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Get Ready, Singapore, Chinese New Year's Business Gifts are Coming to Town!

Jun 5, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

As the dazzling fireworks of the Chinese New Year fill the Singapore skyline, businesses have a golden chance to ride this joyous wave and solidify their bonds with clients and staff. As a result, Chinese New Year corporate gifting has grown into quite the fashionable tradition in Lion City, serving as the perfect medium for expressing appreciation and kindling positivity. 

Chinese New Year in Singapore: A Multicultural Masterpiece

  • A Glimpse into the Heart of Chinese Traditions
    Tagged as the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year is a beacon of tradition in Chinese culture. Singapore, a colourful cultural salad bowl, embraces this festival with open arms, celebrating the onset of the lunar calendar amidst family get-togethers, lip-smacking feasts, and ancestral homage.
  • Unwrapping Chinese New Year Symbolism and Customs
    The Chinese New Year is a treasure trove of symbolism and customs promising good luck and prosperity. Red, the poster child of good fortune, is everywhere, and you'll find lanterns and paper cuttings acting as bouncers against evil spirits. Then, of course, the festivities are complete with roaring lion and dragon dances, exploding firecrackers, and exchanging good wishes.
  • Gifts: The Unsung Heroes of Chinese New Year Celebrations
    Gifts are the secret sauce in the Chinese New Year celebrations recipe, carrying blessings, respect, and good vibes. They're not just gifts but bridges that connect people and businesses, fostering mutual prosperity. Singapore has welcomed this practice openly, mirroring its respect and thankfulness.

Perks of Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts

  • Business Bonds: Now Stronger Than Ever
    These gifts offer a fantastic way for businesses to pump up their relations with clients, partners, and staff. They're not just objects but heartfelt 'thank you' notes that encourage lasting professional connections.
  • A Pat on the Back for Clients and Employees
    Presenting corporate gifts during the Chinese New Year is a beautiful way to salute clients and employees for their tireless dedication. In addition, they signal a company's value for relationships and its concern for its people's welfare.
  • Stepping Up the Brand Game
    These gifts are not just presented. They're branding billboards. With company logos or names etched on them, they are potent tools for enhancing brand visibility. Every time a recipient uses these gifts, it sparks a warm, fuzzy feeling associated with the brand, strengthening its recall.
  • Making a Positive Splash
    The correct Chinese New Year corporate gifts can create an upbeat vibe and spread goodwill. A well-chosen gift tells the recipient, 'Hey, we care!' This can increase customer loyalty, word-of-mouth praise, and an enviable business reputation.

Classic Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts

  1. Ang Pows: Red Packets of Joy
    Ang Pows, or red packets, are the classic go-to gifts for the Chinese New Year. They're not just envelopes but carriers of financial blessings given to kids, relatives, employees, and clients. These fiery red symbols of luck and prosperity epitomise Chinese New Year corporate gifts in Singapore.
  2. Tangerines and Oranges: The Vitamin C of Prosperity!
    Nothing screams Chinese New Year like mandarin oranges and tangerines, a classic Singaporean gift choice. They're the 'apple' of the eye during this period and symbolise luck, abundance, and 'fruitful' prosperity. It's like wishing someone a 'zesty' year ahead!
  3. Tasty Traditional Treats
    Then we have traditional Chinese New Year munchies like pineapple tarts, almond cookies, love letters (no, not the romantic kind, but crunchy wafer rolls), and kueh bangkit (tapioca cookies). They're the perfect gifts to satisfy your clients' or employees' sweet tooth. It's like saying, 'Have a sweet year, mate!'
  4. Tea and Tea Sets: A Classy Affair
    Tea is the 'queen' in Chinese culture, signifying harmony, respect, and tranquillity. So, why not gift premium tea or elegant tea sets? It's like saying, 'Here's to a peaceful year full of 'tearrific' success!'

