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The Proper Way to Use a Plate at a Buffet: Tips and Etiquette for Singaporean Customers

May 3, 2023 Daniela Mae Macale

Have you ever wondered about the secret to smoothly navigating a Singapore buffet? It's not rocket science, but a dash of etiquette, a handful of dos and don'ts, and the right plate can make all the difference. Of course, Singaporeans love a good buffet spread, so let's dive into the art of using a plate at a buffet, with a special mention of the stellar Table Matters plates.

The Dance of Dining Etiquette

At a buffet, there's a certain rhythm to how we dine. So here's your guide to waltzing through with ease:

Utensils are Your Best Friends

At a buffet, the serving utensils are your allies. Reach out to them, and remember, each dish has its partner. Tongs for salads, spoons for soup, and so on. This simple rule is a mighty warrior against cross-contamination.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Before you embark on your buffet adventure, ensure your hands are clean. If there's hand sanitizer available, use it. It's a small step that goes a long way in maintaining hygiene. Remember, postponing your buffet outing if you're feeling under the weather is best.

Queue with Grace and Table Manners

At the buffet table, patience is a virtue. Queue up and wait your turn. Also, do not hoard food, and avoid touching the food with your hands or utensils while queuing. Are you finished with your plate? Do not abandon it at the table or buffet line. Instead, deposit it in the designated area.

The Plate Saga: Dos and Dont's

How complex can using a plate be? Of course, but here are a few pointers to ensure a seamless buffet experience:


  • Load your plate with only what you can eat. Wasted food is a sad sight.
  • Get a new plate for every trip to the buffet table. It's a hygiene thing.
  • Different types of food deserve their plates to avoid mixing flavors.
  • Opt for small portions. You can always come at the catering area for more. 


  • Don't play Jenga with your plates. Stacking them is a recipe for disaster.
  • Resist the urge to create a food mountain on your plate.
  • Hands off the food, literally. No touching.
  • Once you've picked up food, it's yours. No take-backs.

Buffet Plates in Singapore: What's on the Menu?

From the main course to sweet treats, there's a plate for every dish at a buffet. Here's a quick look at the types of plates you might encounter:

Types of Plates

  • Dinner plates: These are for your main course.
  • Salad plates: A tad smaller than dinner plates, perfect for appetizers or salads.
  • Dessert plates: Even smaller, just right for your sweet indulgence.

Materials Used

  • Ceramic: You'll see this often. It's sturdy and comes in various designs.
  • Glass: These plates are quite the showstopper, fitting for any occasion.
  • Melamine: Ideal for outdoor or casual dining, they're light but tough.

Why Table Matters Plates Make a Difference

Table Matters plates are a class apart. Crafted from fine bone china, they're elegant and robust and come in various designs to suit any occasion. Here are some reasons why Singaporeans love them:

  • Durability: These plates are built to last.
  • Cleanliness: Dishwasher-safe so that you can clean them up in a jiffy.
  • Versatility: Be it a swanky dinner party or a relaxed brunch, these plates fit right in.
  • Style: With various designs, there's a plate for every taste.

Mastering how to use a plate at a buffet is essential for a delightful and hygienic dining experience in Singapore. Remember to follow the etiquette rules, such as using the proper utensils, maintaining cleanliness, and being mindful of your queueing and table manners. When choosing plates for a buffet, try Table Matters plates for their durability, versatility, and stylish design. Finally, enjoy your buffet adventure; remember, it's all about making the experience enjoyable for everyone.

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