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Top 13 Collections of Elegant Solid Color Tableware

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Solid Color Tableware

Some people prefer to buy solid colored tableware and other things. When an item has plain color, it looks uniform and gorgeous. There is nothing wrong with considering color when selecting your tableware or dinnerware. Color can increase or suppress your appetite for food. Also, color can make a dinner table stand out when you need it to. While you can get a whole dinner set in one color, you can mix and match your utensils. There are no standard rules to follow in regards to color. However, if you love plain-themed items, we will reveal the top 13 tableware products you can buy. 

Top 13 Solid Colored Tableware Items You Can Buy

1.  Black cast rectangular plate – 9.5-inch

Black cast rectangular plate – 9.5-inch

Plates are an everyday-use item. Even if you are not serving food, you need a plate for other uses. The Black Cast plate has a rectangular shape, a solid deep charcoal color, and a perfect size. The construction material is cast iron, which is lovely and durable. Besides using this plate to improve your dining table experiences at home, you can use it for food preparation. Black plates are not very common; so yours will be unique. They make small portion sizes look large. Above all, this is a lead and cadmium-free plate that you can safely place in the oven or dishwasher. 

2.  Handled Black Cast Baking Dish – 9.5-inch

Handled Black Cast Baking Dish – 9.5-inch

If you are a baking enthusiast, choose the Black Cast Baking Dish. Cast iron cookware is long-lasting and charming when it has a deep charcoal color. It is easier to use when baking and to maintain afterward. This enameled cast iron makes a perfect addition to your current baking essentials because it has a handle and zero amounts of lead and cadmium. You can bake cakes without burning your hands. It is also easy to clean in the dishwasher. 

3.  Marble Rice Bowl – 4.5-inch

Marble Rice Bowl – 4.5-inch

This bowl’s construction material is a marble. It is a durable ceramic dish that will withstand daily abuse. As it has a white glossy surface, this bowl is easy to love. It makes a good soup bowl. When people you want to serve are sensitive about portion sizes, use this bowl with your other white dinner plates. White always makes large portion sizes appear smaller. 

4.  10-inch marble dinner plate

10-inch marble dinner plate

Here is beautiful and classy solid colored tableware. It is a cute plate with a lovely marble pattern. If you need new dinner plates for your dining area, get a set of white marble plates. They are 10-inch plates, which mean they have ideal size for parties or daily use. 

5.  Mary Potter Mug – 350ml

Mary Potter Mug – 350ml

Mugs, just like plates, make serving sessions easier. When looking for the best solid colored tableware, do not skip this white mug. The Mary Potter mug can host up to 350ml of beverage. It is a vintage mug, but its beauty makes it appear more modern. The twirls pattern makes the item so elegant and stunning. It is a dishwasher-safe mug, so it is easy to maintain it. Whether you want to serve coffee or tea in it, this is a reliable mug.

6. Condiment jar 

Condiment jar

This condiment jar draws inspiration from nature. It has a rustic look and a classic design. You can create the same sensations you find in your local rustic café by selecting this condiment jar. It has a solid color theme, making it easier to match with other dinnerware sets you own. 

7.  SCANDI Marble Wood Coaster

SCANDI Marble Wood Coaster

You need unique and lovely coasters on top of your dinner table. A good example would be SCANDI Marble Wood Coaster. It is a white item measuring 10cm long by 10 cm wide by 1.25cm high. This coaster features a cute texture and makes a perfect everyday use item. 

8.  Scandi Rectangular Cheeseboard 

Scandi Rectangular Cheeseboard

This is a white cheese board made of white marble wood. Shave your cheese in style by selecting this board. It is solid colored tableware in white, and it can inspire anyone with its beauty and usefulness. The rectangular shape creates a relatively big working surface.  

9.  Scalloped teapot

Scalloped teapot

Teapots are still useful utensils for regular or occasional use. If you want a teapot that will stand out and amaze your visitors, choose this scalloped teapot with a white hue. It has a capacity of 1150ml, making it suitable for one person or a small family. Its petals are a motif of the elegant Japanese Chrysanthemum Flower.

10.  A scallop small-sized spoon in white

A scallop small-sized spoon in white

White spoons can elevate the appearance of your dining table. It can also inspire people to eat your food. A white plate or spoon will go well with the color of any food you serve. This spoon has a beautiful Japanese chrysanthemum flower pattern and a white color. 

11.  Marble Placemat

Marble Placemat

This is a PVC leather placemat for everyday use. Not only is it waterproof but also water-resistant. You can use it to protect your tabletop every day and still use it for a long time. If looking to create the best dining experience, choose this PVC placemat for your home.

12.  Marble and Pearl Lace Glass Set

Marble and Pearl Lace Glass Set

This glass set consists of 9 pieces. It is one of the items you need when looking to buy the best solid colored tableware. It consists of glasses with different capacities and sizes. Glasses are a must-have when serving juice, water, beer, or a related beverage. These glasses are too elegant to embrace you during a party. These are crystal glass material glasses that will not break easily. As you can see, these are affordable glass sets that most people can buy. 

13.  SCANDI MARBLE TRAY – Black, Gold Rim


Trays are important utensils because we use them for serving food and drinks. Instead of carrying one food item at a time, place a few items on the tray. Even when people finish eating, you can use the Scandi Marble Tray to collect dirty utensils. It can save your time and make serving work fun. You can get a marble tray if you have plastic, or enamel trays. This marble tray is elegant and lovely.


We have created a list of thirteen items you can buy for your home. These are solid colored tableware pieces that are unique and elegant. Now is it is upon you to determine what is best for your home. If you need more items with a single color, visit the respective categories. There are so many kitchen items with a plain appearance and a soft or textured surface. Each of these can uniquely improve your dining experiences.

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