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Eco-Friendly Tableware for a Sustainable Dining Table

Nov 22, 2021 Jasmine Han
Eco-friendly Tableware

When we are setting our dining table, we never stop to look at what our plates, cutleries and cups are made off. It is crucial for your health to use eco-friendly tableware. Our tableware is made from ethical materials to ensure that there are no toxic chemicals in our tableware and are SGS certified to be microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Our tableware is certified and do not contain lead or cadmium toxic elements which make it perfectly safe to use for eating. 

We have already produced a guide on how to tell is your tableware microwave safe. 

On top of being SGS-certified as safe for use for eating, we have some eco-friendly products that will help us play a part in saving mother earth.

Stainless Steel Straw Set
  • Carry your own straw set out so that you can enjoy your bubble tea or your ice coffee from Starbucks. Reuse and reduce plastic usage while being stylish. 


Tango Cutlery Set
  • As we enter the endemic phase and restaurants are welcoming 5 people per table again, we can be extra careful and safe by bringing our own cutlery set out when we are dining out. 


Seagrass Placemats
  • Check out our latest Seagrass placemats which are made from 100% farmed materials that are eco-friendly for the environment. All our Seagrass materials are from local farms in Vietnam
    • Truc Ninh District
    • Nam Dinh Province
    • Thanh Hoa Province


Our Seagrass collection are 100% recyclable. So, we can reduce plastic usage by buying the Seagrass collection. We also have vegan leather placemats made with eco-friendly materials. You will be amazed by knowing some of the benefits of vegan leather placemats. These placemats can easily be used to place your plates, glassware, pots, and utensil to protect your dining table from food stains, watermarks, and heat damage.

Shop this items now in-store at our store at Parkway Parade or Online.

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