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Getting To Grips With Corporate Travel Bags

Jun 27, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Unzipping the Concept and Intent of Corporate Travel Bags

We all know that the business world and travel go hand in hand, like fish and chips, or in this case, chilli crab and mantou. Corporate travel bags make excellent gifts for employees, clients, and business mates in Singapore's fast-paced setting. Available in all shapes and sizes – from snazzy laptop backpacks to sturdy duffel bags, these gifts are the reliable, stylish sidekick for their globetrotting adventures. They are handy and a way to show gratitude, foster ties, and boost brand exposure.

The Soaring Popularity of Travel Bag Gifts

Corporate travel bag gifts are becoming hotter than a bowl of Laksa recently. As the number of jet-setting professionals grows, the need for durable, attractive, high-quality travel bags soars. Companies across Singapore have caught on to this trend, appreciating the worth of these practical yet chic travel buddies. Hence, the travel bag gifting trend is on an upward trajectory.

Perks of Corporate Travel Bag Gifts

  1. Convenience and Utility for the Recipient
    The primary allure of corporate travel bags lies in their utility and convenience. They are a traveller's best friend, providing roomy storage, nifty compartments, and features to make journeys smoother. It's like handing over a magic wand that turns chaotic journeys into organised adventures.
  2. Boosting Brand Recognition on the Move
    As much as a satay skewer is incomplete without its peanut sauce, a travel bag gift without your brand is a missed opportunity. These bags with subtle branding elements transform into moving billboards, attracting eyeballs and potential clients wherever they go. Be it Changi Airport or a business conference in Marina Bay Sands. These bags spread the word about your brand without even trying.
  3. Solidifying Business Bonds
    Corporate travel bag gifts are instrumental in reinforcing business relationships. When companies give helpful and considerate gifts like travel bags, they send a strong message of care and commitment, fostering loyalty and a lasting positive impression.

Choices of Travel Bags for Corporate Gifting

  • Carry-On Luggage Bags
    Imagine gifting a reliable companion for those who wish to travel light or evade the dreaded baggage claim carousel. Carry-on luggage bags make the perfect gift for frequent flyers with ample space, multiple compartments, built-in chargers, and durable materials.

  • Laptop Backpacks and Briefcases
    Laptop backpacks and briefcases answer professionals' prayers who need to transport their tech gear seamlessly. With specialised sections to safeguard electronic gadgets and extra pockets for essentials, they bridge the gap between work and wanderlust.

  • Duffel Bags and Weekend Getaway Bags
    Perfect for a quick weekend trip to Sentosa or an overnight stay, duffel bags and weekend getaway bags offer versatility and convenience. Lightweight and roomy, they are just as good for a quick getaway as for a gym trip.

  • Travel Toiletry Bags and Organisers
    Travel toiletry bags and organisers are a godsend for those who treasure organisation and hassle-free travel. Their multiple compartments, transparent pouches, and hanging hooks make it a breeze to access toiletries and cosmetics. They fit snugly in more oversized luggage or can be carried separately for effortless access during security checks.

Handpicking the Ideal Corporate Travel Bag Gift

  • Getting to Know the Recipients' Requirements and Taste
    When choosing corporate travel bag gifts, it's essential to understand the recipients' needs and preferences. Consider their travel frequency, destinations, and personal style. By doing so, businesses can ensure the chosen gift aligns with the recipient's tastes and expectations.
  • Quality and Longevity of Travel Bags
    Going for travel bags that boast high quality and durability is essential. A bag made from robust materials with reinforced stitching reflects well on your brand and ensures that your gift remains a trusted travel buddy for years.
  • Size and Capacity Decisions
    Consider the recipient's travel needs when selecting the appropriate bag size. Smaller bags might be perfect for overnight trips, while larger bags can cater to extended travel.
  • Design that Complements Your Brand
    The travel bag's design should align with the company's branding. Incorporating brand colours and logos tastefully ensures the bag represents the brand while maintaining an appealing look.

Customising Travel Bag Gifts

  • Strategic Placement of Logo and Branding
    A strategic logo and branding placement on travel bags can work wonders for brand visibility. The logo should be noticeable but manageable, balancing brand representation and aesthetic appeal.
  • Personalisation with Embroidery
    Adding a touch of personalisation like initials, names, or unique designs to the bags elevates the gifting experience. This gesture creates a sense of ownership and connection, enhancing the perceived value of the gift.
  • Colour and Material Customisation
    Selecting colours that echo the brand's palette and materials and prioritising durability can make your corporate travel bag gifts stand out.

