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It's All About Placemats

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

A family gathering or simple celebrations happen around the Table. It is one of the most special  moments you spend with your family and relatives throughout the day. Furthermore, beautiful placemats make these important moments even more beautiful and memorable. 

Placemats are things we need to purchase to protect our Table from the heat of the food we serve, food, and water stains. It can be used as a cover for our dining tables. They are installed at each place at a table setting and are intended to hold glassware, plates, cutleries, and other dining equipment, preventing the Table from becoming scarred, burned, or damaged. Placemats are used in both homes and restaurants, and there is a large variety of options, ranging from paper placemats to hand-beaded versions of upscale dinner parties. 

With their appealing colors, design, sizes, shapes, and properties, placemats ad a new dimension to your dining table setting. Placemats come in various materials, including ceramic, plastic, and rattan. Placemats make it easier to keep your table looking clean and functional. 

This article will tell you everything that you need to know about placemats. You will fully understand their functions, types, sizes, and cleaning procedures. Continue reading to earn more about these wonderful around-the-table items. Check out Table Matters. Sg for the best placemats to buy. 

Purpose of Placemats

The appeal can sometimes be more important than the experience. For example, you might want your guests to enjoy and impress by the dinner party. As a result, you can make your Table more presentable by using placemats. 

Furthermore, placemats are more than just a decorative accessory for your dining table: they are a conversation starter, a status symbol, and a scene setter. Placemats are made with eloquence to complement the look of your dining table. 

They have a vast range of functions around your Table that you will learn about later. Table Matters has a large selection of placemats for all occasions. Check it out Now. 

Placemats come in a variety of sizes. 

A placemat fulfills all your shape and size desires due to its abundance of diversity in properties, whether you need it customized or go for a readymade one. You can get your placemat in any shape and size you want. However, if you prefer the readymade one, here are some options: 

  • Rectangular shape placemat
  • Round placemat
  • Personalized Shape placemats

The collection of placemats at the Table matters shop is also diverse in size, shape, and design. 

Why are placemats significant to our dining table? 

As mentioned above, placemats have different functions and importance that include:

Impressing Guests or Customers 

A placemat is a life-saver if you own a restaurant or hotel because your customers or guests can be very messy sometimes. Customers may stain your expensive furniture with food. Therefore, with placemats, you won't need to be concerned about stains on your Table.

Aside from customers, placemats significantly decrease your employee's efforts by making cleaning the Table easier and preparing it for new customers. As a result, placemats promote your restaurant's overall productivity.

Regarding attractiveness, a placemat with a great design in abstract art can engage your customers in your restaurant. Furthermore, you can create a great interior design with placemats to attract customer loyalty. 

Brings decoration to dining table

The positive aspect of your dining table decoration may give off the impression to you, but its appeal will continue to amaze you. Overall, the function of placemats can go beyond simply impressing your guests and can even extend to future advancements. 

Some placemats, for instance, specify where to store your utensil. As a result, your guests can benefit from it and efficiently place their plates. The plates will take up less space at the dining table, improving the overall dining experience. 

Again, visitors to your home can be a little unruly at times. After all, your guests know that cleaning that expensive furniture will only cost you a little money. As a result, you must use a placemat to protect your Table and furniture from stains. 

Make your kids entertained and educated. 

Many placemats contain cartoon character content and educational designs. You might come across a placemat design with Disney characters, alphabets, or numbers. We know children's attention was easily caught by an interesting design and their favorite Disney cartoon characters. Subsequently, a placemat is an excellent object to make your child get too excited with the food and for educating your children while they eat their favorite snacks. 

Furthermore, you know how difficult it is to prevent your child from spilling food. As a result, choose a placemat to ensure that your toddler's enjoyment does not cost you money. For sure, you and your children undoubtedly enjoy it. 

Place your placemat perfectly on your dining table.

As previously stated, the functions of placemats can vary greatly. As a result, the placement of placemats changes in combination with their objectives. A placemat can be positioned in a variety of ways. Placemats can improve the appearance of several areas in your home, not just the dining table. With that, continue to experiment with your fantastic-looking placemats.

