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Father's Day Special - Talk Booze with our Founder, Brien Chua

Jun 18, 2021 Jasmine Han

As a father's day special, we would like to share some of our Founder, Brien Chua's favourite drinks to unwind after a long day at work with family and friends. Brien has his favourite drink for different occasions.

The go-to-drink for after work unwinding : Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager

(Pure Blonde Beer in the TAIKYU Gold Luster Beer Glass)

Beer is good to unwind after a long day at work yet light enough to spend quality with the family and not have an hangover for work the next day.

"The Pure Blonde Beer is hands down my favorite Beer choice that is also ultra low in carbs. Light and crisp serve in the Gold Luster Beer Glass. Perfect."

(Fun fact: Brien loves his beer with ice and only drinks low carb beers)

The go-to-drink for a date night with the wife : Malbec Du Clos 2017

(Malbec Du Clos 2017 in the TSUCHI Wine Glass)

The perfect drink for a date night with the wife, especially when paired with good food. The full stomach and some good full glasses of red wine that will give a perfect sleepy buzz.

"One of my go to wine is this 2017 Malbec Du Clos from South-west France. Pair with the beautiful Blue Tsuchi Wine Glass. I really love the smooth fruity notes from this wine."

The go-to-drink for a sunday brunch with friends : Mermaid Gin

(Mermaid Gin in the TAIKYU Bark Textured Drinking Glass)

The Mermaid Gin is smooth yet complex blend with fresh organic lemon zest taste. The smooth taste makes it perfect for our Sunday brunch with friends and family.

"My wife introduced this hand-crafted Mermaid Gin to me. She's a Gin lover and I obviously got influenced. Served in the Bark Drinking Glass top with cinnamon stick. Simple and enjoyable."

The go-to-drink for a dinner party : Glenlivet 18 Single Malt Whiskey

(Glenlivet 18 in the TAIKYU Cube Rocking Whiskey Glass)

The classic whiskey from Glenlivet that is most awarded for the brand. It is smooth and perfectly aged in. Perfect for a dinner party or at the bar. 

"On days where I need to loosen up, I love to have my Glenlivet 18 Year Old Batch Whiskey. Served on the rock in the Cube Whiskey Glass. Oh, and some bar bites."

The go-to-drink for every other occasion : Kewery Distillery Negroni 

(Kewery Distillery Negroni in the TAIKYU Iceberg Drinking Glass)

A mixture of Gin, sweet vermouth and Campari. The Negroni has a 100 year old history which many people in Singapore do not know about.  

"Got introduced to this lovely Kewery Distillery Negroni by a friend of mine. I fell in love. Serve in the Iceberg Drinking Glass on itself. Old school but nice."

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