Upping the Game with Travel Bag Corporate Gifts

  • Tech-Friendly Features
    Integrating tech-friendly features like USB charging ports or RFID-blocking pockets caters to the needs of tech-savvy travellers, adding to the bag's appeal.
  • Safety and Anti-Theft Features
    Incorporating security features such as hidden pockets or locking mechanisms conveys a company's concern for their employees' and clients' safety and well-being.
  • Organisation and Storage Solutions
    Including multiple compartments, zippered pockets, or removable dividers makes it easier for travellers to keep their belongings organised, reducing the stress of chaotic packing.
  • Additional Travel Accessories
    Adding in little extras like luggage tags, travel-sized toiletries, or portable chargers takes the value of travel bag corporate gifts up a notch. Recipients appreciate these practical add-ons and enhance their travel experience.

Inspirational Stories: Riding High with Travel Bag Corporate Gifts

Luggage Outlet: Making Work Life Easier and Happier

Luggage Outlet embarked on a journey, enhancing employee productivity and joy by presenting travel bag corporate gifts. With nifty laptop backpacks carrying their logo, the employees found their nomadic work life a breeze. The bags' easy-on-the-back design, tech pockets and organisation options garnered rave reviews, painting broad smiles on employees' faces while stoking productivity fires.

Samsonite Singapore: Gifts That Open Doors

Samsonite Singapore seized the potential of travel bag corporate gifts to fortify business relationships. Their approach was to gift high-end duffel bags, each emblazoned with the client's initials, during a business meeting. The bags were practical and stylish and a mark of personal touch. The strategy paid dividends with clients, building stronger business ties and enticing repeat business.

Herschel: A Gift That Keeps on Giving

Herschel turned travel bag corporate gifts into a branding powerhouse. The company created an army of brand ambassadors by distributing stylish carry-on luggage, complete with its logo, to employees and clients at a corporate retreat. The result? Free advertising through word-of-mouth, and every airport terminal became a mini billboard.

Perfect Timing: Occasions to Give Travel Bag Corporate Gifts

  • Celebrations and Rewards for Employees
    When an employee outshines others or celebrates a work anniversary, travel bag corporate gifts can be the icing on the cake. More than a token of appreciation, it's a handy gift that tags along in their journeys.
  • Saying Thanks to Clients
    Travel bag corporate gifts are a thoughtful gesture when it's time to thank clients. The bags are practical, stylish and a constant reminder of the company's gratitude.
  • Toasting to Business Milestones
    A business anniversary isn't just about balloons and cake. Gifting travel bags adorned with the company's anniversary logo adds a special touch to the occasion while offering a cherished memento.
  • Win Hearts at Conferences and Events
    Travel bag corporate gifts can leave an indelible mark on attendees' minds. They're practical, roomy for event materials, and a constant reminder of the gathering.

Tailored Gifting: Corporate Travel Bags for Different Industries

  • Tech Titans
    Tech companies can offer travel bag corporate gifts that mirror the needs of tech professionals. A laptop backpack with built-in charging ports or TSA-approved laptop compartments could be a tech geek's dream.
  • Travel and Hospitality Whizzes
    Branded carry-on luggage or travel toiletry bags make perfect corporate gifts in the hospitality sector. They add a dash of luxury and convenience, elevating the travel experience.
  • The Fashion Forward
    In fashion, travel bag corporate gifts reflect the brand's style and elegance. Duffel or weekend getaway bags are made from superior materials, boasting trendy designs, and gel with the industry's chic vibe.
  • Financial Maestros
    For the finance and banking industry, secure laptop backpacks or briefcases make ideal travel bag corporate gifts. These gifts resonate with the industry's emphasis on safety and professionalism.

The Art of Giving: Presenting and Packaging Travel Bag Corporate Gifts

  • Gift Wrapping Extravaganza
    For that wow factor, gift wrapping and presentation ideas can be explored. Custom gift boxes, branded ribbons, or personalised tags can amplify elegance.
  • The Personal Touch
    Adding personalised messages or notes to the travel bag corporate gifts can make recipients feel extra special. These handwritten notes can express gratitude, highlight their importance, or even extend wishes for future travels.
  • Timing is Everything
    Choose the right moment and manner to present the corporate gifts. Be it during team gatherings, recognition events, or client meetings, and thoughtful presentations can make the gift unforgettable.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Travel bag corporate gifts can revolutionise corporate gifting practices. Choose the right bag, pair it with a heartfelt note, and present it enthusiastically! You've created a memorable gift that strengthens relationships.

Remember, quality, functionality and customisation that align with recipients' preferences and brand image should be your guiding lights while selecting a corporate travel bag gift. With this, you'll be gifting a handy travel accessory and a token of appreciation and goodwill.

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