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Quirk Up Your Corporate Gifting With These Unusual Ideas

Jun 2, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Forget about the regular pen sets or calendars; corporate gifts are like fresh air in Singapore's gift-giving circuit. We help you ditch the mundane and embrace the peculiar, making your brand stand out like a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

Break the Mould with Eccentric Corporate Gifts

Who says corporate gifts must be staid and boring? Instead, shake things up with quirky offerings. Be it peculiar desk ornaments or offbeat tech gadgets. You will find something that aligns with your recipients' tastes and injects fun into the corporate world.

Perks of Choosing Quirky Over Conventional

Quirky gifts do more than entertain; they make your brand memorable and differentiate you from your competitors. They can even help build stronger bonds by sparking conversations and inciting interest. Let Products help you reap these benefits with our peculiar corporate gift selections in Singapore.

Quirky Corporate Gift Ideas

  • Desk Decor That's More Than a Paperweight
    Elevate your colleagues' and clients' desks with eccentric desk décor. Our range includes a plethora of unusual paperweights and unique desk accessories that are both functional and conversation starters.
  • Eye-catching Paperweights
    Paperweights are anything but ordinary. From intricate sculptures to whimsical nature-inspired designs, our paperweights add a personal touch to any desk.
  • Desk Organisers with a Difference
    Help your colleagues and clients stay organised with our unusual desk accessories. We promise they're as functional as they are fabulous!
  • Tantalise the Tastebuds with Unique Foodie Finds
    Give the gift of light with our unique food and beverage items. Table Matters offers an array of exotic, international snacks and beverage containers to surprise your recipients' taste buds.
  • A World of Flavours
    Transport your recipients on a culinary journey with our range of exotic snacks and beverages. From rare teas to novel nibbles, we've got something for the food adventurers.
  • Uncommon Food Gift Sets to Impress
    Present your colleagues and clients with gour. For example, consider sets that promise an indulgent culinary experience they will remove sickly.
  • Tech, Gifts with a Twist
    For your tech-savvy recipients, a range of eccentric tech gadgets and accessories marries functionality and fun, ensuring their digital life is always exciting.
  • Futuristic Tech Accessories
    From smart devices to quirky gadgets, we've got just the thing to wow your tech-loving colleagues and clients in Singapore.
  • Gadgets That Add a Dash of Fun
    Unusual tech gadgets aren't just for show; they are designed to add a bit of fun to everyday tasks while serving a practical purpose.
  • Give the Gift of Unforgettable Experiences
    Go beyond material gifts and present your clients and colleagues with experiences they'll remember forever. You can give them access to thrilling adventures, offbeat dining experiences, and enriching workshops in Singapore.
  • Thrill-Seeking Activities
    For those recipients with a spirit of adventure, why not treat them to an exhilarating activity? From heart-pumping outdoor escapades to indoor thrills, we offer many options that will excite them.
  • Unique Dining Experiences and Workshops
    Transport your clients and employees on culinary journeys or let them discover new talents with our unique workshops. These aren't just gifts; they're doorways to unforgettable experiences.
  • Artistry in the Form of Gifts
    Add elegance to your corporate gifts with Table Matters' artistic and handcrafted tableware items. Made by local artists and artisans, these unique creations embody creativity and craftsmanship, ensuring your gifts are as unique as your recipients.
  • Artworks and Pottery with a Story
    Our unique artworks and pottery aren't just decorative; they're conversation starters, inspiring dialogues and thought, and add an artistic touch to your recipients' spaces.
  • Handcrafted Gifts with a Personal Touch
    Our range of handcrafted items, from intricately designed mugs to finely crafted dinnerware, is more than just gifts. They are an appreciation of the artistry and skill of Singapore's local artisans, a testament to your thoughtful consideration.

Why choose normal when you can pick the spectacular? Here's why you should up your corporate gifting game with Table Matters' products!

Ditch The Forgettable: Embrace Unforgettable

Regular corporate gifts? Snooze-fest. Unusual ones? Instant memory-makers. Choosing a unique gift from our line-up solidifies your brand in the memory banks of recipients and makes them grin ear-to-ear as well. And who wouldn't like to be remembered with a smile?

