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How to Choose a Cutlery Set

Oct 31, 2022 Hiperlogy Singapore

The cutlery set that you use at home is indeed a very important part of your dining experiences. As one would very rarely make cutlery a repeated purchase, it is important to find a good quality set.

There are many different options to consider in the market when you go shopping for cutlery sets. Try to find one that suits your needs as well as your budget. You know your lifestyle and home life best so you are the best judge to select the cutlery set for yourself.

The article below gives some tips to guide you as you try to select the right cutlery set for your home.


The manner in which you intend to use the cutlery set is one of the most important things to remember as you look for options. If you want one for daily, rough use, there is no point in looking for premium cutlery sets. Simple sets will require less care which will certainly make your life easier too. As wear and tear is inevitable you will be able to guiltlessly replace a cheaper set after repeated use.



There are several materials which are used to make cutlery sets. Stainless steel is the cheapest and most common material used to manufacture cutlery sets. You will find these in many stores. They are cheap and come in many different styles so you can own several sets, depending on your requirements.

If you are looking for a more premium set, you can opt for cutlery made using silver plate. Of course, these are more expensive but they make perfect accessories for elegant dining table settings. Paired with the right dinnerware, silver plated cutlery will give a refined touch to your social gatherings. Dining will indeed become a great pleasure when you have the right accessories on the table. So be sure to choose well!

Sterling silver cutlery is an exquisite choice. Of course one needs to set apart a significant budget to invest in a sterling silver cutlery set! But once you do make the investment, you will be rewarded with a lifetime of delightfully charming dining experiences. If you host elegant dinner parties regularly, making this investment will not be a bad idea. You will be able to pass it down as an heirloom to your children too as they will last for a very long time. Sterling silver cutlery will become a treasured possession in your family and you will not regret making that investment.




As it was mentioned earlier, stainless steel cutlery is the cheapest option in the market. You will be able to use them everyday for a very long time as they are quite durable. There are two grades of stainless steel, 18/0 and 18/10. If you are looking for a set which looks better and is stronger, choose the 18/10 grade.

The next best option for those who are looking for savings is the silver plated cutlery set. Silver cutlery is considered to be exceptionally beautiful so if you have the funds, do go for one. You will be able to buy a silver plated cutlery set of 56 pieces for about $3500.

A sterling silver cutlery set, as you can guess, will cost you quite a lot of money. A 56 pieces set of sterling silver cutlery will generally average at $25,000. Of course, you will be able to use this set for the rest of your life and pass it down to your children too so the investment is well worth it!


You need to make sure that you maintain the cutlery sets that you own diligently. While most people think a silver cutlery set will require more TLC, they are actually quite robust! Polish your silver cutlery once in three months. After using the cutlery, be sure to hand wash them and wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Additional tips



There are several key points to keep in mind when you go shopping for your cutlery set. Try to look for pieces which have been polished well as that can affect the quality of the pieces. The cheaper options in the market are machine polished while the premium silver cutlery sets are hand polished. You will find mid- range cutlery sets which combine both machine and hand polished methods. To test the polishing in the spoons, look for smoother reflections in the bowl. Cutlery which has been well polished will certainly last longer too.

It is also important to pay attention to the weight of the cutlery. You should not buy forks and knives which are too light. The inside edges of the fork tines should also be smooth.

Be sure to buy cutlery set online from a reputed store like Table Matters. If you are looking for a high quality cutlery set Singapore offers, the options offered here will delight you indeed.

Hope these tips and suggestions will help you as you try to find the best cutlery set for your use!

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