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The Magic of Table Matters: Raising the Bar of Corporate Gifting with Remarkable Tableware in Singapore

Jun 26, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

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In corporate gifting, just like in love, it's not the thought alone that counts but the gift itself! A little appreciation can take a long way, especially when you want to win over your business partners and employees. If you think 'corporate gifting' sounds like the name of a new reality TV show, you're not too far off. Imagine dazzling tableware that leaves an indelible impression. That's where Table Matters of Singapore steps in, casting the spell of high-end corporate gifting.

Unravelling the Corporate Gifting Conundrum

Why all the buzz around corporate gifting, you ask? Let's dive into this time-honoured business practice, often compared to the intricate art of tending to a bonsai tree. 

A Timeless Tradition: Just like the process of tending to a garden, corporate gifting isn't a one-off event but rather a practice steeped in history and tradition. Akin to how the gardener meticulously plans the layout, prune the shrubs, and selects the perfect fertilisers, corporate gifting also requires thoughtfulness, understanding of the recipient, and the ability to anticipate their needs and preferences.

A Crafted Art Form: Crafting the perfect corporate gift mirrors the finesse and precision required in pottery or sculpting. It's not just about the gift but how it's presented. Table Matters understands this and offers a plethora of beautifully crafted, high-quality tableware. Their products aren't just objects but works of art that reflect the giver's taste and the recipient's sophistication.

The Catalyst of Business Relationships: Corporate gifting could be compared to an ecologist restoring a forest, ensuring each species thrives in harmony. Corporate gifts nourish and fortify business relationships like this, keeping them healthy and vibrant. They facilitate the growth of a thriving professional ecosystem where employees, clients, and partners coexist in a mutually beneficial environment.

Mastering the Art of Corporate Gifting

If corporate gifting were a game, we'd all want to be the grandmasters. Here's your strategy guide to checkmate the competition in this intriguing game of professional gratitude:

  1. Budget Balancing:

Setting a budget is one of the first moves in the corporate gifting game. It's a delicate balancing act that requires careful planning and a bit of savvy. While we all love splashing out on extravagant gifts, the reality is that even the most generous budget has limits. Remember, it's not about the price tag but the thought and effort you put into selecting the gift. The goal is to find a gift that embodies your appreciation and respect without making your accountant faint.

  1. Quality over Quantity:

The value of a gift lies not in its cost but in its quality and relevance. You want your corporate gift to be memorable, cherished, and, above all, used. Whether it's an elegant piece of tableware from Table Matters or a stylish, branded pen, the most important thing is that your gift should be affordable. After all, the last thing you want is for your gift to end up in a drawer, collecting dust.

  1. Consistent with the Brand Image:

This one is a must. A corporate gift is an extension of your brand. The gift should represent and defend your brand's values and image like a knight defending their king. Everything should be consistent with your brand identity, from the design and colour scheme to the type of product and its packaging. A sleek gadget might be the perfect fit if you're a tech company. If you're a luxury boutique, an exquisite piece of Table Matters' tableware could do the trick. Keep it in line with your brand, and you'll make an impression and boost brand recall.

  1. Occasion Appropriateness:

Your corporate gift should fit the occasion just as you wouldn't wear beachwear to a formal dinner. There's a time and place for everything. For instance, a retirement dinner may call for a nostalgic gift that the retiree can cherish as a memento of their time at the company. For a product launch or corporate event, you might want something more contemporary and aligned with the event's theme. Remember, the right gift can leave a lasting impression at the right time.

The Goodies in the Table Matters Hamper

  • Promotional Gifts: Think stylish mugs, coasters, and pens emblazoned with your company logo. Now that's making a statement, Singapore style!
  • Luxury Items: When you must pull out all the stops, choose crystal glassware, premium cutlery sets, and classy table accessories. They scream elegance without uttering a word.
  • Experience-Based Gifts: Why gift an object when you can gift an unforgettable experience? From concert tickets to sports events, Table Matters goes the extra mile.
  • Eco-Friendly Gifts: Bamboo tableware and reusable products? Table Matters knows the way to an eco-conscious heart.
  • Custom Gifts: Handcrafted ceramics and bespoke tableware add that personal touch, showing the receiver you've gone the extra mile.
  • Edible Gifts: Table Matters offers delectable gourmet gift baskets, fine wines, chocolates, and more because the way to a client's loyalty is often through their stomach.
  • Gift Cards: Give the gift of choice with Table Matters' versatile gift cards, the perfect one-size-fits-all solution.

Playing By the Rules: Corporate Gifting Etiquette

Gift-giving is an art, and like any art, it comes with a set of rules:

  • Relevance and Utility: Gifts should be practical and in tune with the recipient's needs and interests.
  • Brand Alignment: The gifts should reflect your brand's ethos, aesthetics, and identity.
  • Personalisation: Adding a personal touch can elevate a gift from good to great.
  • Presentation Matters: Packaging is vital. The Table Matters' style of presentation promises an instant wow factor.

Etiquette also means being sensitive to cultural customs, choosing the right time to give a gift, and following ethical guidelines. And remember, gifting is only sometimes a one-way street. Reciprocating gifts shows respect and appreciation for the gesture.

Gifts for All Stakeholders

Whether it's to celebrate an employee's milestone, impress a client, or thank a business partner, Table Matters offers the perfect corporate gift. Choose from an exclusive range of festive-themed products, exquisite tableware, and personalised gifts. Don't just give a gift; give a Table Matters experience.

Setting the Stage for Success with Corporate Gifts

Consider corporate gifting setting the stage for your company's success story. It is a gesture that speaks volumes, signalling your recognition of crucial achievements, milestones, and shared successes. Moreover, with the diverse range of tableware from Table Matters, you can stage a veritable feast of appreciation metaphorically and literally.

A Pat on the Back for Employees

Recognising your contributions is essential. Why not celebrate your achievements with service awards etched on a personalised piece from Table Matters? Motivate your employees by implementing rewards programs featuring our chic tableware sets. Spread the festive cheer with themed tableware, turning office parties into unforgettable occasions.

Sealing the Deal with Clients and Customers

Table Matters understands that successful businesses are built on solid client relationships. Delight your clients with our exquisite tableware range, creating a sense of exclusivity and fostering a stronger bond. Use our personalised products as thank-you gifts, expressing your gratitude for their continued support. Moreover, our exclusive tableware collections make a splendid addition to customer loyalty programs, enhancing brand attachment and customer retention.

Cementing Relations with Business Partners and Suppliers

The right corporate gifts can work wonders in the intricate dance of business partnerships and collaborations. Table Matters' premium tableware collections can help demonstrate your appreciation and respect for these vital alliances. Do you often refer clients to your business partners? Thank your partners with our exquisite tableware for successful referrals. And let's not forget your vendors and suppliers – our personalised and customised gifts are a unique way to show gratitude for their services.

Wrap-up: The Last Course

In the competitive business landscape of Singapore, corporate gifting is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is a strategy for nurturing relationships, building loyalty, and fostering a positive corporate image. As such, Table Matters has transformed corporate gifting into an art form with their varied range of unique, high-quality tableware. So, why not leverage their expertise to leave a lasting impression on your stakeholders? Make every gift count; make it a Table Matters gift – for corporate gifting solutions that look the part and play the part too.The stakes are high; choose Table Matters. Why settle for less when you can gift the best?

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