The Innovation Declaration

Gifting something quirky and unusual screams, "Hey, we're innovative and creative!" Let's be honest; everyone enjoys a bit of the unexpected. It makes you stand out in the crowded corporate world and pegs your brand as a fun and imaginative one.

Let's Get Personal: Strengthening Ties

Who says corporate gifts can't warm hearts? With Table Matters' impressive range, you can charm your way into the good books of clients and employees. It shows you genuinely value them and have thought about their gift, fostering a deeper connection.

  • The Conversation Starter
    One-of-a-kind gifts do more than just amuse; they ignite conversations and build relationships. Imagine the reaction when your recipients unwrap their gifts. They'll chat about it and share their experiences, which means extra mileage for your brand visibility.
  • Choosing unusual gifts can be like navigating a jungle; fun but tricky. Here are the things to consider:
  • Relatable and Apt
    Unusual doesn't mean irrelevant. Keep your recipients' preferences and the occasion in mind. Our diverse collection has something for every taste and event. It's like a candy store for corporate gifts!
  • Brands & Gifts: The Perfect Match
    Your gift should scream your brand without actually screaming. Our options can be tailored to mirror your brand identity, keeping it subtle yet impactful.
  • Quality is King
    Gifting something that falls apart in two days? Not a great look. Our gifts are designed to last, making sure the impression they create lasts too.
  • Cost-effective Gifting
    Unusual means something other than unaffordable. We offer a variety of price points to suit every budget, ensuring you don't break the bank for that perfect gift.

Personalising your gift adds that cherry on top. Here the ways to do it:

  • Tailor-Made Surprises
    Our customisation options help you transform each gift into a personal treasure. It's like saying, "Hey, this was crafted only for you!"
  • Messages That Matter
    Adding a personalised message or engraving takes your gift from "cool" to "wow". It's like whispering a secret message, only more permanent and less creepy!
    Unboxing Joy
    First impressions matter. With our customisable packaging options, your recipients' joy begins when they see the box.

Now, let's talk sourcing:

H2: Unique Sources for Unique Gifts

Ditch the mainstream. We collaborate with niche suppliers and artisans, offering you gifts that are as unique as they are exciting.

  • Local Treasures
    By sourcing from local artists and artisans in Singapore, we ensure your gifts are exclusive, culturally rich, and support the local community.
  • Online Convenience
    We've made finding the perfect unusual corporate gift as easy as a few clicks. So browse, choose, and order without leaving your comfy office chair.
  • Custom Creations
    We allow collaborations with artists and designers for truly bespoke gifts. It's like creating a masterpiece, but you don't have to clean up the mess!

Here are a few tips to make presenting your unusual gifts a spectacle:

  • The Art of Storytelling
    When handing over an unusual gift, sprinkle in a bit of its backstory. It's like gifting an exciting novel full of creativity, artistry, and purpose - except it's not fiction!
  • Knowledge is Power
    Adding explanatory cards or booklets provides additional information about the gift. It's like a tour guide for your gift - you would want the recipients to experience all of its cool features, would you?
  • The Unveiling Event
    Turn the gift presentation into a surprise event, and watch as the anticipation builds. It's like hosting a mini-reveal party with less cake and more fun!
  • The Follow-Up FinesseCheck-in with your recipients post-presentation. Not only does it give you valuable feedback, but it also shows them you care. Just remember, no stalking!

Lastly, ensure that your gift is not just a pretty face:

  • Practicality Meets Uniqueness
    Unusual is good, but unusual and practical are even better. Our gifts are not only eye-catching but also functional. It's like owning a fancy gadget that works!
  • Longevity for the Win
    Choose gifts that are durable and low-maintenance. Nobody likes a gift that's high-maintenance, not even gifts themselves.
  • Guiding the Way
    If your gift comes with specific instructions, make sure these are provided. It's like a cheat sheet for maximum enjoyment!

The More, the Merrier

Add complementary items to make your gift even more valuable. It's like getting a sundae with all the toppings - more is always better!

In conclusion, unusual corporate gifts from Table Matters' Products are not just a fun alternative but a brilliant strategy for lasting impressions, strengthened relationships, and brand visibility. So think unusual the next time you're scratching your head over corporate gifts in Singapore. Think Table Matters' Products!

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