Funky, Modern Chinese New Year Corporate Gifts

  1. Bespoke Corporate Hampers
    Customised corporate hampers have become quite the rage in modern Singapore. They're like a magical box full of surprises, boasting an array of items like gourmet snacks, wines, skincare goodies, and more. The sky's the limit for personalisation, letting businesses flex their creative muscles and produce an unforgettable, brand-stamped gift.
  2. Home Decor and Feng Shui Beauties
    For those who fancy a modern twist, home décor items and feng shui gifts are becoming increasingly popular. Fancy a wealth vase, fortune cat, or a lantern to deck up the house? Or perhaps a traditional Chinese character wall hanging to bless the space? These gifts don't just add sparkle to homes; they bring positivity and blessings.
  3. Tech-Tastic Gifts
    What's more practical than tech accessories as gifts in our high-tech era? Power banks, Bluetooth speakers, wireless chargers, chic phone cases - you name it. Jazz them up with the company logo, and voila, a perfect blend of utility and brand promotion!
  4. Gifts for the Self-Care Saints
    In today's wellness-focused world, gifts that encourage relaxation, mindfulness, and self-care hit the right notes. Spa vouchers, aromatherapy sets, wellness hampers, fitness gear - these gifts scream, 'We care about you. Now take a break!'

Choosing the Perfect Gifts: What to Bear in Mind

Picking the right Chinese New Year corporate gifts can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Here's a crash course in making the process less painful:

  • Cultural Relevance: Align the gifts with Chinese New Year traditions and symbolism.
  • Quality and Utility: Ensure the gifts are top-notch and cater to the recipient's needs or hobbies.
  • Branding: Subtly incorporate the company logo or name onto the gifts.
  • Presentation: Make sure the packaging is as eye-catching as a peacock!
  • Budget: Decide on a budget that mirrors the company's resources and the value of the relationship with the recipient.

Adding a Personal Touch: Customisation Tips

Personalising Chinese New Year corporate gifts is a surefire way to ensure they're treasured. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Brand it: Stamp the gifts with your company logo, name, or slogan.
  • Get personal: Add the recipient's name or initials to each gift.
  • Package it right: Go for unique packaging that represents your brand.
  • Say it with words: Tuck in a personalised greeting or message of appreciation.

A thoughtful Chinese New Year corporate gift is like a hug in a box. By choosing presents that respect the festival's spirit and the recipient's preferences, businesses in Singapore can strengthen bonds and spread joy in this auspicious period. Now, let's get shopping, shall we?

Take a Bow, Table Matters: Corporate Gifting with a Twist!

  1. Fancy Cutlery Sets: More Dazzling Than A Disco Ball
    Table Matters' cutlery sets are the epitome of dining finesse. Crafted with an attention to detail that would make a neurosurgeon jealous. Imagine gifting your clients or staff the culinary equivalent of a royal wave.
  2. Posh Dining Sets: Soup-er Swanky
    Our dining sets are the crème de la crème of table settings. Everything from plates doubling as UFOs to serving bowls that could moonlight as crowns. It's our way of saying, "Thanks for being fabulous."
  3. Elite Glassware: Where Toasts Take Centre Stage
    Next up is our glassware, the crown jewels of any bar. Whether your client prefers an aged whisky or a refreshing G&T, these glasses add glamour to every gulp.
  4. Serve Ware Extravaganza: Because Your Food Deserves A Grand Entrance
    Then there's our serve ware, the Beyoncé of the dining world. These aren't just serving dishes; they're a fine dining experience at home—the perfect gift for anyone who sees meal times as a grand banquet rather than a quick bite.
  5. Chic Coasters and Placemats: Your Tables' New Outfit
    Wave goodbye to dreary drips. Our coasters and placemats fuse functionality with fashion. It's like gifting your clients a superhero to guard their tables.
  6. High-End Bakeware and Cookware: Unleash Your Inner Chef
    Channel your inner Heston Blumenthal with our fantastic range of bakeware and cookware. These aren't just pots and pans; they're a Michelin-starred meal waiting to happen.
  7. Trendy Kitchen Utensils: The Magic Wand of Meal Times
    Our kitchen utensils are the Harry Potter of the cooking world. Comfortable, durable, and ever so stylish. Ideal for those who see cooking as a Picasso-esque work of art.
  8. Cheeseboards Galore: Say Cheese, And We're Not Talking Photos
    Finally, our cheeseboards, the red carpet of the dairy world. An essential gift for anyone who sees cheese as a way of life, not just a topping for their toast.

Just the Beginning: The Wonderland That Is Table Matters

That's just a sneak peek of Table Matters' offerings. Next, dive into their website to uncover a treasure trove of placemats, bar accessories, kitchen gizmos, and more. Your perfect corporate gift from Singapore is just a mouse click away.

Here's to making gifting fun, funny, and fabulous! Table Matters: where details aren't just details; they're the main event. We may be based in Singapore, but our sense of style knows no borders!

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