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Table Matters' Cocktail Glasses: Make a Stir in Singapore's Resto-Bar Scene

May 18, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Looking to add a dash of sophistication to your resto-bar in Singapore? Let Table Matters' Resto-Bar Essentials be your secret ingredient. From our eclectic range of glassware that enhances every sip of your chosen spirit to a tableware collection that turns every dish into an irresistible piece of art, we've got all the essentials that will transform your resto-bar into a place of memorable dining experiences.

Why Does Tableware Matter in Resto-Bars?

The visual appeal is just as important as the taste in dining. High-quality tableware serves more than just a functional purpose. It also enhances the dining ambience and leaves a lasting impression on your patrons. This understanding is reflected in Table Matters' Resto-Bar Essentials - a collection that doesn't just add to the atmosphere but truly captivates and delights.

Sakeware: Because Sake Deserves Special Attention

Sake, a beloved Japanese rice wine, deserves a special place in any Singaporean resto-bar. However, appreciating its subtle notes requires suitable sake ware. Our Sake ware collection, with meticulously crafted vessels, ensures that your patrons experience the best of this traditional Japanese drink. Made from premium materials, Table Matters' Sake ware seamlessly merges function with elegance, making it a must-have for any Singapore resto-bar.

Whiskey Glasses: For Those Whiskey Wows

Any whiskey enthusiast will confirm - the proper glassware is essential to savouring this sophisticated spirit. Table Matters' Whiskey Glasses are designed with this in mind, allowing the whiskey to ideally release its complex flavours and aromas. With our whiskey glasses, your patrons can indulge in the subtle notes of this timeless drink in style.

Champagne Glasses: Add a Sparkle to Celebrations

Nothing screams celebration quite like a glass of bubbly! So ensure your patrons celebrate in style with Table Matters' Champagne Glasses. Designed to enhance the flavours of the champagne, our glasses are all about sophistication and elegance, adding an extra dash of sparkle to any toast.

Wine Glasses: Wine Not Elevate the Experience?

Table Matters' Wine Glasses collection is perfect for any wine enthusiast. Whether your patrons prefer a robust red or a crisp white, our wine glasses enhance every sip. The specially designed shape allows optimal aeration, releasing each wine variety's unique aromas and flavours.

The Art of Pairing Food with Alcoholic Drinks

Pairing the right food with your drink can truly elevate the dining experience. At Table Matters, we understand this delicate balance and offer the perfect range of Resto-Bar Essentials to enhance the flavour of your chosen drink. In addition, our Sake ware, Whiskey Glasses, Champagne Glasses, and Wine Glasses turn every dish and drink pairing into a symphony of taste.

Choosing the right food pairings can significantly enhance the flavours of the food and the beverage. Here are some classic food pairings with whiskey, sake, wine, and champagne:


  • Cheese: Whiskey and cheese are a popular pairing because the fat in the cheese can help cut through the high alcohol content in whiskey, which can be a palate cleanser, allowing you to taste the nuances in the whiskey.
  • Chocolate: Dark chocolate, in particular, pairs well with most whiskies as both can have similar notes of sweetness, bitterness, and richness.
  • Grilled Meats: The smokey flavours of grilled meats complement the rich, robust taste of many whiskies.


  • Sushi: This is a classic pairing in Japanese cuisine. The delicate flavours of sushi and sashimi complement the subtle sweetness of sake.
  • Tempura: The light, crisp batter of tempura dishes pairs well with sake, which can help to cleanse the palate.
  • Grilled Fish: Sake also pairs well with grilled fish, as the umami flavour in the fish and the sake complement each other.


  • Red Wine: Red wines often pair well with rich, hearty dishes like steak, lamb, and hard cheeses. This is due to their high tannin content, which helps balance the food's richness.
  • White Wine: Lighter dishes like seafood, chicken, and salads pair better with white wines. White wines often have a light, crisp acidity that complements these dishes without overwhelming them.


  • Shellfish: The high acidity and effervescence of champagne cut through the richness of shellfish, making for a delightful pairing.
  • Strawberries: This is a classic pairing, especially for sweeter champagnes. The sweetness of the strawberries complements the sweet notes in the champagne.
  • Brie Cheese: The creaminess of brie cheese is an excellent contrast to the acidity and bubbles of champagne.

Table Matters' Resto-Bar Essentials: Because Every Detail Counts

Investing in Table Matters' Resto-Bar Essentials offers many benefits for your resto-bar. Besides enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your dishes and drinks, our top-notch quality tableware guarantees an elevated dining experience for your customers. Make a lasting impression and take your Singapore resto-bar to greater heights with Table Matters.

Transform your resto-bar in Singapore with Table Matters' Resto-Bar Essentials. Our range of Sakeware, Whiskey Glasses, Champagne Glasses, and Wine Glasses will elevate every dish and drink, offering your patrons an unforgettable dining experience. So choose Table Matters and make your resto-bar the talk of the town. Get 50% off for every purchase!

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