate itself. Here are some things you must prioritize your target customers, your team, your marketing strategy, your financial projection, and a lease and location strategy. There’s a lot to consider, but planning for each aspect of your business will help you succeed.

It would be best if you considered choosing the right location. Any cafe's location is essential to its ultimate effectiveness. Before deciding, devote more time to the places you're considering. Take note of the number of people walking around and the amount of parking available. Is the location easy to access? Is there enough foot traffic in the area to support your cafe? What activities does the local community enjoy? Are you near other restaurants or on your small narrow street?

 Keep in mind you’ll be spending a lot of time here, so make sure you truly understand what makes the locals tick. It is also essential to comprehend the specifics of the retail industry. It is also necessary to understand the details of the retail lease, as the terms of this contract will impact your company’s profitability and resell value in the long run. Before you sign anything, you must consult a legal advisor specializing in retail leases. 

Getting Reliable Suppliers

Last but not least, you need to choose the best supplier. Finding the best and most reliable supplier is essential to the success of any business. Ingredients and groceries are usually the main suppliers, depending on the type of cafe you’re opening. You will also need tableware, like, glassware, serveware, cutleries, serving trays, teapots, etc. Begin by making a detailed list of all the supplies you will require. The list may appear overwhelming, but getting down to the details (from pastries to tableware) will ensure you’re ready for anything. 

Considering all the factors stated above, one of the important things to consider is your equipment and the ambiance.

The food and Beverage industry is rapidly expanding worldwide. Like in Singapore, the number of establishments has steadily increased over the years, paving the way for the massive industry to spread like wildfire. 

Given the widespread expansion of restaurants and other food Industries, such as cafes, it is not difficult to see why competition is so fierce in this sector. As a result, to keep customers hooked on your Cafe, you must go the extra mile. The Food and Beverage industry is extremely dynamic, with new restaurant and cafe trends emerging that existing and upcoming Cafes must adapt to survive in the market. 

Every year, numerous Cafe and restaurant trends emerge to keep the entire industry and customers interested. So as a business owner, you need to develop new strategies or ideas to keep your business in line with the trends.

It's almost uncommon these days to come across a consumer-facing business that doesn't have a profile on the photo-sharing platform. Instagram is the world's second most popular social media platform, with billions of monthly active accounts, more than half of which follow brands. Instagram has become an essential tool in any marketer's toolbox as a network that users rely on to research cafes and learn about new products.

Make Your Cafe Instagram Friendly

It can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and cultivate followers as tastes and trends change daily. Instagrammability is a feature that is frequently discussed in the Cafe and service industries. A drink can be delicious but not instagrammable due to its simple presentation. A cafe can be homey and welcoming, but its outdated design may prevent it from being Instagrammable.  

But first, let's take a step back. What does "Instagrammable" mean, and how valuable is it? Let's assess the platform's impact on the specialty beverage industry and how to cultivate an ephemeral yet profoundly impactful instagrammable moment. 

Social media builds brand trust and social proof. When people see a post from a friend or an influencer, they aspire to be like it and are likelier to see that activity as something they want to do. 

Instagrammability is all about creating imagery, whether a mural, a unique menu item, or an overall design aesthetic cafe, that people feel is worthy of sharing with their friends. It speaks to how they see themselves and is eye-catching. 

By prioritizing culture and hospitality, a cafe owner can create a naturally welcoming environment for customers walking the doorstep, creating an experience that customers want to share with their friends. 

Moreover, tracking Instagram's impact on your business cannot be easy. Posting pictures into the void and tracking followers can appear to be a time-consuming task without reward. Nonetheless, investing in your digital community may have tangible, real-world advantages. 

While Instagram appears to have altered cafe culture, it demonstrates a new way of communicating an old concept: people are visiting coffee shops and tea houses not only for a caffeine fix, but also to interact with others in their community.

Beautiful and unexpected visuals compel people to share their experiences with their entire digital tribe, not just a friend or two. An outdoor mural, sculpture, or even an expected paint color could become the perfect photo for passersby before entering a shop. Inside, the walls, ceilings, tables, bar top, chairs, floor equipment, and even the Tableware are all blank canvases for the owners to create their brand of Instagrammability. 

Then there's the fresh food, drinks, and goods served. The tableware used to serve food and beverages would be another way customers feel a connection to the Cafe.

Aside from the aspects mentioned above, here are some tips to give your customers an Instagrammable Experience in your Cafe. 

Good food and coffee aren't the only factors that influence a cafe's success in the age of smartphones and social media. Cafe hopping has become an entire subculture in recent years, and it's not surprising to see people lining up to get into particularly instagrammable cafes these days. 

