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Your Go-To Guide to Winning the Corporate Gifting Game in Singapore with Lunch Boxes!

Jun 5, 2023 Chastine Kurt Petines

Welcome aboard the Singaporean corporate gifting train, with lunch boxes as our star passengers! This guide aims to enlighten you with the power of corporate gift-giving and show you how the humble lunch box can be your secret weapon in this game. If you're a businessperson, supervisor, or HR enthusiast, you'll find this guide packed with golden nuggets to enhance your corporate gifting skills.

Corporate Gift-Giving: Not Just a Gesture, It's a Strategy!

First things first, corporate gifts are more than just fancy tokens. They are powerful tools to nurture your business relationships, casting your brand in a positive light and creating a ripple of loyalty amongst recipients.

Enter the World of Lunch Boxes: Your New Corporate Gift Hero

Practical, flexible, and universally loved lunch boxes have become the go-to choice for corporate gifts. And the best part? You can customise them to become a beacon of your brand!

Navigating the Corporate Gifting Landscape in Singapore

  • Unwrapping the Importance of Gifts in Singaporean Businesses
    In Singapore, corporate gifting is a serious affair, deeply entrenched in the culture, with gifts serving as badges of respect and tokens of harmonious relationships.
  • The Art and Etiquette of Corporate Gifting
    In Singapore, gift-giving is an art, a dance, a way of saying, "We respect and value you." Remember, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and understanding of the recipient's background will make your gift stand out.

Lunch Boxes: More Than Just a Pretty Face

  • Lunch Boxes: Saving Money and Sandwiches!
    Lunch boxes are the superheroes of the corporate world, saving employees' meals, time, and hard-earned money. Plus, compartments to keep your pasta away from your pastries – what's not to love?
  • Lunch Boxes: Your Brand's New Billboards
    By branding lunch boxes, you're not just giving a gift but creating an advertisement on the go. Imagine your company's logo travelling around Singapore, one lunch box at a time!

Lunch Boxes: The Mood Boosters

A branded lunch box can do more than hold a sandwich; it can increase employees' happiness, boost morale, and skyrocket productivity levels.

The Lunch Box Selection

  1. The Classic Bento Box
    With its Japanese roots, the bento box is an elegant, compartmentalised lunch box that looks as good as it works.
  2. The Hot and Cold Thermal Lunch Box
    This lunch box keeps the "hot" hot and the "cold" cold, perfect for employees who love their homemade meals at the right temperature.
  3. The Mix-and-Match Stackable Lunch Box
    These lunch boxes let you customise your meal containers, ideal for those who like variety.
  4. The Green Lunch Box
    Eco-friendly lunch boxes are the way to go, reflecting your company's commitment to a greener world.

Customising Your Corporate Lunch Boxes

  • Branding Your Boxes
    Lunch boxes make perfect canvases for your company's logo, creating a professional image that travels.
  • Making It Personal
    Add a sprinkle of personal touch by customising the lunch boxes with individual messages or names.
  • Color Coding Your Lunch Boxes
    Lunch boxes come in various hues and designs, perfect for matching your company's brand identity or recipients' preferences.

Scouting the Right Lunch Box Supplier in Singapore

Choosing a supplier is a crucial task. Look for quality, customisation capabilities, fair pricing, and prompt delivery. In short, find a supplier that knows the corporate gifting ropes!

Wrapping It Up!

Remember, presentation is key! Opt for attractive packaging that complements your gift and includes a heartfelt note or gift card to make it even more special.

Keeping the Budget in Check

Budgeting is essential for corporate gifting. It ensures you get the best value for your money without compromising on the quality of your gifts.

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to corporate gift lunch boxes in Singapore! With the right strategy, a clever choice of the lunch box, and a dash of creativity, your corporate gifting game will be unbeatable!

