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4 Vegan Leather Placemats Benefits You Should Know As You Design Your Dining Table

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Vegan Leather Placemats Benefits

Learning the different vegan leather placemats benefits will change how you design your dining table. The main purposes of placemats are to provide a better surface where you can place your plates, pots, utensils, and glassware. In this way, you can protect the dinner table from any food stains, watermarks, and heat damage.

The most common placemats or table mats you use are made of leather. But you might jump to using vegan leather placemats once you find out all the good benefits it can offer compared to using the usual placemats.

What are Vegan Leather Placemats?

Vegan leather—also known as “faux leather”, “fake leather”, or “synthetic leather”—is a material made from polyurethane, a kind of polymer or synthetic resin that is mostly used for bedding, carpets, and furniture.

The difference of vegan leather from the usual kind of leather is that you can obtain it in a more organic approach. It means that one of vegan leather benefits is to be as sustainable as possible.

Most leathers are made from animal skins. But you can obtain the material used to make vegan leather placemats from plants and biodegradable waste such as apple peels, cork, pineapple leaves, and other fruit waste. Therefore, no animals will get hurt and suffer for you to have quality leather-made materials at home such as for placemats.

Check out different vegan leather placemats benefits here, and see how this material truly brings innovation on every dining table.

Vegan Leather Placemats Benefits 

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable

The best vegan leather placemats benefits you can ever experience is its eco-friendliness. As mentioned, vegan leather placemats are sustainable materials to use compared to using the typical leather.

Leather is one of the most popular materials used for a lot of furniture and household items, including placemats. Thus, the demand is high. Unfortunately, consuming or using items made from leather can abuse the environment. To obtain leather, an animal should be killed. To make it into a functional item, it needs to undergo a different process and be exposed to different harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly and sustainable

You can never deny that leathers are indeed quality materials. But as the technology evolves and more people also start to get involved in the issues of the environment, the idea of manufacturing environmentally friendly household items and using eco-friendly tableware for a sustainable dining table is such an awakening. And now, you have eco-friendly leather that is as high-quality as the traditional leather.

Vegan leather comes from plants such as bamboo and pineapple leaves. It causes no harm to the environment. With replanting, you can continuously develop more vegan leather placemats and even other household items to use.

 2. Functional

Some people might not be choosing vegan leather options for their dining table because they think it lacks the quality they are looking for. Vegan leather placemats, in particular, can exceed your expectations if you compare it to using traditional leather-made items for your dining table.

Vegan leather placemats have high heat resistance. You can expect it to not get damaged even if placed under hot dishes, cookware, plates, and even ovens. Aside from being resistant to heat, it also has a waterproof feature. It allows you to clean it easily after use by only wiping it with a damp cloth.

With all these amazing features you are looking for in a placemat, for sure, you can have a better dining experience.

3. Stylish

Who says eco-friendly household items look plain and boring? There are lots of vegan leather placemats available in various designs. One of the best designs you can find are woven placemats. They are perfect to use if you want to achieve a nature-like theme for your dining area.

You can also try rattan and seagrass placemats. These designs truly boast an eco-friendly approach when it comes to your household items. To spice up your design, you can partner these placemats with wooden utensils if you like.

The overall design may look simple and boring for some. But it is a better option since you know you are contributing to the betterment of the environment.

4. Durable

Vegan Leather Placemats are Durable

Another trusted feature you can expect with using vegan leather placemats is its durability. As mentioned, one of vegan leather placemats’ benefits is heat resistance. Standard placemats may not withstand heat with daily usage, so they get destroyed easily. Therefore, you need to buy a new set.

Vegan leather placemats are durable. It can keep your dining table in good condition. Since it will not easily wear and tear, it is a perfect item for longer usage.

5. Budget-friendly

Aside from being environmentally friendly, vegan leather placemats are also economically-friendly. Because of its amazing and durable build, you will not need to buy a new set of placemats to use every year. In this way, you can save a lot on other essential household items you can buy. You can also save more money to invest in other dining room products such as plates, glassware, cookware, and utensils.

Another important fact to consider is it will also help you maintain your dining table and keep it from any damage. As a result, you will not also need to buy a new one. Dining tables are more expensive compared to buying a high-quality placemat to protect them. Therefore, vegan leather placemats are indeed a good investment.


Now that you know all the vegan leather placemats benefits you can experience, you are definitely convinced to use them to decorate your dining table. This product will not just give you an aesthetic value to your dining area but will also help you learn to adapt to a more sustainable way of living.

Vegan leather-made products are both environmental and economical. Using any household items made from this high-quality material will not just help you save the environment. It will also save you a couple of bucks by making your dining area a better place to eat with all the people you love.

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