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Unique Corporate Gift Ideas In Singapore at Table Matters

Jan 15, 2023 Ken Tan

Unique Corporate Gift Ideas In Singapore

Corporate Gifts are given at different times throughout the year and on various occasions in the Company. Corporate gifts can be in-house gifts or out-of-house gifts, but they always observe professional etiquette, which differs based on the relationship between the giver and the receiver. These can serve as a present for welcoming new employees, a token for recognition and appreciation of clients.

Celebration Gifts, Promotional Gifts, Group Gifts, and Personalised gifts are the different types of corporal gifts that can serve as a gift in the corporate world. These corporate gifts are part of overall customer acquisition and staff retention strategies. You give every customer and employee these things to express the completely gratuitous value of their work, which ultimately grows morale, increases happiness, and encourages employees to be generous with themselves and others. . People who are unhappy at work won't want to put out their best effort or stick around for very long.

Although your team works extremely hard for their pay, a gratuitous act of gratitude from their employer can breathe fresh life into their labor in a way that their pay just cannot. Even around the holidays or during highly productive times of the year, just knowing that a supervisor cares enough to give something without cause makes a significant difference in how employees feel at work. Corporate giving can also play a big role in increasing engagement, brand recognition, and customer loyalty. Giving gifts to coworkers helps a company feel a little less robotic and more human. Keeping

Build Business Relationships With Corporate Gifts

With unique corporate gifts, you can build a good relationship with suppliers and can win the loyalty of every customer and client. The good thing about it is that there are several ways to choose the best corporate gifts for our clients. There are several techniques for selecting Corporate Gifts to strengthen your relationships with your client and employees. The finest corporate gifts that you could give are the ones that your client always wants to have. If your clients are into home necessities like kitchenware and Tableware, you can never go wrong with dinner plates and drinkware. If they are fond of collecting different styles of containers and space savers, you can get them to bundle deals on Tablewares. 

Most people receive caps, shirts, jackets, and many others. Forget about those commonly used things. Look for something that will create an impact on your clients and employees. Find something functional and convenient for them. Always consider their taste and the products they always enjoy. It would help if you came up with useful things suitable for a different house. Such as tableware sets that would perfectly match your dining table. Try to look at the following fantastic collections of table wares or kitchen necessities that perfectly fit everyone's dining table. 

The Company gifting gifts can be considered since they are cost-effective for improving connections with your clients and employees. 

Some of the unique corporate gifts in Singapore.

Check out some interesting and unusual Singapore corporate gifts ideas.


This a Corporate Gift for everyone who loves to collect various types of plates 

Explore Tableware to experience having dinner like royalty. Choose tableware products to give something a little extra to your dinner table. Choose the best dishes and bakeware to make your food presentation look elegant. Enjoy browsing a wide collection of table wares online at the Table Matter website. Upgrade your table with our sleek look products and aesthetically modern vibe tableware. Our TablewareTableware consists of a vast range of print patterns, finishes, materials, and sizes to upgrade your dining table and dining room.  


Don't forget to bring the cutlery to your table! The table without the cutlery is boring. Spice up your table with a set of different colors and styles of cutlery. Each cutlery is made of high-quality stainless steel, ceramics, and other materials to ensure this product is exceptional, guaranteed, and safe to use. Don't make your table and dishes looks plain. Decorate it with our various designs of placemats that perfectly match your table. We offer a variety of collections that suits your budget. Shop serve ware to make your dinner one of a kind.


Try to look for different kinds of drinkware and glassware to make every sip satisfying. In every drink, there are memories built. Make yourself and your workmates have the greatest drinkware. You deserve to feel satisfaction while drinking. This drinkware and glassware are suitable for gifts, especially for the one who loves to party. Make every sip the most magnificent occasion possible—secure exquisitely crafted drinkware to surprise your business partners. 

Our employees and clients need to keep hydrated. As a result, corporate gifts that perfectly match your kitchens, like glass and pitchers, are beneficial. These fluid containers are uniquely shaped, and their beautiful colors, like amber, pearl, and diamond, can complement your style. Mugs are also an excellent gift option. Many individuals consider mugs as a special gift. Especially clients and employees love to start their day with a nice tea or coffee drink. Having glassware or drinkware on hand is fulfilling. 


Enjoy and make cooking art by using this beautiful cookware and bakeware. Help your friends to make a fabulous dinner for their family. These products are convenient for everyone because it is stackable and easy to store. These are designed for people who love making sweet treats like cakes and cookies, And even delicious snacks like lasagna and baked macaroni. It has gently curving handles that are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. These are unique corporate ideas that are intended for home-bakers, friends, and also for moms. 


  Another excellent idea for corporate gifts is the space-saver food storage and condiments jar. Add up amazing kitchen utensils to your kitchen. With these fantastic products, you can store your food and cook delicious dishes without worrying about not having enough space room. These are guaranteed to use because it made from quality material. It would help you to keep your food and spices last longer. These amazing jars can complement your kitchen decor, whether it is a traditional design or contemporary design. 


Aside from these options, you can let your employees choose the best corporate gift for them by giving them Gift Cards. Provide your clients and employees the freedom to choose whatever they want to purchase or want to have by giving them gift cards. It is more practical because you don't need to consume more time thinking of what gift you should give. You can even provide a note of appreciation to make it more special.

If you'd love to have a Table Matter gift card as your corporate gift, you can buy it on our website- in different amounts. These ideas for unique corporate gift options in Singapore may inspire you to shop for your clients, business partners, and colleagues. You can shop today and enjoy your purchase. 

These excellent corporate gifting ideas can also bring a curve to the faces of your employees and clients. It can potentially improve the work culture and the Company's reputation greatly. Corporate giving can support the growth and development of a brand with customers. It is a bright idea to keep strong bond connections with workers and clients since they will ultimately help in the Company's growth.

Use a gift to motivate your employees today. If you work in a big corporation, keeping your corporate gifting activities going might be difficult– especially if you have a few ongoing initiatives in addition to your yearly event gifting. 

Gift-giving is intended to convey gratitude and may be used as a marketing tool to attract new consumers. Gift-giving is a significant way to preserve and promote the amazing culture you built for your customers and employees. By giving them high-quality items, your Company may be recognized as thoughtful, attentive, and concerned about their environment.

Get Business Referrals

Gifts can be used as a tool to generate referrals and leads. You raise brand recognition and interest by providing branded business presents at events. You may also utilize these gifts to generate additional leads by exchanging them for email accounts and business cards.

Moreover, you may gain recommendations from current clients by giving promotional goods as a reward. The impact of this culture– corporate gift giving, such as a gift set- is highly associated with its efficacy. Gifting may also attract those who aren't yet clients to become ones. Sending the perfect gift at the right moment may motivate prospects to complete the desired action, like buying products, taking discovery calls, or signing up for services. 


The above products are the best corporate gifts for your clients and business partners that you can purchase online at Table matters website. Table Matters embraced a similar vision of bringing stylish, everyday items to homeowners at an affordable price. Furthermore, we provide unique, interesting, and creative corporate ideas for our Clients. We acknowledge, advise and work with our clients to bring out the best and most exciting corporate gifts.

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