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Elevating Business Ties with a Squeeze: The Role of Hand Sanitiser as a Corporate Gift in Singapore

Jun 6, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines


Are you racking your brains to develop a thoughtful corporate gift that resonates with clients and employees? Look no further than the humble hand sanitiser. Yes, you heard it right! Hand sanitiser as a corporate gift is a perfect blend of practicality and mindfulness in a world increasingly driven by hygiene-conscious choices. It may seem unconventional, but its benefits are manifold. Not only does it demonstrate your commitment towards well-being, but it also positions your brand as a socially responsible entity. So let's delve into how a simple sanitiser can guarantee clean palms and solid partnerships in the corporate landscape of Singapore.

Cracking Open Hand Sanitisers

Hand sanitisers: Unraveling the mystery

Hand sanitisers, your faithful companions in a germ-ridden world, are designed to destroy microorganisms on your hands. They come as gels, foams, and sprays and can be either alcohol-based or non-alcohol-based.

The Significance of Hand Hygiene

With increasing health concerns, hand hygiene has leapt from a personal to a public necessity. Maintaining clean hands has become as important as wearing a sharp suit, particularly in bustling business environments like offices, trade shows, and corporate events.

Meet the Sanitiser Squad

There are two main kinds of hand sanitisers: Alcohol-based and non-alcohol-based. The former, which typically contains 60%-95% alcohol, work by disassembling the proteins in germs and are the sanitation superheroes in the hand cleanliness world. The latter, however, are milder and use ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride or triclosan, making them the ideal choice for those with alcohol sensitivities.

The Magic of Hand Sanitisers as Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Why sanitiser is the corporate gift you never knew you needed

Hand sanitisers may be one of many things that come to mind when considering corporate gifts. However, their practicality and current relevance make them an excellent choice. They're the superhero every employee needs on their desk, and every client appreciates in their bag, making your company the saviour in the fight against germs.

The Benefits of 'Sanitised' Corporate Relations

  • Fostering a healthy work environment: By gifting hand sanitisers, you're taking a concrete step towards a healthier workspace. It's the equivalent of giving your employees and clients an invisibility cloak against germs.
  • Enhancing your brand's charm: You can customise sanitiser bottles with your logo, transforming them into brand ambassadors. They'll leave a lasting impression, acting as miniature billboards in pockets and purses.
  • Boosting morale and fostering teamwork: A hand sanitiser gift is more than a token. It symbolises shared responsibility and cares for well-being, fostering unity and enhancing productivity.

Choosing the Right-Hand Sanitiser as a Corporate Gift in Singapore

Aspects to mull over when choosing hand sanitisers

The secret ingredients: Ensure that the hand sanitiser has the recommended percentage of alcohol or effective active ingredients. After all, you're not just gifting a bottle; you're gifting protection.

  • The look: Remember, your gift reflects your brand. Choose a packaging that aligns with your aesthetic, and explore customisation options for a personal touch.
  • The size: From pocket-sized bottles for your always-on-the-go clients to larger ones for office use, the size of the hand sanitiser matters. Choose wisely based on the recipient's needs.
  • Customisation: Your corporate branding playground
    Hand sanitisers offer an ideal surface for corporate branding. You can customise labels, caps, or bottles with your logo and messages, turning each sanitiser squeeze into a brand awareness push.

Quality assurance

Ensure your hand sanitiser gifts comply with industry regulations and standards. Opt for products that meet health authorities' guidelines, like the World Health Organization (WHO) or local Singaporean health boards. It's a small step that goes a long way in guaranteeing the quality of your gift.

So, there you have it. Embrace the power of hand sanitisers as a corporate gift in Singapore and forge healthier, more robust business relationships. Remember, the next big deal is a sanitiser squeeze away!

Sanitise Your Brand: Novel Ways to Promote with Hand Sanitisers as Corporate Gifts

  • Bundling Sanitisers with Chic Cutlery Sets
    Would you ever receive a sanitiser alongside a stunning Table Matters cutlery set? That's the beauty of it – unexpected, yet functional. It's not just about dining in style; it's about doing it healthily. A gift set like this screams practicality with a generous dose of sophistication.
  • Your Message on a Bottle
    There's nothing like a personalised gift to show appreciation. A hand sanitiser bottle with a custom label is not just a bottle anymore – it's a token of affection. A heartfelt "Thank You" or a motivational quote can elevate these bottles from a hygiene necessity to a memorable keepsake.
  • Packaging that Wows!
    An impressive gift needs equally impressive packaging. Imagine a beautifully crafted gift box housing your sanitiser-cum-cutlery set. If your company is eco-conscious, opt for green packaging. It's more than just a gift; it's your company's pledge to the planet!

Sanitisers as Walking Billboards

Remember to consider the marketing potential of these little bottles. Branded sanitisers are your portable billboards, spreading your company's message with every squirt. Used in offices or at corporate events, they silently shout about your brand, making sanitising a subtly branded experience.

Sanitise and Socialise at Corporate Events

Trade shows and corporate events are the ideal stages for your sanitiser gifts. Hand them out and watch them do the magic. You're not just promoting cleanliness; you're also subtly promoting your business with every palm that rubs your branded sanitiser.

Educate and Sanitise

While gifting sanitisers, take it up a notch by educating employees on hygiene best practices. Remind them that sanitisers are the trusty sidekicks to the superhero soap and water. Make sanitising stations a common sight, almost like water coolers where employees can have sanitising chats!

Sanitisers in Wellness Programs

Hand sanitisers can be more than just an item in your wellness program; they can be the mascot! Emphasise the importance of cleanliness and health with sanitisers taking centre stage in training sessions and workshops.

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Ready to bring the house down with your corporate gifting in Singapore? Table Matters have you covered. Our diverse range caters to every taste, making each gift a testament to your appreciation and thoughtfulness. So, it's time to take a bow with Table Matters.

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