Here are some friendly tips that can help you to adapt or stimulate your existing strategies with your placemats,

  • Offset cutlery can help you add contrasting and bright colors to your Table. This way, you can use brightly colored placemats to complement the overall table setting.
  • Using a PVC Foam placemat, you can design your meal according to your contemporary or classic vibe. There are different designs available in PVC Foam Placemats. As a result, you can use placemats to decorate your Table according to the seasons.
  • You can spice up your holidays by using Faux leather placemats to elevate the beauty and recognition of your dinner table.
  • Rattan and Seagrass Placemats are the solutions if you feel dissatisfied with how your Table looks with the food on it. It can make your Table more graceful and your food more delicious. You can also add a natural appeal to your dining room and table theme with this high-quality placemat. 
  • Lastly, if you own a restaurant, you can get a custom-printed placemat. You can have your restaurant's name, or logo printed or choose an appealing design.

Stains on placemats have always been discussed, including how to clean plastic and natural placemats. We know that a placemat is a single protective mat for dining tables. People frequently mix up a tablecloth and placemat. The most obvious distinction between them is their size. A placemat is used to protect individuals from stains, and hot utensils, a tablecloth, on the other hand, is used to cover everything on the dining table from colors and hot cutleries.

Types of Placemats 

As mentioned above, A placemat is a traditional and protective mat used to protect a table's surface from damage. Sharp or heavy objects, hot pots or pans, and writing implements can all cause damage to the Table. Placemats are commonly made of paper, plastic, and cloth. Also, it can be used on any Table, whether at home or in a restaurant. Innovative new placemat designs are hitting the market.


A placemat at home is typically made of vinyl or cloth. Placemats are used in homes as part of the decor and in addition to the peaceful environment of the room and table protection. Vinyl placemats with holiday and special occasion prints or solid colors are functional, whereas cloth placemats with ruffles or lace are more elegant. 


Most family restaurants use printed paper placemats to keep customers entertained while they wait for the food to be served.

Paper placemats can be printed with advertisements, heartwarming quotes, and stories for adult amusement. For children, this type of placemat can also be printed with coloring pages, games, crossword puzzles, and interesting cartoon characters.  


Cloth and Vinyl placemats with detachable closures are a relatively new addition to the market. This placemat has closures that allow it to be folded to form a pouch for sandwiches. The wrapper will be transformed into a placemat when the food is unwrapped. These placemats are made to be washable and eco-friendly. It provides a clean eating surface no matter where you are for people who pack their lunch. 

There is no proper way to eat, and stains are always present. As a result, a placemat is an evergreen utility for preventing massive mess. However, you cannot simply take a scrub and begin scrubbing all over the mat. Each type of placemat requires a different technique. 

For instance, plastic placemats can be cleaned thoroughly by wiping off the dirt. Furthermore, linen placemats must be washed in the washing machine. On the other hand, synthetic placemats can be washed in washing machines. Still, the water temperature varies depending on the type.  

Furthermore, nobody wants an unpleasant mark on their lovely placemats. Most people find it difficult to remove tough food stains from their placemats. They favor particular methods for washing various kinds of placemats. Due to their strong texture, vinyl placemats are the most straightforward to clean. But keep in mind that they are not dishwasher-safe placemats. An old, wet cloth can remove any food stains from its surface. You can clean it with running water afterward. 

Fabric placemats are difficult to clean since they readily become soiled if left filthy for a little longer. It would be best if you used the soap-and-water solution to particularly clean all stains. On the other hand, the bleach-bath method is the best way to clean plastic placemats. 

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to use a placemat to improve the quality of your dining. As a result, continue to experiment with these different styles as well as your own. Dining tables are always empty, without placemats, regardless of if you put some decoration or paintings. So check out the fantastic collection of placemats at the Table Matters website of the physical store to ensure your dining table is paired with the perfect placemat.

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