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The Magic of Corporate Gifting: Befriending Your Business Allies

Jun 1, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Calling for Creativity: Surviving the Jungle of Competition

Corporate gifting is like a secret handshake in the business world. It cements relationships and screams, "We think you're great!" And that's where Table Matters leaps in to save the day. From spiffy cutlery to swanky serveware, we've got it all. So get ready to woo your Singapore-based clients in style!

Unleashing the Power of Unconventional Gifts: Stealing the Show

Who said corporate gifts had to be predictable? With Table Matters, you can dish out presents that spark curiosity and shout creativity. We believe in merging style with practicality - because why not have the best of both worlds? Your Singapore clients will surely appreciate the innovation and thoughtfulness behind each gift.

Customisation: The Golden Ticket to Your Client's Heart

Think of our gifts as blank canvases, ready to be imbued with your brand's spirit. Everything from our packaging to the products themselves can bear your unique mark. The result? A gift that truly resonates with your company's values and leaves a lasting impact on your Singapore clientele.

Tech Gadgets: Propelling Your Gifts into the Future

Technology is the name of the game these days. So, why infuse your corporate gifts with a bit of tech magic? At Table Matters, we offer state-of-the-art gadgets and fashionable wearables to impress your tech-obsessed clients. From suave smartwatches to cool home gadgets, there's something for everyone.

Personalisation: That Extra Sprinkle of Magic

Everyone loves a little personal touch. At Table Matters, personalisation is the magic dust that transforms a decent gift into an unforgettable one. From monogrammed goodies to products featuring their names, we add that extra sprinkle of magic to impress your clients in Singapore.

Subscription Boxes and Experiences: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

What's better than a gift? A gift that surprises over and over again! Our subscription boxes and exclusive experiences are like small parcels of joy delivered to your client's doorstep. And if you're looking to knock their socks off, our exclusive experiences and luxury getaway vouchers will do the trick.

Green Gifts: Your Pledge to Planet Earth

With climate change knocking at our door, going green is more important than ever. We offer eco-friendly and sustainable gift options to help you make a positive impact. Our green gifts show that your company cares for its clients and our dear planet Earth.

Artisan Gifts: Honoring Local Talent

Our handcrafted and artistic gifts offer a nod to the local talent of Singapore. These gifts aren't just pieces of art or decoration. They're symbols of dedication and craftsmanship. By choosing these, you support the local artisans and present your clients with something unique.

Wellness Packages: Encouraging Self-Love

In our fast-paced world, taking a breather isn't just lovely. It's necessary. Our wellness packages allow your clients to pamper themselves, unwind and refresh. A spa voucher or a wellness retreat is more than just a gift; it's an experience. And trust us. Your clients in Singapore will be thanking you for this much-needed escape.

From Dull Desks to Dynamic Workstations!

We have the finest gadgets to turbocharge remote working and jazz up those virtual meetings. Think of it as your cape in the era of the home office superheroes!

A Smorgasbord of Epicurean Delights!

Tantalise those taste buds with our gourmet goodies and custom-made baskets. It's like a world tour right from your dining room for your palate. Who can resist that?

Blah Workspaces? No More!

Our desk accessories won't just make workspaces functional. They'll make them fabulous! Personalisation? We've got it covered. After all, everyone loves seeing their name on something, right?

Brains Need Food, Too!

Give the gift of wisdom with our selection of books and educational goodies. Nothing says "I believe in your growth" like an inspiring read.

Gifts That Keep on Giving!

How about a gift that makes a social impact? Donate in your clients' names or collaborate with a charity. It's the superhero thing to do!

Building Teams Like a Master Lego Builder!

Our remote team-building activities are as good as a warm group hug in the digital world. Strengthen bonds and foster connections without needing to be in the same zip code!

Unleash the Wanderlust!

Our travel and adventure gifts will stoke that fiery spirit of exploration for your clients with itchy feet. It's the next best thing to a boarding pass!

Desk Decor That's Far from Drab!

Who said a desk couldn't have a personality? Our quirky decorations will put the fun back into functionality and make work feel like a party!

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Worried about budget, cultural sensitivities, personalisation, quality, or industry norms? Relax! We're experts at tailoring your gifts to tick all the right boxes.

That's it, folks! With these innovative and personal corporate gift ideas, you're not just giving presents. You're building relationships. So, go ahead and show your clients how much you value them. Remember, it's not just about the gift but the thought and cares behind it. With Table Matters, we guarantee that thought and care will shine through. Happy gifting!

Explore our Collections Today!
Hold onto your seats, folks! If you're scouting for corporate gifts that are as electrifying as a lightning bolt in a snowstorm, Table Matters is your saviour! Our goodies are far from the dull clichés you might have seen before. Instead, we provide brilliant, tailor-made, and splendid gifts to wow your clients in sunny Singapore. So let's dig into the nitty-gritty:

  • Cutlery Sets: Not your grandma's silverware! Our cutlery sets are as sharp as a rapier wit and sleek as a tuxedo-clad spy. Make dining a stylish affair, and watch as your clients' dinner parties become the talk of the town!
  • Serveware: Who said plates and bowls should be boring? Our serveware is like a fashion runway for food! These pieces make a simple salad look as glamorous as a five-star meal.
  • Coasters and Placemats: These aren't just coasters and placemats. Oh no! They're conversation starters, tablescape transformers, and spill defenders. Your client's coffee table will never look so chic or secure!
  • Coffee Sets: Make every morning brew a posh affair with our coffee sets. You might be unable to send your clients to a café in Paris, but this is the next best thing. They're perfect for coffee enthusiasts.
  • Dining Sets: We don't do drab dining! Elevate everyday meals into a banquet fit for royalty. Our dining sets are like a first-class ticket for your clients' meals!
  • Kitchen Utensils: Boring spatulas begone! Our kitchen utensils make cooking feel less like a chore and more like a culinary carnival. It's all the fun of a food festival right at home!
  • Wine Glasses: Because wine tastes better when sipped from a fancy glass! Gift your clients a ticket to sophistication with our wine glasses, and let's clink to that!
  • Jugs & Pitchers: Why serve plain water when you can make a splash? Our jugs and pitchers make hydration look like a couture event!
  • Cookware & Bakeware: Make your clients' kitchen a gourmet paradise! Our cookware and bakeware are tools and tickets to a delicious adventure. So get ready to whip up some magic!
  • Teapots & Sets: Is your client a tea enthusiast? How about a teapot sets that's more than just a teapot? Our selection turns the daily tea ritual into an elegant affair. Invite tranquillity into your clients' offices with our gorgeous teapots and sets.
  • Cheese Boards & Knives: Cheese and sophistication go together like crackers and... well, cheese. Gift your clients our stylish cheese boards and knives, turning a simple cheese tasting into a grand event!
Table Matters is here to shake things up in a corporate world filled with drab and predictable gifts. Whether you're based in Singapore or sending gifts there, we offer a range of creative, high-quality, and downright fabulous corporate gifts that will leave a lasting impression. So, bid farewell to boring corporate gifting and say hello to a world of style, elegance, and fun with Table Matters. Our products aren't just gifts but experiences wrapped in a bow. So, let's raise our standards together, shall we?
Contact us now, and let's start creating some unforgettable gifting experiences! Because when it comes to corporate gifts, it's time to embrace the extraordinary. Table Matters - where everyday items become extraordinary experiences.
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