You may want your customers to focus on the quality of your menu rather than taking pictures for their social media feeds as a cafe owner. Still, another way to look at it is that social media pictures are free advertising for your business. And we think it's a fantastic idea for only a little effort to get people to discover your location online. 

Customers begin to notice a distinct Cafe aesthetic that is causing every Cafe to look the same as more similar places crop up. The same old designs won't do for cafegoers looking for a unique experience or a different atmosphere.

One way interior designers mix things up is by using brightly colored furniture. We're talking yellow, red, and even purple, all of which stand out beautifully when paired with a neutral stone tone. By basing your Cafe on a specific theme or color, you can enhance visual recognition and create a sense of uniqueness to your aesthetics. 

Furthermore, you may have heard that all-natural light is the best way to go, but artificial lights, such as neon lights and downlights, can also be used during the day to create attractive backdrops and set your Cafe apart from the competition.

Aside from the beautiful plates of food and lovingly crafted latte foam art, your customers will want a place to take photos with their friends and family to remember the occasion. If you have a waiting area outside your Cafe, this could be an excellent opportunity to create a simple photoshoot space that will also help your brand. 

As mentioned above, equipment is another important thing to consider in your Cafe. A good ambiance can capture customers' attention, but Tableware is a more efficient tool to make an impression and win customers' loyalty. 

The finishing touch on any meal is plating it up, and choosing the right Tableware is the finishing touch on your Cafe's design.

One of the most important decisions for the cafe owner is selecting a tableware collection. Various appropriate designs and versatile pieces that fit your space's style are some factors to consider, so choose the best materials. 

The primary goal will always be to improve the customer experience, but providing hygiene and safety and ensuring the durability of Tableware items are important for good space management. 

Tableware are part of every food and beverage industry. These items are essential to the dining table of every Cafe because they are the first thing the customer observes when the coffee and bread are served on the table. Tablewares are one of the most important key elements of a cafe. 

As people have redefined hospitality, the dining experience is no longer about feeding your customers. It is all about making them feel comfy and welcome in every way. It implies that the dining experience is now a truly immersive and notable aspect of every customer's and owner's life. 

It is important to give every customer a good dining experience because the happier guests are, the more likely they are to spend more, return, share their positive experiences and recommend your Cafe to friends, family, and strangers online. It's important not to frustrate customers at a cafe's convenience. A strong and successful cafe is built on an excellent customer experience. It is what distinguishes you from your competitors and motivates customer loyalty. 

Going above and beyond to provide a superior customer experience can differentiate you, especially in a cafe setting. In most cases, a customer visits a cafe for convenience and indulgence. 

Due to the number of Cafes emerging today, delighting customers and making the cafe experience memorable for them is every Cafe owner's strategy for surviving in this competitive f industry. Often, the little things are remembered by guests more than the coffee they drink and the pastries they eat in your Cafe. Serving them well-crafted and uniquely designed Tableware could result in a loyal customers. 

Table Matters is a good place to invest when it comes to Tableware. It guarantees you that their products are good to use in your Cafe. Moreover, Table Matters produces each product from good and durable materials. The unique design of Tableware, like flatware, serveware, and drinkware or glassware, is essential to your Cafe. It ensures that each product will give an impression to your guest.

Buying useful and guaranteed products that perfectly match your Cafe decoration is an Investment. Why? Because these are undeniably important items you need as you set up each table in your Cafe. These can be used as marketing tools to promote your business and make your clients return.

These are the values reflected on your Tableware. 

Your Cafe may not be solely focused on food. What values attract your consumer and keep them returning?

Ethical Production 

If you source ethically farmed produce, you can reflect this in your choice of Tableware. Some tableware shops, like Tablematters, have many interesting, ethically sourced homewares. 


Cook with produce that isn't harmful to the environment, and choose Tableware that will last. You may substitute wooden objects for plastic ones or linen napkins for paper towels. 

Several biodegradable choices are available today so that you may extend your selection of sustainable cutlery to your take-out menu. Since ecological options are growing in popularity, you can get extremely lovely goods like Table Matter's exquisitely designed dishes or plantable meals. 


Why not source your tableware like you source your vegetables and fruits from the neighborhood farmer's market? Discover the creators of the design you like, and see if you can order a set from them. Since most local artists work alone and by hand, this can be costly and time-consuming. 

Start with ordering statements pieces like teapots, big platters, or even serving spoons if the cost is too high— and move forward. Consider collaborating with a few other local creatives. 

You are more likely to obtain tableware you truly adore that fits your style if you work one-on-one with a local professional familiar with your Cafe, your patrons, and your taste. 

After mastering the traditional table setting, you can add your personal touches. Many cafes do not use place settings and instead place wrapped Tableware at each set. While this is convenient, it lacks the visual impact of a beautifully set table. It is entirely up to you to decide what kind of experience you want to provide for your guests or customers.

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