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Tableware Collection : New Arrivals

Jun 15, 2021 Brien Chua

Shop the latest tableware collection at Table Matters. Introducing the all new Mary Potter, Wildflowers, Aizome, Tsuchi Mint and White Scallop. 

Shop bowls, plates, saucers and mugs from the collections to entertain your guest. 

Mary Potter Collection

Enjoy everyday simplicity with this elegant and luxurious Mary Potter Collection. Carved with beautiful twirls of Park Leaves. Dine and serve in this tableware set that shouts modernize vintage beauty. Price starts from only $8.50. 

Wildflowers Collection

Set your table with this beautiful collection that ringed with dainty wildflowers. Imagine walking through the meadow with wildflower bulbs blossoming, bring home with you a season of joy - perfect for your morning sandwiches or an afternoon cuppa. Price starts from $10.50.

Aizome Sakura Collection

The Aizome Collection draw inspiration from the artisanal japanese indigo dyeing process. Characterized by a deep blue hue that is highly appreciated by many since ancient times. Express yourself with this set of beautiful Japanese tableware that is visually appealing and versatile to match with. Price starts from $4.50. 

Tsuchi Mint Collection

TSUCHI features a popular artisanal finishing - Tsuchime. Hand hammered finish gives this tableware collection a unique texture. Price starts from $4.50.

Tsuchi Mint Collection

Add some elegance to your dining table with our new collection inspired by the Japanese Chrysanthemum Flower. The scallop entail the petals elegantly that help elevates your table setting. Price starts from $4.50.

Nonetheless, after purchasing tableware, it is critical to understand how to set a table for your guests. More guides are available on our blog.



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