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Unboxing the Green Gift Trend

Jun 1, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Fast-paced corporate life screaming for a unique, memorable gift? Say hello to the rising star of the gifting scene: terrarium corporate presents. Imagine unboxing a slice of Eden right on your office desk! Let's dive into the green wave sweeping across the Singapore corporate landscape, courtesy of Table Matters' stunning terrarium collection.

Captivating Capsules: Why Terrariums Are a Win

Picture this: A glass-encased garden that catches the eye and keeps it. Ladies and gents, terrariums are different from your run-of-the-mill, lost-in-the-drawer presents. Instead, they're living office buddies, reminding recipients of your green gesture daily. Bonus: they symbolise growth and resilience, echoing the essence of fruitful business relationships. Talk about nature's seal of approval!

Terrariums: The Nuts and Bolts of a Mini Eden

In the simplest terms, a terrarium is nature in a nutshell, or rather, a glass shell. Think plants, soil, and decorative trinkets, all thriving in a tiny, sunlit haven. The charm lies in its low-maintenance green dwellers (cue ferns, succulents, and mosses) and scenic embellishments, conjuring up a miniature Shangri-La.

Green Light: Perks of Terrariums in the Workplace

Unleashing a terrarium into the office jungle brings home more than just green points. These pint-sized greenhouses can jazz up the dullest desk, provide fresh air (literally), and even boost productivity levels. Moreover, they're a pocket-sized escape from office stressors, fostering mental well-being. That's quite a punch for something small enough to fit on a desk.

Meet the Terrarium Twins: Sealed and Open

We've got two standouts in the terrarium family: closed and open terrariums. Closed cousins are a breeze to care for, thanks to their self-watering ecosystems, while open ones are a creative's dream, offering endless design possibilities. Table Matters is your go-to for both styles in Singapore. The choice is yours!

Choosing the Right Green Guys for Corporate Gifts

Choosing plants for a terrarium corporate gift isn't just about picking the pretty ones. You want hardy soldiers like snake plants, pothos, and air plants that can weather the office environment. Plus, their symbolism can echo your business ethos: resilience (snake plants), growth (pothos), or modernity (air plants). With Table Matters, you'll find a plant for every business narrative.

Beautifying Terrarium Corporate Gifts: The Unboxing Extravaganza

Packing terrarium corporate gifts are like wrapping a small, green slice of paradise. Beautiful boxes, snazzy paper, and colourful ribbons bring the wow factor. Just remember to stick to the brand's colours – let's not cause a clash in the office, shall we?

Remember, beauty is more than skin-deep. Remember to pop in a care guide so the stay doesn't kick the bucket after two weeks. A personalised message would be good too. After all, who doesn't love a thank-you note?

At Table Matters, we're all about the details. Our terrariums are as beautifully packed as a hamper on Christmas morning. Plus, we offer care guides and personalised messages that are just the cherry on top!

The Long and Winding Road: The Lifespan of Terrariums

Terrariums might be low-maintenance, but they're not no-maintenance. The key to longevity is a care guide for watering, sunlight, and plant type. It's not rocket science, but some might need a nudge in the right direction.

We recommend partnering with a professional terrarium supplier like Table Matters in Singapore. With our green-fingered expertise, we're on hand to answer any questions and solve any terrarium crises.

Table Matters is proud to offer more than just high-quality terrariums. We provide ongoing support to make sure your terrarium is always in the pink.

Green is the New Black: The Eco-friendliness of Terrariums

Terrariums aren't just pretty; they're eco-friendly too. By choosing these green gifts, you're showing Mother Nature some love and promoting sustainability in the workplace. It's like having a mini rainforest on your desk.

And it's not just about the looks. Terrariums also improve air quality by swapping carbon dioxide for oxygen. As a result, breathing just got a whole lot better.

Terrarium corporate gifts are like wearing green credentials on your sleeve or desk.

One Terrarium Fits All: Celebrating Milestones with Green Gifts

Terrariums are like the Swiss army knife of corporate gifts. Celebrating a company milestone? Terrarium. Welcoming a new employee? Terrarium. Christmas party? You guessed it, terrarium.

They can be tailored for each occasion, making them the perfect green gift. And let's be honest. They're much more exciting than another pen set.

Here in Singapore, Table Matters offers a veritable cornucopia of terrarium designs for every occasion. So no matter the celebration, we've got a terrarium that fits the bill.

Together Everyone Achieves More: Team-Building with Terrariums

Who says team-building has to be all trust falls and awkward icebreakers? With terrarium workshops, you can let your team's creativity blossom. Plus, it's an excellent opportunity to discover who has a green thumb.

These workshops are all about cooperation. Selecting plants, placing decorations, and assembling the terrarium encourage communication and problem-solving – all vital ingredients for a top-notch team.

At Table Matters, we offer terrarium workshops that are the epitome of fun meet productivity. It's all about team-building, creativity, and, of course, love for all things green.

Terrarium Triumphs: The Success Stories

Want to know how great terrarium corporate gifts are? Just ask our clients. They've seen first-hand the magic a little greenery can bring to the workplace.

Our case studies show how terrariums have brightened offices and boosted Morand, even increasing productivity. Who knew a little bit of nature could have such a significant impact?

And let's remember the positive reviews. Our clients love their terrariums almost as much as we do. But don't take our word for it – let their testimonials do the talking.

Bridging the Distance: Terrarium Gifts for Remote Workers

Remote working doesn't mean you have to miss out on the terrarium fun. On the contrary, it's more reason to jump on the terrarium bandwagon.

Why not send DIY terrarium kits to your remote team? It's like a mini oasis delivered straight to their door. Plus, they can put it together in their PJs – win-win.

And with virtual workshops, the team can still get their hands dirty, all from the comfort of their living room. It's team-building with a twist; you only need a good internet connection.

Here in Singapore, Table Matters has adapted to the remote work era, offering DIY kits and online workshops that bring the team together wherever they are.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Terrarium size for corporate gifting: Big, medium, or small?
  • Suitable for all office environments: Yes or no?
  • Best plants for low-light conditions: Snake plant or ZZ plant?
  • Maintenance frequency: Daily, weekly, or monthly?
  • International shipping: Possible or not?

Wrapping Up: The Last Leaf

Terrarium corporate gifts are more than just a fad. They bring nature into the workplace, promote well-being, and are a stylish addition to any desk. In addition, they symbolise growth and success, perfect for celebrating milestones or welcoming new team members.

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