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Little Orchid Coffee Cup

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Material: Ceramic
Product Dimension: (13.5L x 10W x 7.4H)cm

Embrace the Morning with Little Orchid Elegance: Unleashing the Magic of Table Matters' Little Orchid Coffee Cup

Illuminate your mornings with the exquisite touch of the Little Orchid Coffee Cup from Table Matters. This isn't merely a coffee cup but a harmonious blend of sophistication and functionality that transforms your daily rituals into extraordinary experiences. Expertly fashioned from supreme-quality ceramic, this celestial marvel doesn't just hold your cherished brew but cradles a universe of artistic brilliance in your hands.

In its elegant embrace, dimensions of 12.5L x 9W x 8.7H cm unfurl manifest the perfect space for a heartwarming caffeine embrace or a generous helping of luscious overnight oats. Dive into the unique universe of each cup, adorned with hand-painted designs that flourish as one-of-a-kind artistic symphonies, bestowing unparalleled charm upon your table.

But let the Little Orchid Coffee Cup enchant you beyond its visual allure. It unveils a constellation of features designed with immaculate thoughtfulness. Every sip, whether filled with the warmth of coffee, the comfort of soup, or the freshness of cereal, is cradled with utmost care. Revel in the assurance of safety, as each masterpiece is immaculately crafted, devoid of Lead and cadmium. The realms of convenience unfold as this cup graces your life with its compatibility with microwaves, ovens, and dishwashers.

Singapore, a realm where the extraordinary is cherished, deserves the celestial touch of our Coffee Cup. It's more than a purchase; it's an investment in transforming each moment into an artistic odyssey. Allow the Little Orchid Coffee Cup to redefine elegance on your table, making every sip a ballet of style and practical elegance. Elevate your essence, bask in celestial delight, and allow each day to begin with a symphony of artistic brilliance.

Little Orchid Coffee Cup Little Orchid Coffee Cup Little Orchid Coffee Cup

SGS certified products

Our tableware are Lead and Cadmium Free, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe and Dishwasher Safe as shown in the SGS-certification for Table Matters’ tableware collections. 

Take note that other tableware that are decorated with platinum or painted gold are not recommended for microwave use, and we currently do NOT sell such products for this reason.

Also, all our products are NOT to be used on stove tops and over open flames.
SGS Certifications

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