Table Matters Gifts: The Showstoppers of Singapore's Corporate World

  • Showcasing Pizzazz and Meticulousness
    Table Matters products are a carnival of craftsmanship, ticking all the boxes for the perfect corporate gift. Each product, from the cutlery sets that outshine the stars to dining sets that look too good to eat from, stands a testament to your devotion to quality and panache.
  • Sporting Elegance and Flair
    In the boardroom, style talks and sophistication walks. Table Matters products offer both. Gifting glassware or an urbane cheeseboard, your corporate events won't scream 'class'.
  • Practicality Disguised as Eye-Candy
    Table Matters products are like the Clark Kent of the tableware world: good-looking yet down-to-earth. Their coasters and placemats are more than just functional; they make spills look stylish. Likewise, their kitchen utensils don't just stir up soups; they create a sense of wonder.
A Ride into the Realm of Table Setting and Hosting: All Aboard the Elegance Express
  • Taking Corporate Events to New Heights
    If corporate events were a movie, Table Matters products would be the show-stealing lead. With their dining sets and glassware, even a potluck could pass off as a royal banquet.
  • Creating Unforgettable Dining Experiences
    Table Matters products don't just set the table; they set the mood. Their tableware turns casual dinners into five-star experiences, etching unforgettable memories into the minds of your guests.
    Regarding corporate gifts, Table Matters products are a cut above the rest, tickling the refined tastes of Singaporean clientele. With their blend of elegance, flair, and functionality, these gifts leave a lasting mark on corporate gifting. Why wait? Dazzle your recipients with Table Matters' wide range of products and watch ordinary moments morph into extraordinary memories.

Hats Off, Table Matters: Corporate Gifting Gets A Makeover!

  1. Ace Cutlery Sets: Shining Brighter Than A Firefly Fiesta
    The cutlery sets from Table Matters are as luxurious as it gets. Made with the precision of a Swiss watch, imagine gifting your team and clients the dining version of a red-carpet welcome.
  2. Top-Notch Dining Sets: Your Table's New Superstars
    Our dining sets are like the Rolls-Royce of table settings. Plates so spiffy they could be UFOs and serving bowls as regal as crowns. It's our unique way of saying, "Thanks for being brilliant."
  3. Classy Glassware: Making Every Sip A Starry Affair
    Our glassware collection is the diamonds in the crown of any bar. Perfect for your whisky connoisseur client or G&T lover, these glasses make each sip an elegant event.
  4. Stylish Serve Ware: A Standing Ovation for Your Meals
    Our serve ware collection is the dining equivalent of a Hollywood star. More than just dishes, they're your ticket to a five-star dining experience at home—a thoughtful gift for those who see meals as grand events, not quick bites.
  5. Sleek Coasters and Placemats: Tableware Fashion Statements
    Say ta-ta to everyday spills. Our coasters and placemats combine utility and panache, making them the ideal guardians for your clients' tables.
  6. Premium Bakeware and Cookware: The Gateway to Masterchef Glory
    Unleash your inner Jamie Oliver with our range of bakeware and cookware. These aren't just kitchen essentials but your passport to culinary excellence.
  7. Funky Kitchen Utensils: Meal Prep's Magic Tools
    Our kitchen utensils are the secret weapon in the culinary world—comfortable, sturdy, and oh-so-chic. Ideal for those who see the art in cooking, not just the chore.
  8. Cheeseboards Extravaganza: The Red Carpet for Your Camembert
    Lastly, our cheeseboards are the dairy world's VIPs—an absolute must-gift for anyone who considers cheese a lifestyle, not just a sandwich filler.

Teaser: The Adventure Called Table Matters

That's just the tip of the iceberg! Dive into Table Matters to find more exciting items like bar accessories, kitchen gadgets, and more. Your ideal corporate gift from Singapore is a click away. You may also visit our physical stores in Singapore! Enjoy shopping!

Let's turn gifting into an exciting affair! Table Matters: because the details aren't just details; they make the difference! Based in Singapore, our style transcends geographical boundaries!

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