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Peranakan Theme: How we applied it on our tableware and our most popular 5

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It is good to get best Peranakan themed tableware and linens online for folks who have recently moved into a new home. It is an essential aspect of one's home's decor. The tableware and accents represent the homeowners' personalities, and tastes-this necessitates the purchase of stylish tableware sets that will be enjoyed by visiting friends and family. Other tableware decorations, such as bowls, centerpieces, chair pads, plates, pepper, and other such accessories are an essential element of the dinnerware sets, in addition to the settings themselves. These products will enhance the guest's overall dining experience, making it great for friends and guests that come over to visit.

Choosing a set of tableware is a big and important decision, and often involves major investment, whether you want it for your restaurant, home, workspace etc. Since it’s something you’ll use daily and for special occasions: choosing the right one is a must. When you prepare food, you put your best to make the food delicious that’s it, your job is done…Right? Wait up, not yet! What about the crockery? Yeah, you are right, without a decent set of tableware your all efforts and valuable time could go in vain, so what should be done here. We are here to help you out!

The Peranakan themed Tableware is designed with creative elements inspired by nature, art, and everything in between. Crafted by an expert’s hand, these ceramics are not only dainty but also long-lasting. As there are different items when we talk about having a fine table ware, we understand this and that’s why we have crafted a wide range of table tools to provide a wonderful eating experience. Ergo, let’s expose yourself to know about how to set a new level in your table ware collection.  Want to dig deeper…read on!

5 Most Popular Tableware Collections:

There is something about these ceramic tableware items they provide a totally different feel and touch that’s why these dinning tools are becoming the hot topic. Table Matters is committed to sustainability; thus, you won’t regret using our products. Here are top 5 most popular pieces of crockery by Table Matters that people just love. We will walk through you by each of them, so let’s dive in.

Crisscross Red - Chopstick Rest

Crisscross Red - Chopstick Rest

Dimension: (4.8L x 3W x 1.8H) cm

Chopsticks are an essential element of every Asian meal, whether a bowl of noodles or a delectable Asian feast. Table Matters Chopsticks are the perfect addition to your table, bringing the essence of Asian cuisine to life. You'll enjoy these finely carved chopsticks, which are constructed of excellent grade porcelain and are both delicate and long-lasting.

However, if you're not comfortable using this artistic cuisine you can check out our guide on how to use chopsticks properly.

This assortment of chopsticks is available in various designs and colors to match your table setting or party theme. This stylish and functional silverware will complete your table with tones of art and nature, geometry, and originality.

Crisscross Blue- Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl- Big serving bowl

Crisscross Blue- Rice Bowl & Soup Bowl- Big serving bowl


  • 5 inches Rice Bowl: (11.6L x 11.6W x 5.8H) cm 
  • 6 inches Soup Bowl: (15.8L x 15.8W x 7.8H) cm 
  • 8 inches Big Serving Bowl: (21L x 21W x 10.3H) cm

Use these top-quality and durable best Peranakan themed tableware bowls from Table Matters when preparing meals for the table. Each piece is painstakingly sculpted to obtain the ideal depth and then glazed for a smooth finish. Flowers, waves, graffiti, and other forms of beauty are reflected in the patterns.

These bowls capture the essence of colors and Asian cuisine with an outstanding balance of aesthetic and usefulness. For special occasions or regular use, choose from this beautiful collection of bowls to use for soups, rice, and other meal preparations. Know about different types of soup bowls and their usage to have the right one for your kitchen cabinets.

Crisscross Blue- Ripple Plate

Crisscross Blue- Ripple Plate

Dimension: (19.5L x 11.5W x 2H) cm

Use these lovely Table Matters Plates on your dining table to make special meals! Each dish features artistic elements drawn from nature, art, and everything in between. These ceramics, which experts has handcrafted, are delicate and long-lasting.

They provide an extensive collection of plates in a wide range of colors, shapes, and patterns. When you use Table Matters plates, you can choose one that meets your preferences and enjoy more beautiful meals.

Their best Peranakan themed tableware plates are free of lead and cadmium and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Blue Illusion - Spoon Best Peranakan Themed tableware

Blue Illusion - Spoon Best Peranakan Themed tableware


  • (14.3L x 4.5W x 3H) cm Small Spoon
  • (23L x 6.5W x 4.5H) cm Big Spoon

Spoons are just as prevalent in a table setting as plates, but they don't have to be boring. This set of Table Matters Spoons is designed to complement the elegance of your table setting by providing high-quality silverware to your family and friends.

These spoons come in various colors and styles, allowing you to pick the ideal setting to go with your chosen theme. This series is composed of quality porcelain, which is long-lasting and sturdy. It draws inspiration from nature, geometry, the arts, and poetry, creating beautiful and functional spoons.

Blue Wave - Flower Shaped Saucer

Blue Wave - Flower Shaped Saucer

Dimension: (8.7L x 8.7W x 4.5H) centimeters

Table Matters saucers are made from high-quality ceramics and developed utilizing an intimate expression of art in each design. Every design depicts a visually appealing notion, enhancing the attraction of food. Each dining item has undergone a thorough clay processing and glazing process for a sleek, durable finish.

Choose a saucer that appeals to you in terms of design, size, and shape.

Table Matters provides you with high-quality and appealing dining products that are attractive and long-lasting. Their saucers are free of lead and cadmium and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher friendly.

Conclusion is one of the greatest sites for both Peranakan-themed tableware as well as Wildlife-themed tableware since they provide high-quality tableware at reasonable pricing. Allow your silver to tell the tale of your meal and have fun mixing and combining the many possibilities available to you from them! Contact, the tableware firm, for more information about their products!

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