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10 Tips for How to Plate Desserts for Restaurant-Style Results

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How to plate a dessert in restaurant-style?

Before that, who doesn't love a good dessert? Especially when it looks beautiful and appetizing. However, dessert plating is an art that takes time, patience, and creativity. If you are an ambitious home cook with a passion for dessert making, there may come a time when you want to offer your family, friends, or guests your favorite homemade desserts. Everyone loves to see beautifully presented dishes piling up on the dinner table.

But for those who are cooking at home, the process can seem daunting but is also one that will garner the most attention. You may often have wondered how to plate a dessert creatively to impress the guests at your home. After all, with just a few tips, you can plate desserts in restaurant-style at the comfort of your own home.

This article will provide you with an overview of how to plate a dessert in restaurant style. Here we present 10 tips for you to make your next dessert plating more beautiful and impressive.

Best 10 Tips for How to Plate a Dessert to Impress Your Guests with Restaurant-Style Desserts

1. Invest in dessert bowls and plates

Dessert plates and bowls are often the last things people think about when they are planning to serve desserts, but they should be at the top of your list. Most people do not have the skills to plate a dessert in a restaurant-style way. Therefore, many are not aware that in order to create an impressive-looking dessert, it is important to have the right equipment first. Investing in a variety of plates and bowls that are made for desserts will help you create beautiful plating that will wow your guests. Therefore, if you wonder how to plate a dessert in restaurant style, investing in the right dessert bowls and plates is the first thing you should do.

2. Be creative with color

2. Be creative with color

Plate desserts are usually the perfect way to end a meal at a restaurant but can seem daunting when you're cooking at home. If you lack the time or skills to create an intricate dish, don't worry - there are plenty of other options for getting restaurant-quality results without the stress. One way is to make use of color by layering ingredients in bright, contrasting colors. Therefore, you better always try to be creative with color in your desserts to make them more attractive.

3. Combine textures

A common error in the kitchen is to plate desserts too quickly without taking the time to consider how different textures work together. For example, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream might sound like a good combination, but they are actually very similar in texture. Therefore, these two flavors blend into one flavorless substance when paired together.

While some combinations are obvious or go together well naturally, it is best to think about what textures will create a pleasing contrast for your guests.

4. Add in a focal point

Achieving restaurant-style results with dessert plating can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of desserts, and the best way to plate them all may not always be clear for common people. However, there is an easy way to achieve restaurant-style results if you are confused about how to plate a dessert. It is by using one focal point on your plate and then arranging the rest of your platter around it.

5. Combine temperatures

For dinners and parties at your home, plating desserts involves a careful balance of design and temperature. It is important to combine both hot and cold dishes on the plate to plate desserts in a restaurant-style. This can be done by placing a cold dish next to a hot dish. However, one must take care in selecting these courses as certain dishes will not go well together.

6. Consider functionality

Dessert is the perfect way to end a great meal. Who doesn't love that last little bit of sweetness before they head home? But when it comes to desserts, presentation is the key. What's the point of having delicious desserts if they're hidden under piles of plates and bowls scattered all over the table, or worse yet, served in paper cups for individual servings. Therefore, keep functionality in mind whenever you plate desserts.

7. Play around with texture

In order to get restaurant-style results from your own kitchen, try playing around with texture while plating desserts. This way, you can add a variety of textures that will make each dish stand out and show taste. The first step is finding a dessert that has a good balance between sweet and savory flavors. For example, pairing a chocolate mousse with a nut brittle produces a sweet and crunchy mouthfeel.

8. Don't make it wobbly or too tall

8. Don't make it wobbly or too tall

In order to achieve restaurant-style results at home, it's important not to make your desserts wobbly or too tall. Home cooks often have a difficult time achieving the desired height for their desserts. The key is to make sure your surface is level. This will ensure a flat, even surface that will result in a perfect dessert every time!

9. Garnish with care

You might not have a culinary degree, but you can still make restaurant-quality food at home. In order to garnish a dish with the most professional presentation possible, it is important to be aware of three main components: plating, textural contrast, and color contrast. Generally, the most effective way to achieve a restaurant-style presentation is with a white or light-colored base and a contrasting color for the toppings.

10. Be consistent

Achieving restaurant-style results with a home-cooked meal is a difficult task. However, you can minimize the complexity by simply being consistent with the size of servings. So, if you are wondering how to plate a dessert in restaurant style, the first and foremost thing to ensure is being consistent with servings. Nobody will love seeing desserts in different proportions on a dessert table.


If you are hosting a function at your home, it is essential to plate desserts in restaurant-style for everyone. Plating desserts is an excellent way to show off the work of your creative and baking skills. The 10 tips you got from this article are sure going to help you with confusion about how to plate a dessert restaurant-style.

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