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9 Best Vintage Themed Tableware That You Will Like

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The best vintage themed tableware items are never a bad idea. If all of us buy modern utensils, no dining table can appear unique? Some people find vintage kitchenware so useful that they collect them. You can also collect them at a small price for a higher future sale.

Vintage themed items make excellent gifts too. If you are not sure of what you can give your mother who has everything, then get her a vintage piece of tableware as a Mother's Day Gift. Your grandmother will appreciate such a gift too.

Even if you have an upcoming party, you can buy vintage themed utensils to make your visitors happy. We would like to assist you pick nine excellent classic tableware pieces. Follow this guide to discover our top picks. 

Nine best vintage themed tableware products for you

1.  Enamel Blue Salad Bowl – 9inches

Enamel Blue Salad Bowl – 9inches

The cheapest and the most elegant vintage themed bowl you can find is the Enamel Blue Salad Bowl. If your family loves eating salad, choose a few 9-inch bowls for them. This bowl features enamel, a popular material for making dishes in the 80s. It is an old-school ceramic tableware piece that never loses its beauty and class. The touch of brown glaze will effortlessly remind you of what true enamelware used to be. This blue enamel bowl is very long lasting and it will be useful for years. It makes a great gift for someone who lived in 1980s and backward. Although it is a salad bowl, you can use it in other ways as it is a versatile vintage themed item. 

2.  Teacup and Saucer with a scallop pattern

Teacup and Saucer with a scallop pattern

White is a good color for your dinnerware. Since we are talking about the best vintage themed tableware sets, you can choose the Tea Cup and Saucer products. It is a white product with a lovely scallop pattern. These curls are so desirable that anyone will love your gift. If you want to remind yourself of how your grandparents had their tea in the past, choose this product. A saucer and a cup were a symbol of being chic and up-to-date with fashion trends. You can enjoy the past today by buying this set. The white color is bright and easy to match with your other utensils. The Tea Cup and Saucer combination can revamp your table setting and attract many compliments. Lastly, you can easily maintain this product by cleaning it in the dishwasher. 

3.  Enamel Blue Saucer – 3.5-inch

Enamel Blue Saucer – 3.5-inch

When you want to give somebody a gift, it is not always clear which one to choose. We would advise you to select a saucer as one of the best vintage themed tableware. It is another high-quality enameled work of art that no one would object to. It may seem like a small item but the value it carries is massive. Finding something like this is not easy because there are many mass-produced saucers and plates nowadays. If you give someone this saucer as a gift, they will thank you forever. Though it might not seem perfect based on modern trends, this tiny saucer can stand out at any dining table. It is not only affordable but also durable enough to last many more years. 

4.  Enamel Blue Baking Dish – 10.5-inch

Enamel Blue Baking Dish – 10.5-inch

If you do baking often, this 10.5-inch dish is an ideal addition to your current collection. It consists of high-quality enamel material with a clean glossy surface. This little dish can invigorate your baking work in an instant. You can get a few of these baking dishes or just one of them. Regardless, this vintage dish can make all the difference. You can get it for someone who loves to bake or get a few of them for someone who hosts baking classes.

5.  Blue Deep Plate

Enamel Blue Deep Plate

Ensure you have all kinds of plates in your kitchen. Having many of them can help you set your dinner table according to the occasion. If you have no vintage plates, the Deep Plate may be the best vintage themed tableware for you. It is a ten-inch plate for serving food. The Deep Plate has a traditional enamel design that most people might like. It boasts a lovely color that can go well with other utensils. Taking good care of this plate is the easiest thing to do. Just wash it in the dishwasher after use. If you preserve it well, this durable plate will serve you well in the future.  

6.  Pebbles Ramen Bowl

Pebbles Ramen Bowl

Those of you who were born in the twentieth century must have seen a Pebbles Ramen Bowl. The pebble design is rustic and reminds one of the past years. Table Matters gives you a chance to relive your past by offering you this quality bowl. It is a relatively big-sized bowl that can fit many uses. Whether you use it for food preparation, serving soups, or placing salads, the Pebbles Ramen Bowl will look different. If you love simplicity, choose this bowl for yourself. The beautiful colors and the pebble shapes are enough to create just the right atmosphere around your dining table. If you want to set your table differently to surprise your family or friends, choose this bowl or plates with a similar motif. 

7.  Enamel Blue Mug with a large size

Enamel Blue Mug with a large size

Big mugs are perfect in each home. You probably own coffee mugs with a modern design. You can get others with a classic design now. This mug is large enough for your needs, and its construction material is enamel. You know that old enamel utensils were reliable. They could last longer. This mug has the same characteristics and will likely last many years. It is a 350ml mug that will remind you of the 80s when enamelware was the trend. It is an old-school large-sized cup you can use whenever you want. You can add a monogram, a name, or a photo to its outer surface and give it to someone as a personalized gift. 

8.  Small scalloped spoon- white

Small scalloped spoon- white

Women change their cups, plates, and pots more than they do spoons and forks. If you want to serve food differently, choose this scalloped serving spoon. A scalloped spoon features a lovely motif you hardly find in modern utensils. While this is a small serving spoon, it has what it takes to capture the attention of many. It will also do its job well in the dining area. If you want to give someone a small classic gift, choose this spoon for them. It will be a gift they will live to remember. 

9.  Pebbles 14 Pieces Dinner set

Pebbles 14Pieces Dinner set

If you need a total makeover of your dining table, you can buy a 14 pieces dinner set. It contains fourteen items that will make your dining experience a lot different. Pebble motif dinnerware is unique and classy. It is probably the best vintage themed tableware you can purchase for your family or as a gift. It has everything you might use when serving and all items have a uniform pebbles pattern. You can surprise your visitors by serving them food in this dinner set. They might also want to get it for their dining tables. 

Final Word

As you can see, you cannot go wrong with the best vintage themed tableware. You can buy vintage bowls, plates, mugs, serving spoons, teapots, and saucers designed for you by Table Matters.

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