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Silic Food Brush

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Dimension: 27.8L x 4W

Unleash Culinary Brilliance with Table Matters' Silic Kitchen Food Brush!

Dive into a transformative cooking voyage with Table Matters' astonishing Silic Kitchen Food Brush! A marvel in the kitchen, meticulously forged to meet every culinary desire, this utensil embodies the pinnacle of innovation and functionality. Discover the enchanting prowess of its supreme food-grade silicone composition, gracefully paired with non-corrosive excellence, establishing a realm of safe and enchanting cooking escapades. Experience the touch of its Beechwood Handle - a masterstroke design ensuring a heat-resistant and comfortable grip, making each meal preparation a delightful symphony of comfort and safety.

Crafted with precision, this Food Brush protects your cherished tableware and cookware with sublime gentleness, preserving their elegance. Dive into the ease of effortless cleaning with its non-stick elegance, and revel in creating culinary masterpieces without worrying about daunting clean-ups. Elevate your cooking prowess with the Silic Kitchen Food Brush's remarkable heat resilience, standing undefeated against temperatures up to 220°C. Say farewell to fears of melting and welcome a harmonious blend of durability and exquisite performance.

Embark on an enchanting culinary journey where convenience meets sophistication, with a utility hanging hole ensuring easy storage and rust-resistant qualities promising longevity. Let the Silic Kitchen Food Brush be your trusted ally in unveiling a spectacular array of delightful dishes, free from the worries of food reactivity and unwanted fumes.

Transform your culinary adventures with Table Matters and embrace an extraordinary confluence of style, innovation, and unmatched performance!

Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush Silic Food Brush

SGS certified products

Our tableware are Lead and Cadmium Free, Microwave Safe, Oven Safe and Dishwasher Safe as shown in the SGS-certification for Table Matters’ tableware collections. 

Take note that other tableware that are decorated with platinum or painted gold are not recommended for microwave use, and we currently do NOT sell such products for this reason.

Also, all our products are NOT to be used on stove tops and over open flames.
SGS Certifications

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