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11 Unique Wildlife Themed Tableware for a Wildlife Lover

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Wildlife Themed Tableware

It is easy to buy the best wildlife themed tableware if that is what you like. If you find your peace outdoors where animals and birds live, you need a way to express this feeling to others. You can get some utensils with the wildlife theme. Once you serve food and drinks in them, your friends and family will recognize this passion. Alternatively, choose wildlife themed dinnerware for a friend or relative who loves camping and travel. They will love to carry their utensils when backpacking. No matter the uses, Table Matters has the best collection for you. We will outline some of their wildlife themed dinnerware pieces here. You will then choose the ones that suit your needs and preferences. 

Best Wildlife Themed Tableware You Won’t Regret Buying

1.  Grover Bear Dessert Plate – 7-inch

Grover Bear Dessert Plate – 7-inch

Autumn brings the best of the outdoors’ beauty. Vivid color leaves appear everywhere, marking the beginning of fall. The Grover Bear Dessert Plate features beautiful bird and fall leaves. The colorful plate can grab attention no matter how and when you decide to use it. The 7-inches deep plate is something you can take to the woods during camping or use when barbecuing food outdoors. People will understand your love for animals and nature. They will also enjoy eating your yummy food. It is a dishwasher-safe and an oven-safe plate that you can use daily for a long time. 

2.  Grover Bear Square Baking Dish – 6-inch

Grover Bear Square Baking Dish – 6-inch

Baking can be fun if you have the knowledge and the correct essentials. One of the essential tools you require is a baking dish with a handle and the ability to withstand oven heat. The Grover Bear Square Baking Dish has all these characteristics. It has an image of a brown bear and many fall leaves. Its handle will prevent you from direct heat and help you tackle the dish well. We love the size and shape of this dish. It is lead-free and cadmium-free. Therefore, you can bake without the fear of poisoning your cakes. Table Matters provides this dish cheaply, making sure you do not miss it. 

3.  Grover Bear Saucer – 3.8-inch

Grover Bear Saucer – 3.8-inch

Saucers have a place in our kitchens. Even though we do not routinely use them for serving, saucers are a must-have dinnerware piece. If you need a unique saucer without a flat shape, the Grover Bear Saucer is your best choice. The 3.8-inch saucer has depth, which means you can use it for serving salad or soup. The Grover Bear Saucer is also unique because it draws inspiration from the fall season. It has a brown bear and lovely fall leaves. If you need a special saucer for food preparation and serving, this one is fashionable. It is a multi-use kitchen appliance that you can buy for home or as a gift for someone you love.  

4.  Forestella Tea Cup-200ml

Forestella Tea Cup-200ml

Another of the best wildlife themed tableware items we recommend to you includes the Forestella Tea Cup. It is a decent-looking cup and saucer that you can use for serving tea or coffee. It sort of brings vintage style to your dining room because of the included saucer. If you love the blue color in your wildlife theme, this Tea Cup is an ideal choice. It has a pattern featuring flowers; it is the best choice for you if you love plant life and vegetation. The 200ml cup is large enough to serve tea daily. If your family loves drinking tea, get the Forestella Tea Cup for them. 

5.  Forestella Tall Cup – 520ml

Forestella Tall Cup – 520ml

If you love drinking a lot of tea or coffee, you need a tall mug. The Forestella Tall Cup is a decent item to add to your current collection. The most notable thing about it is its narrow shape and height. Its volume is 520ml, an adequate capacity for someone who regularly drinks. When you observe the cup, you remember your last adventure in the forest. You can carry it the next time you go hunting or camping in the woods. This classy cup seems durable, and it is easy to clean and maintain. As it is dishwasher safe, you can clean it well before storage and it will serve you for many years.  

6.  Grover Bear 15 Pieces Dinner Set

Grover Bear 15 Pieces Dinner Set

Table Matters’ Glover Bear utensils feature the best wildlife themed tableware. Instead of buying one piece at a time, get a classy dinner set with every piece. Once you order this dinner set, it consists of four eight-inch Coupe Plates, four six-inch Soup Bowls, four 3.8-inch Saucers, one 11.8-inch Rectangular Plate with Handles, and one 9-inch Baking Dish with a Handle. The package will also include a tote bag, which will be a gift for you. If you want to please a woman in your life, get her this wildlife dinnerware sets. She will forever remember your kindness towards her.

7.  Dawnlight Garden Dining Set – Nine Pieces

We would also recommend buying the Dawnlight Garden Dining Set. It consists of nine pieces that you can use when smoking or grilling food outdoors. It is worth buying it if you like serving food in the garden and adore animals and plants. This dinner set mimics your favorite themes and does not cost much. The Dawnlight Garden Dining Set is colorful and classy too. People will compliment you often for having such an elegant dinner set. It may also fit picnic cooking and serving for a person who loves traveling. As it is an inexpensive dining set, you do not have any excuse for not having it. 

8.  Unicorn Pink Threaded Bowl

Unicorn Pink Threaded Bowl

Unicorns are mystical creatures that people love to imagine about. People associate them with fascination, joy, and elegance. The magical beings are also agile. If you like something about unicorns, you can add them to your home by buying a piece of dinnerware. The Unicorn Pink Threaded Bowl has a feminine color and flowers.

9.  Wildlife Themed 8-inch Coupe Plate – Grover Bear

Wildlife Themed 8-inch Coupe Plate – Grover Bear

Coupe plates are ideal for many kitchens. If you do not have them, get your first item from Table Matters. The Grover Bear 8-inch Coupe Plate will help you serve delicious food daily or during an occasion. It will remind you of the brown bear you saw in the forest. It also features different kinds of beautiful leaves. It has images of insects that might excite your children.

10.  Unicorn Green Hand Painted Threaded Bowl – 4.5-inch

Unicorn Green Hand Painted Threaded Bowl – 4.5-inch

Here is another unicorn threaded bowl for you if you do not like the pink bowl. It is a beautiful bowl in a green hue. It has some unicorn images to remind you of these mystical beings. The bowl can have more than one uses, so it is worth buying. If you need a bowl for your salads, soups, rice, or anything else, here is a lovely hand painted bowl for you.

11.  Unicorn Green Hand Painted Square Plate – 8-inch

Unicorn Green Hand Painted Square Plate – 8-inch

If you need a square plate fast, the Unicorn Green Hand Painted Square Plate is a good choice. It looks just like the unicorn bowls in terms of accents and decoration. The plate has a broad surface where you can place your food. It has a decent price and might handle different uses. As it is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe, the plate is easy to maintain and use.


Some people think about the themes they love when shopping for household appliances. If you like traveling, wildlife, and plants, the dinnerware pieces we have discussed here are the best wildlife themed tableware for you. Since there are separate pieces and dinner sets, you can pick the ones you like best. The dinner set will cost more money but it is well worth the expense. The colorful and classy dinnerware products by Table Matters are durable, lead and cadmium-free, oven-safe, and dishwasher-safe. You cannot regret buying wildlife themed tableware from Table Matters. If you adore the theme, grab the chance to have thee utensils. 

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